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【My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected】Is Yumiko Miura the most personable of the women in the film? A Thorough Examination

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From the third season of Ore Guile, which will be aired in the summer of 2020, “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected. From the third season of Ore Guile, which airs in the summer of 2020, we have a special feature on Yumiko Miura, a.k.a. “Aashi-san”!
She’s the queen of the class and exudes an overwhelming sense of intimidation, but some say she’s actually one of the best personalities in the series. We will thoroughly examine the truth!

Miura Yumiko Character Overview

A female character who appears in the manga “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” is a female character who appears in “I knew my youthful love comedy was wrong,” and is a classmate of the main character, Hachiman Hikigaya.
She is a member of the Hayama Group, the top of the caste in Chiba Municipal Sobu High School’s Class 2F, and is the most prominent female student in the class.
Her first appearance is in the first volume of the original story (episode 2 of the first season of the anime).

With her blonde hair in loose waves (blonde hair in a vertical roll, according to Yawata), her school uniform worn down, and her short skirt, she looks like a gal herself.
Her face is beautiful and well-groomed, she is tall, and she is very particular and confident about her appearance.
Her first name is “Aashi,” and her fans call her “Aashi-san” because of her features, which has become her half-official nickname.

She has an arrogant, queenly personality and is quite selfish.
She hates people who cry easily and people who don’t have themselves, but she also hates people who try to defy her.
She is often aggressive and prideful, and is feared as the “Queen of Hellfire” by boys.

On the other hand, she takes good care of those who become her relatives, and even though she can be harsh, she does not cut them off or give up on them immediately, and often takes care of them.
He is in love with Hayato Hayama, and seems to have a strong possessive streak, threatening any girl who tries to mess with him.

Her voice actress is Marina Inoue.

The first impression of readers and viewers is that he is a jerk

Nowadays, “actually a good boy” is a common perception among fans, but in the beginning, Ah-Shi was a character that made readers and viewers feel that he was blatantly a jerk.

His first appearance was when Hachiman was looking at Hayama’s group in the classroom right after he finished Yui Yuigahama’s request.
She was chatting with the group and was described by Yawata as “genuinely scary” and “on the level of being killed just by her nose.
The reasoning behind this was obvious: Yui in the group was in a bad mood when she complimented Yukino Yukinoshita a little bit, and she had to rush over to say, “Yumiko is more gorgeous than you! He had to follow up with “Yumiko’s more gorgeous!”, which left a bad impression in Hachiman’s eyes, the eyes of the surrounding boys, and the eyes of the fans.

After that, he tried to pass Yui off as someone else during lunch break, but when she refused, saying that she would be late coming back, his face instantly stiffened.
When she refused to go with him because he would be late, his face stiffened. Yahata said he looked as if he had been bitten by his owner, and he grew irritated with Yui for not getting along with him lately. You’re my friend, right?
In Yahata’s eyes, this seemed to be forcing a sense of camaraderie.

At this point, most of the fans probably had a solid first impression of her as a disgusting woman who denounces the cute heroine for unreasonable reasons.
Soon after, Yukino appeared in the classroom and expressed the same opinion as Yawata, but with many times more venom, giving the impression that she was a typical “villain who is talked down to by the hero.

After this, when he was training his tennis teammate at the request of Ayaka Totsuka, he and other members of the Hayama group broke into the court.
He doesn’t listen to Totsuka’s words that he’s practicing, and doesn’t care about the arguments between Hayama, who is trying to control the situation, and Hachiman, who is annoyed by the selfish behavior of the rear group.
The arrogance of the queen is truly unwarranted, and I’m sure some fans who like dominant characters were delighted to see it.

The first volume of Ore-Gail (and the third episode of the anime) ends with Hachiman and his friends winning the match and losing the game.
For the fans who were emotionally invested in the main character’s side of the story, the only impression they had of Ah-Shi at this point was that she was a villain queen who bullied Yui and fought with Yukino.

However, it was only up to this point that he said and did things that gave the impression that he was a jerk.
In volume 2, when Yui says, “They’ve been a little sensitive lately, haven’t they?” in order to fulfill her mission to find out what’s wrong with the boys in Hayama’s group, he is taken aback by her and gives her a perfectly legitimate rebuke: “It’s not good to talk about your friends like that.
When she finds out that Yui is interested in someone, she immediately offers her help and takes care of Hina Ebina, who makes a lot of annoying remarks peculiar to rotten girls.

Aashi is basically a person who lives honestly with herself, and does not read or imply anything behind her statements.
This may seem self-centered, but it is also true that he is a straightforward person with no hidden agendas.

First impressions are hard to change, but the fans’ impression of Ah-Shi has been steadily changing.



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