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【NES Masterpiece】Interesting! I miss it! 10 NES masterpieces!

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When it comes to nostalgic retro games, the Famicom (NES) is the one that everyone, regardless of age or gender, thinks of.
A decade ago, we used to pull out the console from the closet and enjoy playing NES while battling with defective contacts.
We’d like to introduce you to 10 interesting and nostalgic classic NES titles that represent these retro games!

Dragon Quest III 〜and the Legend〜

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 Manufacturer: Enix
 Genre: RPG
 Number of players 1

Dragon Quest III – 〜and the Legend〜 is an RPG released by Enix (now Square Enix) on February 10, 1998, exclusively for the Family Computer.

Game Features

In the previous game, additional companion characters were added as the story progressed, but in Dracula 3, the main character, “The Hero”, is a fixed character, and the other three can be chosen at will.
The main feature of the game is that you can freely choose the names, professions, and genders of your companion characters, allowing you to form your own party and explore as you please.


 A groundbreaking job search system
 The story is epic and can be played for a long time

In Dragon Quest III, there is a system that allows you to change your character’s profession during the course of the game if you meet certain conditions (heroes are not eligible for a job change).
The downside of changing jobs is that the skills and abilities of the previous job don’t grow, but if you train a “wizard” to level 20, for example, and then switch to “monk”, you can use the wizard’s spells you learned up to level 20, as well as the new monk’s spells you’ll learn.

Final Fantasy III

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 Manufacturer: Square
 Genre RPG
 Number of players 1

Final Fantasy III (FF3) is an RPG released by Square (now Square Enix) on April 27, 1990, exclusively for the Family Computer.
The game system was renewed from its predecessor, “FF2”, and many additional systems were adopted, making it the best of the FF series for the NES.

Game Features

What makes this game unique is the “job system” introduced in this game.
The number of professions you can choose from increases as you progress through the story, and you can change characters at any time.
This expands the range of scenarios and dungeon conquests, and also allows players to enjoy a wider range of strategic battles.


 First in the series, a two-pronged approach
 Magnificent Worldview

Beginning with FFIII, the dual-faced weapon system has been introduced, which expands the range of damage dealt to enemies and allows players to choose their battle style.
For example, you can use your weapon in your dominant hand and your shield in your opposite hand for a defensive style, or your weapon in both hands for an aggressive style.

The Great Detective of Sanma

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 Manufacturer Namco
 Genre: Adventure
Number of players 1

Sanma’s Detective is a command-based adventure game based on the very popular comedy personality, Mr. Akashiya Sanma.
It was released by Namco (now BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) on April 2, 1987, and many of Yoshimoto’s comedians appeared in the game.
At the time, many games based on celebrities were released, and many of them were regarded as “shitty” games, but “Sansma no Meitei” was such a high quality game that it was introduced as a masterpiece among the talent games.

Game Features

This is a full-fledged mystery adventure game in which the player controls the protagonist, with Mr. Sanma Akashiya as his assistant, to carry out investigations and field work.
There are various mini-games and players can gain new information by attacking the mini-games, and the story and game system make it a challenging game with a strong sense of variety as a talent game.


 The most powerful adventure game in the history of the NES
 Serious yet funny and enjoyable story

Perhaps due to the fact that many of Yoshimoto’s comedians appear in the story, it’s a story about a murder, but it’s also a scenario with plenty of laughs.

SD Gundam Supplementary Story: Night Gundam Story

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 Manufacturer Bandai
 Genre RPG
 Number of players 1

It is an authentic RPG for the Famicom (NES) based on “SD Gundam Gaiden: Night Gundam Story”, which was very popular at the time with “Cardass”, and the game system and storyline are all based on a classic RPG.

Game Features

The game features the same game system as other RPGs, such as the “encounter system” and “turn-based command battles,” which were the mainstream game system of the era.


 The Cardas system is revolutionary
 The story is surprisingly long and challenging

The game has “card dass machines” like the ones found in actual stores in the game’s towns and villages, with cards priced at 20 gold per card.
This element was really groundbreaking and fun at the time, as you could enjoy collecting them as a collection or battling with the town’s inhabitants in card battles.

The Legend of Zelda

出典 : © Nintendo : 任天堂ホームページ

 Manufacturer Nintendo
 Genre Action Adventure Game
 Number of players 1

This is the first version of the well-known Nintendo classic, The Legend of Zelda, released in 1986.
As a game that blended action and puzzle solving, it was supported by most Famicom users at the time and was originally released on the disc system, but it was so popular that a remake was later released on the Famicom cassette.

Game Features

In this field-scrolling action game, players aim for the ending by solving traps and gimmicks set in the world map and dungeon map.
There are plenty of RPG elements in this game, such as attacking with a sword or a bow and arrow, which can be changed by changing your equipment.


 The depth is first class

With many riddles to solve, dungeons to conquer, and items to collect, the depth of the game is top-notch and very rewarding in this era of gaming, which is why I recommend it.
It is one of the few games that is still fun to play 30 years after its release.



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