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30 twintail characters! I’ve compiled a list of heroines who look great in twinks.

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Twintails are one of the most popular hairstyles for two-dimensional characters.
We’ve compiled a list of 30 carefully selected heroines who are particularly popular and well known for their twin-tailed images!
Who the hell is the character who looks best in a twinkling?

Azusa Nakano

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Even though more than 10 years have passed since the start of the anime broadcast, the name is still a representative of the twin-tailed characters The raised “K-On! She is the main character of
She has a serious personality, which is relatively rare for a twintail character with a strong image of activity, and is the only junior among the main characters.
In the beginning, she was dismayed by the goofiness of the after-school teatime, but after that she got used to it in no time at all and was adored by Yui and the older students.

The voice actor in charge is Ayana Taketatsu.

Mayoi Hachikuji

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Jibari Seirei is the second heroine in “Bakemonogatari”, and has been a regular character in the story series since then.
She has been a regular character in the story series since then, and she often gets involved with Araragi, and each time she is sexually harassed and repeatedly interacts with him in a very sterile manner.
She’s an energetic girl, just like the image of her twin-tailed and double teeth.

In “The Tale of Heroes”, the 21 year old “Hakkudera-san” was portrayed in the parallel world, but in this episode, she has stopped wearing her twin-tailed hair and wears a ponytail.

She is voiced by Emiri Kato, the voice actor in charge of the character.

Madoka Kaname Madoka

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The well-known protagonist of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
She has a childish appearance and atmosphere to begin with, but the twin-tailed hairdo makes her look even younger.
However, with her hair down, she looks more mature.

In MadoMagi, Mami is the only character other than Madoka to have twin-tailed hair, and in Magia Record, Felicia, Sana, Kaede, Rena and many other characters with two-tailed hair appear.
However, the most memorable twin-tailed character is probably Madoka.

Her voice actor is Aoi Yuki.


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Anchovy, who is now one of the main characters in Girls & Panzer, is also a twin-tailed character.
Anzio High School itself has a free-spirited school culture, and she has a cheerful personality, but she’s also a hard worker who tries her best to keep things together so that they don’t fall apart because everyone around her is just going through the motions and doing whatever they want.
Her Duce call, which became popular in the OVA series, has become a specialty of the event.

Her voice actor is Yoshioka Maya.

Niko Yazawa

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In the “Love Live” series, there are more than one idol in each group such as Nozomi of μ’s, Ruby of Aqours, Ria of Saint Snow, and Anata of Nijigaku, but the one with the strongest impression of twin-tailed hair is probably μ’s Nikoni.
This is the hairstyle that shows off her “ni*** ni*** ni***” the most, and it shows how well she produces herself as a school idol.
Her stoic way of life as an idol seems to have influenced the content of Love Live as well as the work itself.

Her voice actor is Tokui Aozora.

Chieri Ogata

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The iM@S series is a treasure trove of “twin-tailed” girls, especially in the first Cinderella Girl election, where half of the top 10 girls, including the first place winner, Airi Totoki, were “twin-tailed” girls, but one of the most memorable is Chieri from “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”.
She has a strong image of being an active twin-tailed girl, but she is the complete opposite, a lonely and fearful person.
She has been in the top 15 in all the 8 elections and has a stable popularity.

Her voice actor is Naomi Ozora.

Arisaki Ichigaya

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BanG Dream!” also has quite a few twelve-team characters, including Maruyama of Paspareil, Maruyama Ako by Roselia, Himari by Afterglow, Paleo by RAS, Tsukushi by Morfinica The most famous character among them is Arisaki from Popipa.
She has been appearing since the first episode of the anime, and she is the lubricant of Popipa, who at first glance seems to be a twinkle in the eye but is actually a gentle and shy “twinkle bash”, and can be both a tease and a comedian at the same time.

She is voiced by Itou Ayasa.


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Are you ordering a rabbit? She is the main character of the Rabbit House and a clerk at the Rabbit House.
She’s also a shy, twinkly girl.

With a military father and wild training, she has a stoic personality, but she’s actually quite a maiden.
By the way, her real name is Tenzza Rise, but it is not used in the work.

She is voiced by Taneda Risa.

Aya Komichi

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She is the main character of “Kiniro Mosaic” and is also a shy twin-tailed character.
Her nickname is “Aya”, as Karen calls her, and she has established herself among the fans.
She seems to have feelings for her childhood friend Yoko more than just a friend, and she becomes a tsundere character when interacting with her.

Since she and Rizu have a lot in common, she played a major role in the 10th anniversary issue of Manga Time Kirara MAX, together with Rizu.
The voice actor in charge of this character is also Taneda Risa.

Suzukaze Aoba

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He is the main character of “NEW GAME!” and says “I’ll do my best for the rest of the day! The character has taken the world by storm with his lines of
He was a new employee of Eagle Jump a long time ago, and is now a main staff member who is also responsible for the character design.
He is often depressed for the main character, and this tendency is even more pronounced after the second season of the anime.

The voice actor in charge is Yuuki Takada.



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