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When did Yamada fall in love with Ichikawa [My heart’s a badass]? Thorough examination

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From the immensely popular “My Heart’s Badass”, which is immensely popular on the internet and trending every time it’s updated, we’ve compiled a summary of the heroine, Anna Yamada!
We thoroughly investigate when in the world she fell in love with Ichikawa and the timing of it!

山田杏奈(やまだ あんな)キャラクター紹介

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She is a female character in “Boku no Kokoro no Yadai Yadai Yadai” and the heroine of this work.
She is the most beautiful girl in her school and is in the top of the school caste, and is a model for the magazine “CiEL”. A girl in the eighth grade.
She has long black hair and very white skin, she is 171.9cm tall, slender, but with large breasts, model-like. I’m one of them.

I’m one of the top-ranked girls in my class, and I have a decent amount of friends, frequently hanging out with Kobayashi Chihiro, Sekine Moeko and Yoshida Serina.
I’m mainly on the side of teasing them during conversations, but sometimes they tease me.
She’s very active in skin-to-skin communication, and often hugs Chihiro in particular.

She’s a natural and she doesn’t read too much into a question and just answers it at face value.
However, if a guy she doesn’t like makes advances on her, she pretends to be an idiot to get him to leave, and she knows how to get her way.

She has a high level of professionalism when it comes to modeling, and she even sheds tears of regret when she has to make a hole in a photo shoot for an unavoidable reason.
On the other hand, she’s a voracious eater and always snacks in the library during her lunch break, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem getting in shape.

She doesn’t seem to get emotional when boys who aren’t interested in her call her “cute” because she’s used to being called “cute” by them, but she’s happy when they call her “interesting”.
She’s very honest and blatantly embarrassed when praised for something she likes or something she’s doing seriously.
He loves to bite people by surprise, but his defensive skills are surprisingly low, as he gets shifty when he is bitten.

He’s a dog person, but he acts like a cat and a dog.
When he bends his navel, he becomes silent and turns into a clam.
He still believes in Santa Claus.

He is in the same class as the main character Ichikawa Kyotaro, and at first Ichikawa was jealous of him because he was a junior high school junior high school student and had a severe case of junior high school sickness (Yamada doesn’t realize it), but after their first conversation in the library, they gradually start to have more and more contact with each other, and she gradually starts to fall in love with him.

Prologue to episode 6.

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Boku Yaba always progresses through the story from Ichikawa’s point of view and is driven by Ichikawa’s monologue, so his emotions are directly conveyed to the reader.
He begins to become aware of Yamada in the first episode when he has contact with her, he begins to have strong feelings for her in the second episode, he becomes happy and jealous of her unacknowledged collaboration, and then he realizes his feelings in the fourteenth episode when he sympathizes with her sadness… It’s a very natural flow.
In his case, he already had a budding love interest by episode 2 and finally realized it in episode 14.

So, when did Yamada start to fall in love with Ichikawa?

In the words of the original author, Dr. Norio Sakurai, it’s a “prologue” until episode 6.
At the end of that prologue, in episode 6, Yamada takes being called “interesting” as the highest compliment, and later says to Ichikawa, “Ichikawa is interesting.
It’s still far from love at this point, but it can be assumed that Yamada has good feelings for Ichikawa because he recognizes Ichikawa’s surname and he says things that make him happy to be told.

The reason why Ichikawa’s favorability towards her has increased so much is because of the encounter scene in the library in the first episode, where they only have a few contacts.
Yamada was in the library with a rice ball in her mouth, and when Ichikawa happened to see her in the library, she said to him “fafefotch i fafotchhe”.

The words are inaudible because he is talking with a rice ball in his mouth… This is probably an indication that he doesn’t want you to tell anyone, which means he wants you to keep it a secret.
It’s not allowed to bring food into the library, so it’s just a normal feeling that he doesn’t want the teacher to know about it.

