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MAPPA’s Top 10 Anime Recommendations! Can’t make a sequel to a popular work because the ratings are too high!

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Established in 2011, MAPPA has become a well-known animation company due to its high drawing and planning skills.
Here is a list of the top 10 anime produced by this up-and-coming studio, based on my own judgment and prejudice!

No.10 Dorohedoro

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This is an anime based on a manga that aired in the winter of 2020.
The director is Yuichiro Hayashi of “Gekigurui” and the series composition is by Hiroshi Seko of “Seraph of the End” and “Mob Psycho 100″.

Dorohedoro” is a popular manga that has been serialized since 2000, but it has not been visualized for a long time because it was said to be impossible to reproduce its unique devastating world view and the momentary atmosphere of people dying quickly in an anime.
This splatter horror film has been completely recreated using CG and non-organic drawings.
The quality of the animation was such that even the fans of the original work were satisfied, making it a masterpiece worthy of being animated.

The efforts of the voice actors also stand out.
In recent years, Mr. Wataru Takagi, who played the role of Kaiman, who was magically transformed into a lizard-like head, has been known for his strong comedic roles such as Bokuyasu in JoJo’s Part 4 and Motota in Conan.

No.9 Kakegurui

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An anime based on a manga, with the first season airing in the summer of 2017 and the second season in the winter of 2019.
Set in the prestigious Hyakkaou Academy, which is ruled by a gambling class system, it is a school gambling story where transfer student gambler Yumeko Jabami takes on a series of challenges.

The highlight of this work is the facial expressions of Yumeko and the other characters.
It was created with this in mind, and since the facial expressions were on point from the very first episode, it seems that there were many anime fans who watched it for this purpose.
It could be said that this is an anime for real-life situations.

No.8 Sarazanmai

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It’s an original anime that aired in the spring of 2019 and was co-produced with Lapintrack.
It’s the long-awaited new work by Kunihiko Ikuhara, director of “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and “Penguindrum”, so it was a hot topic even before it aired.

The story is about three eighth grade boys who are turned into kappas by a mysterious kappa-shaped lifeform called Keppi, and they struggle to get back to their original form. …… It may sound like an easy story to understand, but it is a work by Ikuhara.
The first episode, which emphasizes “connection,” was still difficult to understand, and it took me a good deal of time and thought to get the full picture of this work.

However, compared to Ikuhara’s previous works, this anime was more entertaining, and was highly praised, especially by women.
By the time the final episode aired, it had become the number one trending topic, and is loved by a wide range of anime fans.

7位 Ushio and Tora

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An anime adaptation of the hit manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday in the 1990s and sold a total of 30 million copies between 2015 and 2016.
OVAs have been produced before, but this is the first time MAPPA has done a TV anime adaptation.
It was co-produced with studio VOLN, and the original author, Mr. Kazuharo Fujita, participated as a series composer.

This is a very popular bizarre fantasy that is still talked about in the 2010s as an unquestionable masterpiece, but fans had long given up on an anime version, and many were probably very satisfied just to see the moving Ushio, Tora, and many other famous scenes.
However, on the other hand, it was impossible to summarize a 33-volume work in 39 episodes over 3 seasons, so it had to be extremely rushed and heavily cut, and there were more than a few fans who were dissatisfied with that.
Even so, in the final episode, when Tora says, “I’ve already eaten…. I’m full. in the final episode, you can’t help but shed a tear.

No.6 Yuri!!! on ICE

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A mega-hit anime that became the second largest selling late-night anime of the 2010s.
It is an original work based on figure skating and aired in the fall of 2016.
When Sayo Yamamoto, director of “LUPIN the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine” was planning a new figure skating anime, Mitsuro Kubo, a manga artist known for his hit “Moteki”, mentioned the topic of figure skating on the radio and offered to produce the name. The director was an unparalleled figure lover.

As the director is an unparalleled figure enthusiast, he pursued reality thoroughly, commissioning professional costume designers and choreographers.
His attention to every aspect of the film, from motion to the way it is presented, has made it a hit with many female fans.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the show, the completely new “Yuri! on ICE The Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE” due to its overwhelming popularity, but it was announced on …… that the release of the movie would be postponed due to the increased scale of the content, and since then the production has been delayed for a long time.



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