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【The Knight in the Area】An in-depth look at the pure, cute charm and famous scenes of Mishima Nana (Seven)!


The Knight in the Area is a soccer manga with tears and laughter that began serialization in the 21st and 22nd combined issues of Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2006 and ran until the 17th issue in 2017.
In 2012, a TV anime was broadcasted, and it has become a work that has been loved by many boys and girls who play soccer.
In this article, I will introduce the charm of Nana Mishima, the heroine of such a popular work, Knight of Elia, and the famous scenes that make you fall in love with her.

Character Overview

Nana Mishima is the main heroine of “The Knight in the Area”.
She is a midfielder who is a classmate of the main character, Kaoru, and is the manager of the Enoshima High School soccer team, but also wears the number 7 on the Japanese women’s soccer team. Her birthday is August 21, her blood type is A, and she is 165cm tall. Her childhood friends, Kaoru and Jie, nicknamed her Seven, a play on her name Nana.
Seven was born in the U.S. and spent his childhood in the U.S., but when he was in elementary school, he played for the same club as the Aizawa brothers in Japan.
However, her parents moved back to the U.S. and she became the youngest player to make her debut in the U.S. Women’s Soccer League, but the pressure from the people around her and the fact that she had two nationalities, Japanese and American, caused her some confusion.
At the age of 15, she was selected to play for Nadeshiko Japan, and she has such a good sense of soccer that she gets results right after playing in a match. At first, she joins Nadeshiko without telling her drives, but she becomes a member of the national team and contributes to Nadeshiko Japan’s victory as a core player.
After the national championships, she joined the Tokyo Cuties, and although she stopped being the manager of the Enoshima High School soccer team, she continued to support Kakeru.
When she was in elementary school, she had a short cut and looked tall and boyish, but by the time she reunited with drive in high school, she had long brown hair and a slender figure of 165cm.
She is a heroine who looks lively when she is playing soccer and has a nice smile in her daily life.

Attraction of Nana Mishima

Here we will introduce the appeal of Nana Mishima.

Soccer skill that fascinates people

The first thing that attracts people to Nana Mishima is her ability to play soccer.
Nana Mishima, who continued to play soccer even after she went to the United States, was recognized for her talent and became the youngest player to debut in the professional league. She became the youngest player to make her debut in the professional league, and attracted even more attention by scoring a hat trick in her debut match.
Because of this impressive debut, she became known as the “Little Witch.
However, just before she reached the record of scoring goals in consecutive games, she disappeared and returned to Japan.
After returning to Japan, she did not play soccer in public, but worked as a manager at Enoshima High School. There, she was asked by Nadeshiko Japan’s coach Gotoh and captain Sako Isshiki to participate in a friendly match for the Japanese women’s national team.
She has a great sense of soccer, scoring with a loop shot immediately after being substituted in the middle of the game, and getting immediate results with Nadeshiko Japan.
In addition, Nana Mishima’s main job is to be the manager of the soccer club at Enoshima High School, which means that she doesn’t have much time to practice on a regular basis.
So how was she able to maintain her best performance?
The answer to that question is late night practice with my drive and image training when I was on the bench. In other words, since I don’t have a lot of time to practice, when I’m on the bench as a manager, I analyze the game and sharpen my sense of practice by visualizing it in my mind.
I believe that her passion for soccer and her outstanding talent are one of the most attractive aspects of Nana Mishima.


A single-minded love for Kakeru

The second attraction of Nana Mishima is her single-minded love for drive.
Kakeru and Seven were teammates in the same elementary school soccer club, Kamakura SSS, and were childhood friends. When Seven goes to the U.S. for family reasons, driving notices that Seven is giving a gift to Kakeru . That’s when driving misunderstands that Seven likes his brother Jie, and at the same time realizes that he is in love with Seven.
After Kakeru ‘s death, Seven supported him when he hit a wall with his anxiety about playing soccer.
Seven’s kindness makes him fall in love with her even more than before, and although he feels guilty about his brother, he decides to confess his love to her after winning the championship. After winning the championship, she tries to confess her feelings to him, but fails when her younger sister, Miyako, shows up at the wrong time.
In their second year of high school, both of them become professionals. When the Shonan Blue Impulse team to which he belongs wins the first division championship, he calls Seven to the park where they used to practice together and confesses his feelings to her.
He calls her to the park where they had always practiced together and confesses his love to her. Seven cries and rejoices, saying, “It wasn’t just my one-sided love.
Here we have introduced some of the thoughts and feelings of Kakeru towards Seven, but in fact Seven has also been in love with Kakeru since elementary school. When she was in elementary school, the present she gave to Jie was a misanga that she made for him and Jie. She was too embarrassed to give it to Jie, whom she liked at the time, so she gave it to Jie.
Isn’t it fascinating to see such pure feelings of Nana Mishima for drive?

