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【Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club】Emma Verde is the most ○○school idol in the history of Love Live.

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From the 2020 fall anime “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujyoukai”, we’ll be featuring one of the Nijigasaki members, Emma Verde!
The first foreign school idol in the series, Emma Verde is a transfer student, and we’ll take a look at her features and charm!

Emma Verde Character Profile

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A female character from “Love Live! A female character from “Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club”.
She is a third-year student in the International Exchange Department at Nijigasaki Gakuen, and stands 166cm tall with three measurements of B92, W61, and H88.
When she wears her school uniform, she does not wear a cardigan, but keeps her jacket inside her skirt.

She usually wears her red hair in a two-piece braid.
For live performances, she unbraids her hair and wears it in a medium roll.

Her most distinctive feature is her freckles.
However, in the anime, this has been simplified considerably.

In the game app “Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS (Squasta)”, she has appeared since Chapter 1 Episode 8.
School Idol Festival ALL STARS (Squista), she appears in Chapter 1, Episode 8. She originally belongs to the club, and meets the main character, You-chan, when she takes Konoe Kanata to the club room through a trick by Kasumi Nakasu.
In the anime, she appears from the first episode, and joins the club when she tries to persuade Setsuna Yuuki to join, and makes a fresh start with the anime’s main character, Yu Takasaki.

She is the eldest of eight siblings who grew up in the rich natural environment of Switzerland.
She grew up watching School Idol videos with her siblings at home, and decided to come to Japan to study because of her admiration for School Idol.
Her passion for school idols is strong, and she has a wealth of knowledge from her years of research, rivaling even Setsuna, another school idol otaku.

She has a mild-mannered personality and loves nature.
She is also quite immune to animals, and even snakes do not scare her at all.

She loves Japanese bread, and frequently buys and eats it.
He loves any kind of bread, even the ears of a loaf of bread, which he eats happily.
At the same time, he is a big eater, but he never seems to gain weight because he exercises more than others.

Her image color is “light green”.
She is a member of the four-member unit “QU4RTZ” with fellow Nijigasaki members Kanata, Rina Tennoji, and Kasumi.

Her voice actress is Maria Sashide.

The first pure foreigner in school idol history

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In the past, school idols, namely μ’s and Aqours, have had half-Japanese and quarter-Japanese members.
Eri Ayase of μ’s has a Russian grandmother, and Mari Ohara of Aqours has an American father.
However, none of them were pure foreigners.

Emma, on the other hand, is purely Swiss.
She is the first foreign school idol in the history of the Love Live series.

However, she doesn’t really feel like a foreigner.
The school idols of Love Live have colorful hair, so even though she has red hair, it doesn’t make her stand out, and more importantly, her Japanese is almost perfect.
Marie used a lot of English words with native pronunciation as if she were half Japanese, but Emma speaks fluent Japanese that is completely comparable to that of Japanese people.

However, she does not have a comprehensive knowledge of Japanese culture, and even major events such as Hinamatsuri were unknown to her.
She also seems to have a hard time understanding special Japanese words like gyaru, and conversations with Ai Miyashita seem to be an encounter with the unknown for her.

The four official languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh, but since Emma is a Swiss of Italian descent, she sometimes uses Italian in Japan.
She loves Japan and Japanese school idols, but she also has strong feelings for her native Switzerland. She loves traditional culture and is good at making sweets from her homeland.



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