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Here’s a collection of Bandori comics! The very popular Roselia is also a comic book!

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This is a collection of the official comics of the next generation girls band project “Bandori” or “BanG Dream!
From works that were first serialized before the anime to the main Roselia comic, we’ve got all the official Bandori comics covered. Here’s a look at what they’re all about!

BanG_Dream! Star Beat

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The manga was serialized in Monthly Bushiroad in 2015 and is the first work of the entire BanG Dream! project.
BanG Dream!” project was originally planned as a media mix project focusing on music, with real live performances as the main selling point, but before the live performances, the manga was first released as a way to show what kind of world the project would be in and what kind of characters it would have.

“It’s a story about the main character, Kasumi Toyama of Poppin’Party, also known as Popipa. However, since the series started when it was still in its early stages, the character setting is very different from the current Popipa.
In this manga, Kashumi’s character is “usually gloomy, but her personality changes when she holds a guitar,” and Arisa Ichigaya’s hobby is not bonsai but retro games.
Arisa Ichigaya’s hobby is not bonsai but retro video games, and Rimi Ushigome is “an eccentric person who yearns to be a ninja,” which is the complete opposite of her current setting, and her visuals are completely different.

Mr. Wataru Nakamura, who is in charge of the original work and story draft of Bandori Project, is credited as the original author under the name of Kou Nakamura.
The art was done by Aya Ishida, who is currently working on the comic adaptation of “I’m going to die, so I’m going to be a blacksmith.

Despite the fact that the setting is completely different from the current Popipa, it has been well-received and has been well-received by the fans who followed it.

In fact, the comics were not released during or immediately after the series ended, and in 2018, they were finally released as the “BanG_Dream! [The Heartbeat of the Stars] Comics & Artbook Dream Collection Set”, along with the artbook “BanG_Dream! Road EC.
An e-book is also available now.

comic book version BanG Dream!

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This is a legitimate comic book work that was serialized in Monthly Bushiroad from 2016-2019.
The story was originally written by Wataru Nakamura, and drawn by Asami Kashiwabara of “Mani Mani in the Air” fame.
The basic story is the same as the middle of the first season of the anime, depicting the story of the formation of Popipa, but it can also be enjoyed as a supplement to the anime, as it delves deeper into the emotions and feelings of each character that were not depicted in the anime.

Since it was released before the anime aired, it gives the impression that the manga version was the original work and the anime version was adapted from it, but it seems that the story of Popipa was originally created with the anime version in mind, and Kashiwabara created the manga based on that story.

This is an anime brand jointly established by Bushiroad and OLM, which was responsible for the planning, original story, production, and production of the first season.
OLM was only contracted for the first season, and from the second season onwards, the original work credit goes to Bushiroad alone, and this work is also Bushiroad’s original work from volume 3 onwards.

A total of four volumes of comics are currently on sale.
Since August 2020, a voice comic with full voices of the cast of the anime version has been available on “Manga Door”.

BanG Dream! Four Comic, Bandori!

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This is a 4-panel manga that was serialized in Dengeki G’s Comic from 2016 to 2017.
The original story is by Nakamura Wataru, the original story is by ISSEN, and the drawing is by Shiroi Hakuto, who is also in charge of the official SD illustrations.
This manga was also serialized prior to the anime broadcast.

Based on the story of the comic version and the first season of the anime, this is a work that can be called “another comicalization” drawn in a comical four-frame manga.
Usually, these four-frame comics are drawn as gag comics that are completely different from the original story, so this work that follows the original story may be quite rare.
The style is one per page, so the number of panels itself is small, but that makes the manga easy to read.

All two volumes of the comics are now on sale.

Banban Doridori

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It is a four-frame manga that started serialization in 2017 in CoroCoroAniki, the adult version of monthly CoroCoroComic.
The author is Mr. Nyaromeron.
The series is still ongoing.

As you can see from the picture, it’s an extremely unique manga about Bandori, and its contents are absurd and surrealistic gags.
It’s based on the first season of the TV anime, but it’s all about freebies, such as Popipa drifting off to a deserted island.

It was originally created as a bonus for the Blu-ray box of the first season, but it became a serialized work, and even a comic book was released in 2020.



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