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【SPY×FAMILY】Anya is the key to the story! Predicting the future of a girl who can read minds.

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Anya, one of the main characters from the hit book “SPY×FAMILY”, which has sold over a million copies in total, has been picked up!
We’ve thoroughly examined where the psychic girl who can read other people’s minds is going to stand in this film!

Anya Character Overview

A female character in SPY×FAMILY.
She is characterized by her shoulder-length, semi-long hair, round eyes, and horn-like ornaments on her head.
She is estimated to be between 4 and 5 years old.

At first glance, she appears to be an ordinary young girl, but in fact, she is “Sample 007”, a girl with supernatural powers that was accidentally created by an experiment of an organization.
She is able to read other people’s minds.

She was still young when she ran away from the organization and went from one foster home to another to seek shelter, when she caught the eye of Twilight, a spy in the West Country (Westerlys), and came to live with him as his child.
However, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her psychic powers to be known, so she keeps it a secret.

While she uses her own abilities as a method of dealing with the world, she is often troubled by the thoughts of others that enter her mind without her intentions.
Even so, he hides his abilities, but he is cheerful and upright.

His favorite things are peanuts and spy anime.
She doesn’t like crowds of people because she can hear her mind constantly.

She is a good thinker for her age, but there are many things that are appropriate for her age, such as her curiosity and her inability to eat carrots.

There’s more than just ……, a mascot character who is good at making funny faces

Anya is the main character from the first episode of SPY x FAMILY and is a key figure in the book.

She met Dusk at an orphanage, which seems to be an underground neighborhood that is conducting a marriage ceremony.
It was there that she was introduced to Anya, who was the smartest person in the world.

Dusk’s goal is to accomplish Operation Owl, an operation to investigate the disturbing movements of a major political figure.
In order to fulfill this mandate, she needed to be able to attend the prestigious Eden School get-together, where the politician was the only one to show his or her face, and she had to play the role of a parent with a child, and she needed a child without relatives.
That’s why I visited the orphanage.

However, the school age at Eden School is 6 years old.
As a four or five year old, she doesn’t meet the requirements and would normally not be eligible. …… Anya reads Dusk’s mind and tells her that she is six years old.
This is a clear indication that she wants Dusk to take her in.

The reason for this is that she was hungry for entertainment.
When Anya reads Twilight’s mind and learns that he is a spy, she is thrilled and decides to call Twilight “Chi Chi”.
It’s a quick decision because of her curiosity and young age, but at the same time it’s a sign that life in the orphanage was not very comfortable for her.

Anya is adopted by Dusk, but she is captured by an anti-social organization that has a grudge against her for using Dusk’s communication device without permission.
However, he is rescued by Dusk and later passes the entrance exam of Eden School.
She and Yol (who is actually an assassin), who joins her as her mother, start a new life as children of the Forger family, a family of kari-something.

One of Anya’s roles in the film is that of a “mascot”.
Although SPY×FAMILY has a serious aspect to it, the overall style of the film has a strong comedic feel to it, with Anya playing a large part in it.
The most iconic part of the story is the “funny faces”, which are adorable and accompany various emotional swings, such as when she’s surprised or upset.

Especially popular among readers is the strange face she makes when she’s up to no good.
It’s an addictive expression that makes you want to be annoyed and love her at the same time.
She has been portrayed as the mascot character of the series since the beginning of the series.

However, Anya is more than just a mascot attendant.

Dusk and Yol live their lives without knowing the other two’s identities, but Anya is the only one who knows their professions and intentions.
Naturally, she is still a small child, so even though she can read minds, she doesn’t understand all the circumstances, but when an emergency arises, she takes action to understand the feelings of each of them.

If the family is to support each other by making up for each other’s deficiencies, then Anya is fulfilling her role as a member of the family.



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