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【Rifle is Beautiful】Hikari Kokura is the main character who seems to be a genius but is not

出典 : ©サルミアッキ/集英社・千鳥高校射撃部 : アニメ『ライフル・イズ・ビューティフル』

We pick up Hikari Ogura, the main character of the 2019 fall anime ”The Rifle is Beautiful”!
Although she doesn’t have outstanding skills, she’s unusually competitive, and we’ve compiled a list of her abilities as a marksman, her charms as a girl, and how she gets along with the other club members!

Hikari Kokura Character Overview

出典 : ©サルミアッキ/集英社・千鳥高校射撃部 : アニメ『ライフル・イズ・ビューティフル』

A female character from “The Rifle is Beautiful” and the main character of the film.
She always wears a bunny ear ribbon.
Sometimes she wears real rabbit ears.

Her body is small, but she actually has large breasts.
She seems to be a skinny type, so people don’t usually notice her, and when they do, many are surprised.

She has been shooting rifles since elementary school, and as a result of her efforts, she passed the entrance exam for Chidori High School, which has a higher level shooting club.
Fortunately, however, her childhood friend Izumi Shibusawa, Erika Meinohama, who had participated in the same competitions in junior high school, and Yukio Igarashi, who has won prizes in junior competitions, have joined the shooting club, and the club is restarted as a new shooting club with only four new students.

He has a broad personality and is a natural, shy person.
He is very friendly and can easily get along with players from outside the school.
He is basically positive, but when he gets tired or his performance is not good, he can get depressed.
He is the type of person who has high goals, and is aiming to win the national championships and eventually participate in the Tokyo Olympics, which he says is his dream.

He is not the smartest person in the world, ranking 123rd out of 125 students, and even scoring zero on some tests.
She is also extremely athletically illiterate and can’t even play catch.
However, she can cook and clean, and seems to have a lot of feminine power.

Her favorite type of man is a “father”.
She seems to be inexperienced when it comes to love, and people around her think that even if she digs, nothing will come out.

At school, she seems to be a member of the Greening Committee.

Her voice actress is Machico.

Is she a genius athlete?

出典 : ©サルミアッキ/集英社・千鳥高校射撃部 : アニメ『ライフル・イズ・ビューティフル』

When Hikari was in elementary school, she spent all her time playing rifle games while the rest of her classmates were playing video games.
Hikari’s passion for rifles is quite strong, even if people around her call her a freak.

However, even though he has been playing for a long time, his grasp of the rules is rather vague.
He is the type of competitor who approaches the game with a sense rather than a logical mind.
His shooting skills are not particularly good, and he is aware that he is the most inept of the four in the shooting club, which makes him feel inferior.

However, when it comes to big matches, he instantly shows his true strength, and especially when he is under pressure, he is a strong player in the real world, as he is able to shoot a series of high scores with his threatening concentration.
That’s why he has a big wave. In the practice match, his total score was 378.1, but later in the prefectural qualifying round, he marked 412.1, and successfully decided to participate in the national tournament.

In the team competition of the national championships, she set a record of 422.4.
This figure of 422.4 surpassed the score of all the competitors in the 57th National High School Rifle Shooting Championships (BR Girls) held in 2019 in the real world.
In the end, Maho Kogomori, the head of the Minesumi High School shooting club and the strongest beam queen, further broke that record, but Hikari at that time was undoubtedly a high school student competing for the first or second place in Japan.

On the other hand, the score of 378.1 recorded in the practice match was the lowest score in the nation.
During normal practice, his score often falls below even this, and his level as a player seems to change drastically depending on the situation.
In addition to this moody nature, he also has a conventional natural personality, and as a competitor he seems to fall under the so-called genius type.

Since he is completely sensory-driven, he is unable to identify the factors that cause him to perform well or poorly, and it seems to be difficult for him to maintain a good performance.
When the whole club decided to switch to air rifles in anticipation of the future, only one of us failed the test.

His mental state is also not very stable; he can be sneaky or cheerful at times.
However, he has always been strong against adversity, and when a new student named Maru Akutagawa, who had much higher air rifle skills than us, entered the class after graduation, he was overwhelmed but excited.

The level of growth is not surprisingly high, and even in the second year, there has been no significant increase in skill.
While he is competitive, strong in the real world, and has more concentration than others, he is not outstanding in terms of talent or growth potential.
Although she is often misunderstood as a genius because she is the main character, Hikari is more of an uneven competitor than a genius.



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