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【Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club】Why doesn’t Rina Tennoji reveal her true face?

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From the anime that will air in the fall of 2020, “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujyoukai” that will air in the fall of 2020, we’ll be featuring one of the Nijigasaki members, Rina Tennoji!
We’ll take a look at her charm, including the reason why she defies the common sense of idols and hides her true face behind a “Rina-chan board”!

Rina Tennoji Character Overview

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A female character from “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujikai”.
She is a first-year student in the regular department at Nijigasaki Gakuen, and is 149cm tall with a three size figure of B71, W52, and H75.
When wearing her school uniform, she wears a long-sleeved hoodie as a jacket.

Her hair is pink and medium length, with the back part of her hair blowing out.
Her bangs are puffy, and she has a distinctive head of hair.
Her nickname is “Rinari.

Known by the abbreviation “Squasta,” the game application “Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS”, she has appeared since Chapter 1 Episode 7.

School Idol Festival ALL STARS”, she appeared in Chapter 1, Episode 7. She met the main character, You-chan, and the others through the introduction of Ai Miyashita, who was going to join the school idol club, and joined the club together with Ai.
In the anime, she appears in the first episode and joins the club in episode 4 after being invited by Ai, who was inspired by Setsuna Yuuki’s live performance and decided to try her hand at being a school idol.

Her biggest feature is her “Rina-chan board,” which she uses to express her emotions and communicate with others.
Since she always hides her face with the board, she never shows her real face when she is working as a school idol.

She is a member of the Information Processing Department, and her hobby is tinkering with machines.
She is also skilled in programming, and has a high level of knowledge and skills, and can handle specialized tasks such as app development and video editing.
She also likes games and anime.

Her height, bust, waist, and hips are the smallest of any of the major school idols in the past Love Live series.
However, her breasts are a B cup (estimated).

Her image color is “Paper White”.
She is a member of the four-member unit “QU4RTZ” with fellow Nijigasaki members Kanata Omi, Emma Verde, and Kasumi Nakasu.

Her voice actress is Chiemi Tanaka.

Not emotionless, but a friendly girl.

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On May 18, 2017, Love Live! School Idol Festival’s (Scoffes) new project “PERFECT Dream Project (later to become Love Live! School Idol Festival (ScoFes)” teaser site was updated on May 5, 2017, revealing the visuals of the school idols who will play a fundamental role in the project.
The visuals for the six members of the school idol doujinshi group, excluding the originally released three members of the school idol doujinshi group, Shizuku Sakurazaka, Emma, and Kanata, were shown for the first time on the site. …… The one who attracted the most attention was Rina.
The reason for this was that she was a unique idol character who did not reveal her true face.

The impact of Rina’s board was immense, and she won first place in the first round of the “Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujinsha Monthly Ranking” popularity poll project that started in July 2017.
As an idol that symbolizes Nijigaku’s emphasis on individuality, which means that they are not confined to a group framework but also engage in their own unique activities, they have been steadily gaining recognition.

On the other hand, their overly sharp personalities were often exposed to curious eyes, and even among Love Live fans, they were divided in their opinions.
In addition to the pros and cons of an idol who hides her true face, some fans viewed Rina’s board as a “punching bag” or a “jumping off point” item, and found it difficult to accept her as a school idol.
Many people who saw Rina’s visuals had a preconceived notion that she was a shy idol, a shy and quiet girl, or that she had some kind of complex about her true face, and this led to people judging her personality based on her appearance alone.

However, this is a mistake.
As anyone who has played Scosta or watched the anime can immediately tell, Rina is not a shy or quiet girl.
Although she is withdrawn and shy, she is not reluctant to socialize with others, but rather actively tries to interact with them and expresses her emotions.

He also has a surprisingly bitter side and a good sense of humor.
Although she is timid, she is tolerant of horror-related things and has a strong spirit of challenge.
When Ai invited her to join the school idol group, she accepted without hesitation, especially in the anime version.

Rina’s essence is “friendliness,” and she has a very strong desire to share her feelings with others and to connect with their hearts.
And that is exactly the reason why Rina loves her board.



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