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30 naughty general comics! More erotic than adult comics in some ways!

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We bring you 30 manga that have not been made into an anime for TV that have been serialized in a general magazine and have a noticeable sexually explicit nature!
We’ve put together a collection of works in the juvenile and young adult categories that are each attacking the edge of their limits!

It comes with an “Echi Echi Level” that indicates the degree of eros!

Doomsday Harlem.

出典 :

This is a dystopian SF series of suspenseful dystopian science fiction written and drawn by Kotaro Yono, and serialized in Shonen Jump+ by LINK-sensei (original work) and Kotaro Yono (drawing).
Set in a world where a virus has spread and killed 99.9% of men, waking up from a cold sleep The story is about the protagonist, Mizuhara Reito, who is pressured by women to make a child.
Even though Jump+ is a website, it’s a shonen magazine, but this title is more extreme than your average shonen magazine, and even depicts direct sex acts, which is why it’s been suspended on the heavily regulated iOS.

Euchiness: ★★★★★★★

The Saotome sisters would do it for a manga!

出典 :

Erotic comedy by Ryohei Yamamoto, serialized in Shonen Jump+.
It is a story about sisters Saotome, Noan and Kanon, who are trying to prevent the cancellation of the romantic comedy “Lab Lab Lab Labo-Robo”, which is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump by a manga artist, by showing them how to model romantic comedy situations.
It’s a comedy, but the description is quite extreme, with even TKB being drawn, and the film has also been suspended on iOS.


I. Shojo.

出典 :

It’s a romantic comedy by Takayama Toshinori, who crossed over to Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump LIVE, and Shonen Jump+ and was serialized until 2017.
The story is an omnibus of the daily life of a boy and girl who fulfill their love while at the mercy of a “magical app” that makes their wishes come true.
There is no extreme description, but there are many service scenes such as the skirt is turned up and you can see the underwear.

Euchiness: ★

High Risk Mission Therapy

出典 :

An erotic comedy by Dr. Ayumi Nakashima, serialized in Shonen Jump+ until 2019.
This is the story of a boy who meets the beautiful young girl, Iori Kanden (Kanden Iori), who suffers from a disease called “Mondelella Syndrome Patients”, which causes seizures if she doesn’t take her medicine or receive a male massage (rubbing).
The scene is depicted every time the chest rubbing is set up to be a medical procedure.
It’s the type of situation erotica that depicts “action” rather than underwear and nudity.

Euchiness: ★☆

Movie Girl

出典 :

It is a love story by Katsura Masakazu, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump until 1992.
A high school boy, Yota Toyuchi (Motouchi Yota), who is unpopular with the Ai Amano, the video girl who emerged from a video tape borrowed from GOKURAKU This is the story of a young man’s adolescence after he meets Ai, a young woman in the
It was published in a shonen magazine (especially in JUMP), but its in-depth depiction made it a big hit.
It has been made into various media such as OVA, live-action movies, and dramas, but because of its extreme nature, it has been made into a TV It has not been animated only.



出典 :

It is a romantic manga by Masakazu Katsura, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump until 2000.
This work depicts the love triangle of I, Seto Ichitaka, Yoshizuki Iori and Akiba Itsuki, and unlike the “Denei Shoujo” work, there is no science fiction element to it.
This one was also a huge hit, but like Denei Shoujo, it was not made into a TV anime.



出典 :

A panic type school suspense by Oikawa Toru, serialized in Magazine Pocket.
The film depicts the protagonists fighting against the “fungus holders,” the living dead who have lost all reason and are attacking people in Sendai City all of a sudden.
While the grotesque descriptions are notable, the eroticism is also quite strong, especially in the sexy scenes depicted at the end of the comics.


Megumi Amano is squeaky clean!

出典 :

A love comedy by Nekoguchi Sensei, serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday.
It is a school and love story about the heroine, Amano Megumi, and her childhood friend, the main character, Shindo Manabu, who is a hard worker.
Since this is a paper-based shonen magazine, there is no extreme depiction of Megumi showing off her underwear with all kinds of gaps.
The point is that there’s always a service scene every time.


You are 008.

出典 :

This battle action series is serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, and is written by Mr. Meitoshi Matsue, who is well known for his work on “Kenichi, the Strongest Disciple in History”.
The story of the protagonist, who receives a notice of acceptance from a spy training academy he has never heard of, as he struggles to become an agent like his late father.
Like Kenichi, many of the female characters in the book are fleshed out, and even the magazine printings have TKB descriptions, and the service scenes increase with each volume.


Nozo x Kimi

出典 :

It is a sexy romantic comedy by Dr. Wakou, whose real name is Wakou, that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday S and Sunday Main Magazine until 2015.
The main character Suga Kimio is approached by the heroine, Komine Nozomi, to peek into each other’s lives.
The book is more extreme than when it was published in the magazine.
By the way, “No Zo Ki a Na” by the same author has the same concept as this work, and since it is serialized in a youth magazine, it has more erotic depictions than this work.




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