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Are Kinuho Wanai and Awatuki Maya perfect for each other? A summary of personalities and abilities [spoiler alert]

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Wannai Kinuho and Awatuki Maya, who appear in “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”. They are always with Mitsuko, and although they are cute, they have an unassuming image. We will look at their compatibility in terms of their personalities and abilities, as they are treated as a set of characters.

What is the compatibility of the personalities of Kinuho Wanai and Awatuki Maya?

Wanai and Awatuki are first year students at Tokiwadai Junior High School and classmates of Kuroko Shirai. They spend a lot of time together, probably because they are both on the same swimming club. Both of them have the kind of ladylike, humble and honest personalities that are typical of young ladies from good families, and they don’t have any conflicts.

They share similar ideas and values, such as caring for their new bride, rarely getting angry, and standing up to insults from their friends without regard for the risks involved.

If I had to put it another way, Wanai is a bit more innocent and daring, and Awatuki is a bit more mature when he is surprised by or goes out with her, but they are similar in ideas and values.

They are basically similar in character, but there are some small differences between them, which may be the reason why they get along so well together.
In their personal lives, Wanai and Awatuki seem to get lost in the image of the “ladylike” lady, but it’s the similarity between them that makes these subtle differences stand out.

What are the capabilities of the bay and the foam floating?
Wanai Kinuho’s ability to

The ability in the bay is a strong ability (level 3), Water Flow Manipulation (Hydro Hand). You can manipulate up to 300 liters or more of water within a range of 18 meters. However, you can only manipulate four chunks of water at a time. If a single chunk of water is dispersed, you cannot manipulate the dispersed water individually.

It’s not a rare ability for a swimmer, but at the same time, it’s an ability for a swimmer. It is suitable for swimming and also for chores such as cleaning the pool.

In addition to manipulating the water in the pond to destroy bridges and bring down machines, he also uses it in a rather egregious way by wrapping his enemies’ faces in a mass of water to block their breathing. Manpin’s abilities

Awatuki, on the other hand, is a user of the strong ability “Fluid Repulsion (Float Dial)”. It is the ability to manipulate the buoyancy of the foam float itself and its surroundings.
The nanodevice can be dropped to the ground, but only to the extent that it can’t completely hold down a quadrupedal robot.

Details on duration and range are not known, but the bubbles float a certain distance away or gradually return to their original buoyancy over time. We can expect those details to be revealed in the future in the original story and anime supplement.

Using her buoyancy, she can run on the surface of the water, make huge jumps, or lift heavy objects to use as a blunt instrument.

The awatuki and wannai’s  ability to float bubbles go hand in hand!
A princess hug? Look at the partnership!

In the 2013 episode of To Wannai no Railgun S, Awatuki is seen holding a princess in the bay and riding on top of a mass of water running on the ground as if he were surfing. With its own reduced buoyancy, the bubbler rides on top of the water operating in the bay, and the bubbler also lightens the buoyancy of the bay and holds it.

Normally, it would be impossible for the young lady to carry the princess in her arms, but the two of them work together to make it possible.

The two of them are very cool as they ride on the ground in the water, and you’ll love to see them, especially the one who is holding her.


The cooperation between the two especially shines in the Daibaisei Festival Arc, the scope of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, which began airing in January 2020.

Wanai and Awatuki get angry at the man who hurt their friend, the queen, and end up fighting him, but Wanai and Awatuki are at a tremendous disadvantage as they have never been in a fight, let alone angry, and naturally have no experience in real combat.

The man who fought them, Baba Yoshiro, was a member of the organization and was naturally used to that kind of battle.
Although both Wanai and Awabuki are strong, and in the eyes of the entire academy town, they are both excellent, but from Baba’s point of view, with his experience and analytical skills, and his use of nano-devices and robots, they should not have been much of an issue.

However, when he took on the robot, Wanai stopped him by dragging him into the water, and when Baba tried to use the nanodevice on Wanai, Awatuki used his abilities to prevent him, and the two of them worked together brilliantly to put Baba away.

Of course, both Wanai and Awatuki had their own ways of fighting, and each showed their own excellence. But even so, they were able to defeat Baba, who had an honest root, because they fought together, not alone.


This is a summary of the bay and foam floating. Both in terms of personality and ability, Wanai and Awatuki are a great match for each other. They are cute and attractive individually, but their individual strengths are further enhanced when they talk and fight together.

I’d like to see her play a major role in “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T” as well as further activities in the original manga. 😉

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