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【 Genshin】You should definitely go at least once! 3 Recommended Mondo and Ree Yuh Attractions

Since the story and maps of Genshin will be expanded through updates, there is a limit to how much you can advance at this stage.
There will be people who will leave the game with a sense of accomplishment after finishing the story, or who will feel that there is nothing to do.
However, since
Genshin takes pride in its graphics, the game can be enjoyed from the perspective of sightseeing and scenery.
In this article, I will introduce some places that you should visit at least once as sightseeing.

Features beautiful graphics and an open world

From the beginning, Genshin has featured anime-style graphics.In addition, the genre is open world, and players can explore the wide and beautiful world as much as they want.In addition to the fun of progressing through the story, the maps are always enjoyable, with the possibility of making new discoveries even in places you’ve been to many times.Even if the game doesn’t give you a story or a quest, you can still enjoy the game in many ways.

3 Tourist Attractions in Mondo

Mondo is a windy region, so good scenery is hidden in places where you are aware of nature such as water, sky, and grass.
We will focus on three such tourist spots in the very first region, Mondo.

Iguza Community

Igusa colonies take on a mysterious appearance at night.
The whispering forest and the wild wolf territory are the igusa colonies.
The Whispering Forest has fewer enemies and is larger, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.
If you want to see a large amount of igusa glowing, I recommend you to go to the Wild Wolf Territory.
If you want to see a large amount of glowing igusa, I recommend you to go to the wild wolf territory.
If you are skipping the night, this is a place you should visit.

Hill with a view of the castle

This is the sharp elevation below the “forest” in the words “Whispering Forest” on the map.
Lake Cedar, which surrounds Mondo Castle, is the best place to view the castle as the Castle of the Winds, so it is a point that should be kept in mind when talking about sightseeing in Mondo.
Also, although it’s a bit of a drive from the warp point, you can get there without fighting, so it’s easy to get there.
It is officially recognized as an observation point implemented in ver. 1.1, so please head there and take a picture with your favorite character.

A pond surrounded by rock pillars

If you go to the left from the Temple of the Thousand Winds, you’ll find a warp point, which is the water part right below the warp.
Be careful, because instead of being close to the warp, you’ll have to battle Hilchard and the Sorcerer of the Abyss (ice) to reach it.
The water is just the right size and shallow, the rock pillars vary from missing to connected, and the mountains next to it are a place that changes its expression just by changing the angle.
Try to combine the movement of the characters to get a great photo.

3 sightseeing spots in Ree Yuh

Ree Yuh is a rocky region with beautifully arranged rocks that combine with the mountains to create a spectacular view.
Let’s take a look at three tourist spots in Ree Yuh, the second region created by the god of contracts.

A mountain overlooking Ree Yuh Port

Ree Yuh Port is a fantastic place that lights up with orange light at night.
Here is a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Ree Yuh Harbor with its Chinese atmosphere.
There are a series of high mountains in the vicinity, and you can climb the mountains to get a good view, but I recommend the point a little north of the warp point for a beautiful view.
This is also officially recognized as an observation point, so be sure to go there to take pictures.
Ree Yuh Port is beautiful and picturesque from the outside, but from the inside you can see a different kind of bustling commercial town, so try to find a good angle.

A cave with a mysterious object

This is an introduction to the cave, which was also known as the most difficult quest in the early days.
If you haven’t cleared it yet, why not go there while taking the quest?
There is a mountainous area in the upper left corner of Karasaku-sou, and the entrance is a waterfall with a lot of treasure thieves.
At the end of the stairs, there is a mysterious object floating in the air, and the light that shines in makes the space more fantastic.
You will definitely be drawn into this cave, which has a different atmosphere from the others.

Magnificent waterfalls

There are many attractive waterfalls in Genshin.
One of the most popular is a large waterfall that reminds me of Niagara.
The power of the waterfall when you look at the lake that you casually pass by is something that cannot be reflected in a photograph.
The place is a waterfall that can be seen from the warp point on top of the unexplored “Kachigansyu”.
In order to see the waterfall from the best position, you should go a little south and climb up to a higher place.
Since there is also the Earth Spirit Platform, you will feel profitable if you enjoy the scenery while coming to raise your world rank and open treasure chests.

View of Genshin

The places I’ve introduced as sightseeing this time have been designed with scenic spots and attractive objects in mind, but there are also cases where the game has prepared shooting spots in Genshin.
When you find a good view, try to find a place around it where you can sit and enjoy the scenery from the best position.
There are many more places to visit that I could not introduce in this article, so please try to be aware of the scenery and the angle of view when playing the game.

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