The kindness that accompanies the Kakeru

The third thing that makes Nana Mishima so appealing is her kindness in being there for Kakeru.
Seven is always there for him when he hits a wall.
When he was in junior high school and lost his confidence in soccer and was practicing in the park by himself, she encouraged him by wearing an alien mask without revealing her true identity.
Other times, she finds flaws in him during practice and accompanies him all the time to help him overcome them, and is always there to help him practice and improve his fight trick, which is synonymous with him. There were also times when he would argue with the coach, believing in his success.
This kindness that allows her to cooperate with driving practice and continue to believe in him is one of Nana Mishima’s charms.

Three famous scenes that will make your heart skip a beat for Nana Mishima.

Here are three great scenes that will make you fall in love with Nana Mishima.

A famous scene where a student enters Kamakura Gakuen Middle School as a transfer student

The first scene that makes my heart flutter for Nana Mishima is when she enters the Kamakura Gakuen Middle School as a transfer student.
As I mentioned above, when they were in elementary school, Jido, Seven and Kakeru were on the same team called Kamakura SSS. However, when Seven was in the fifth grade, her parents were transferred to the U.S. and she and Seven were separated.
Due to the trauma of the accident with Hibino in elementary school, Kakeru is unable to play well, and has been working as a manager instead of a player.
Then a beautiful and pretty Seven appears in front of him and smiles at him without saying a word.

The famous scene of scoring a goal in Nadeshiko Japan’s debut game.

The second scene that will make you fall in love with Nana Mishima is when she scored a goal in her debut game for Nadeshiko Japan.
Seven has been playing soccer since she was in elementary school, and her talent is astonishing. She was the youngest player to debut in a professional league in the U.S. and scored a hat trick in her first game.
After returning to Japan, Seven was working as a manager when she received a call from Nadeshiko Japan. At first, she was reluctant to join the team because she was undecided between playing for the U.S. national team and the Japanese national team.
However, she participated in a friendly match and scored a goal with a loop shot right after her appearance, despite being leafed by the captain, Isshiki.
Seven’s smile at that moment, “I did it! I’m sure there are many people who were moved by the scene of Seven’s smile.

The famous scene where kakeru hides Mai Gunsaki in the men’s locker room and Seven finds out about it

The third scene that will make you fall in love with Nana Mishima is when he hides Mai Gunsaki in the boys’ locker room and Seven finds out about it.
When Kakeru was practicing on his own at Enoshima High School, Mai Gunsaki, who was a bit of an outsider in Nadeshiko Japan, came in and wanted to take a shower, so he lent her the boys’ locker room.
She wanted to take a shower, so she rented the men’s changing room. At that time, Seven came to call for Jido, so he hurriedly hid in the bathroom and let Seven into the men’s changing room. Seven told him that Mai Gunsaki was not a good player in Nadeshiko Japan and that she needed to be a part of Nadeshiko in the future.
When they were leaving, Seven said, “Didn’t you see Mai in the bathroom? Seven said, “Mai was in the bathroom, right?
She was teasing him by saying, “Hmmm.
I think this scene makes me swoon when she teases him with her devilish expression.



I’ve introduced the appeal of Nana Mishima.
Soccer skill that fascinates people
Her single-minded devotion to Kakeru
The kindness that is always there for her when she is in pain
These are the charms of Nana Mishima.
The famous scene that makes you fall in love with Nana Mishima is
The scene where she enters Kamakura Gakuen Middle School as a transfer student
The scene where she scored a goal in her debut game for Nadeshiko Japan.
When she hides Mai Gunsaki in the boys’ locker room and Seven finds out about it.
The heroine of Knights of the Area, Nana Mishima, has a lot to offer in the manga, so please read on.

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