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【Company comedy】What is the anime “African businessman”?【Cast Summary】

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The manga “Salaryman of Africa” by Gam’s “African Salaryman” began to be adapted for TV animation in October 2019. In this article, we will bring you a summary of the plot, characters and cast information of the anime version of the work.

『The African Businessman』?

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An animal comedy with laughter and tears

The African Salaryman” is currently being serialized on the e-comic browsing site “pixiv comic/gene pixiv”. The striking visuals of a savannah animal wearing a suit and living a salaryman’s life, as well as the unintentionally sympathetic “working people” are the talk of the town.

Animated TV show with gorgeous voice actors!

The African Salaryman was first distributed in 2017 as a tate anime (now Anime Beans) and will now be re-animated as a TV anime. The world of “Salaryman of Africa” is expanding, with plans to hold readings by the voice actors responsible for the TV anime version.

Synopsis of “The African Businessman”

Lion, a scary-looking but kind boss, Lizard, a cool and handsome employee, and Toucan, an unpredictable junior employee of a major African company. The story revolves around these three, or rather the three animals, as they struggle to cope with their unworldly life as office workers. Where’s the African element? And what’s going on in the food chain? And don’t tsk.

Anime “African salaryman” characters / cast

The highlight of “Salaryman in Africa” is the light-hearted banter between the characters. The anime version will feature veteran and popular voice actors, and we will introduce the voice actors as well as the characters.

Lion/cv.Akio Otsuka

A carnivore of the cat family, known as “King of the Hundred Beasts,” and a difficult middle management position. Nicknamed “Lion-senpai” by his juniors. He is feared by the animals around him because of his intimidating appearance, but inside he is very mild-mannered. He has a cute side that loves to bask in the sun like a feline, or climb on top of Luoba. He is a boss who forgets how to use Excel after the vacations.
The lion is played by Mr. Akio Otsuka, who has dubbed many foreign films and acted as the voice of many anime and game characters. Otsuka’s stern voice is attractive, but his comical performance is also popular, so he is perfect for the role of the lion, which has a gap between looks and substance.

Lizard/cv. Kenjiro Tsuda

A serious office worker in the family Smaug (monitor lizard). His cool personality and appearance make him very popular among female employees. Despite being pushed around by his (apparently) scary boss and his boisterous subordinates, he manages to overcome the rough edges of society with his excellent sense of balance. He sometimes surprises people with his tangled drinking and his natural behavior because he is too serious. Incidentally, Lion-senpai and Lizard are married.
The lizard is played by Tsuda Kenjiro, who is known for his roles as “Kaimaseto” in “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Nathan Seymour” in “TIGER&BUNNY.



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