To this, Ichikawa couldn’t hear him at all, but he affirmed it appropriately.
At this moment, it seems that for Yamada, Ichikawa has become a “classmate who shares a secret”.
It’s natural for her to have a good impression of Ichikawa because sharing the secret leads to trust and at the same time, it makes her feel secure to show her true self.

Portrayal of a “less than romantic comedy” but not to be missed

The next 7-15 episodes are what Sakurai-sensei calls “less than a romantic comedy”.
At this point, Ichikawa has already expressed his love for Yamada, so the fact that it is still “less than” implies that Yamada’s love for him has not yet begun.

Nevertheless, they are getting closer and closer, which leads to the 14th episode which shows Ichikawa’s awareness of his love for her.
Immediately after the scene where Ichikawa was hit by a basketball in gym class, he turned around to return the ball in anger, but Yamada was there to retrieve it.
Ichikawa, leaning against the wall, glanced at Yamada, who had returned to the court.

This time Yamada was in the middle of the game, but he was looking at Ichikawa, and his eyes were down and absent-minded.
In the next frame, he raises his gaze, and his eyes are locked with Ichikawa’s. It’s only two frames.
It is only a two-frame description, but it is an extremely meaningful two frames.

In the first frame, Yamada turns his head toward Ichikawa and looks down, but the fact that his eyes are looking down despite the fact that he is in a crouched position shows that he is clearly looking down.
This is probably because he was worried about Ichikawa’s anger at being hit by the ball.
And in the next frame, “Yamada looks up and makes eye contact with Ichikawa,” he was probably checking to see if he was still angry and trying to figure out how to react afterwards.

In other words, it’s quite possible that Yamada was thinking about Ichikawa the whole time, even during the game.
It may not be a love affair, but it’s clear that she was quite concerned about Ichikawa, and at this point, she was probably aware of him as the opposite sex.

As a result, Yamada is hit in the face with a ball, forcing her to cancel her modeling job, and Ichikawa realizes his love interest when he sees her in her grief.
There is a slight time lag and degree of difference, but this 14 episode is the final episode of “less than a romantic comedy” and episode 15 could be considered an epilogue.

After book 2, the romantic feelings are clear.

In the first episode of volume 2, episode 16, Ichikawa encounters Yamada on his way to school on his bicycle.
In this episode, Yamada aggressively attacks Ichikawa by asking him to ride with her, sharing Papico (but with a lid), and offering to join the same information processing club as Ichikawa.

The most noteworthy action is when he asks her which flavor she likes better, Papico’s coffee or Calpis.

Although Yamada is a natural type of girl, she is very caring and affectionate towards those close to her.
This is a natural result of her desire to know more about the person she loves and her kindness to not make the person she loves feel uncomfortable.
On the other hand, Yamada’s character is the opposite of the eight-way beauty type, so she can show her dry side to people who don’t interest her.

In this scene, Yamada makes it clear that she wants to know about Ichikawa.
It seems that Yamada is already aware of his love interest at this point.

After this episode, the concentration of romantic comedy in Boku Yaba increases dramatically.
However, it seems that it will be a little while before they both realize the other’s feelings for them.

On a side note, the number of episodes in the 1-4P manga (a.k.a. “Tsuiyaba”) that Sakurai-sensei regularly posts on his account, “Yamada asks Ichikawa questions” increases rapidly after episode 16.
You can enjoy the cuteness of Yamada’s cheerful information gathering, so if you’re only following the main story, be sure to check it out!


Boku Yaba is a romantic comedy that has been attracting a lot of attention right now, but its appeal lies in the contrast in the psychological portrayal of Ichikawa, who is quiet on the outside and talkative in his heart, and Yamada, who is cheerful on the outside but sensitive in his heart.
Despite the richness of his emotions, there is no description of his heart, so it’s not easy to get a peep into Yamada’s psyche.
But that’s what I like about it! I rather like that! Hurry up and make an animated version!

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