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[Promised Neverland] Is Don an incompetent character? A thorough explanation of his role in the production! [Spoiler]

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Promise Never Land, a very popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. In this article, we have compiled information about Don from “The Promised Neverland”. What role did Don, who is inferior to Emma and her friends in terms of ability, play in the series?

Basic information about Don

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Don is an edible child who grew up in Grace Fieldhouse, like the main characters Emma and the others. He was 10 years old when he first appeared in the house. He was the fourth oldest in the House and looked after his younger siblings. He is the tallest of the children and is very athletic. Although it wasn’t explained in the production, his physical abilities would be in line with the top three other than Emma.

Voice Actor for Don

The voice of Don is voiced by voice actor Ueki Shin’ei in the TV anime “The Promise Neverland”. Shinei Ueki’s agency is “81 Produce”. His voice acting debut was in 2015, and his role as Don is his first representative work. He has also appeared in other famous works such as “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi-sama wa Kettei-sama – Geniuses in Love Brain Battle” and “To Aru Kagaku no Ippatsu”.

What’s Don’s score?

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At Grace Field, competency tests are administered daily in order to raise more brain-developed edible children. Emma, Norman, and Ray were dubbed “Full Scores” because they scored the highest score of 300 on this test.

So how well Don scored, unfortunately, was not explicitly mentioned in the production. However, there is a rule that in order to survive in “Grace-Field House”, you must perform well on this test. Those who do not perform well in the test are shipped off as edible children. Incidentally, the edible children are shipped off on their 12th birthday, no matter how many “full scores” they get.

With that in mind, Don doesn’t get shipped out until he’s 10 years old and survives in Grace-Field House, so his test scores aren’t too bad. Gilda, who is the same age as Don in the production, and Phil, who is four years old but has a clear mind, score in the 200s. It’s pretty hard to get a 200 on this test, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Don scores in the low 100s after these two.

Actually, that’s good? Check out Don’s behavior during his escape

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When Emma and Norman find out that they are edible children, they plan the children’s escape. Don and Gilda, the elders, will join them along the way as key members of this plan. So what role did Don play in the “Grace-Field House” escape plan?

I wasn’t told the truth at first

For some time after Emma and Norman learned the truth about House and planned their escape, they didn’t tell Don or even Gilda about the edible children. In the meantime, Don had been briefed that House was complicit in human trafficking.

But when Don was told of the trafficking, he thought Emma and the others were joking and laughed it off. This is the opposite reaction to Gilda, who immediately took the situation in stride. This one scene shows that unlike Gilda, Don’s grasp of the situation and observation skills are not very good.

In the wake of Gilda, Don somehow accepts the fact that he is a trafficker. At this point, Don proposes to rescue Connie, who was recently shipped out, now. Connie was a sister that Don particularly adored, and he desperately wanted to save her.

To Emma and the others, the trafficking was a lie to avoid confusion, but when Don realizes this truth, he hits Ray for hiding it. Don himself knew it wasn’t Emma and her friends’ fault, but he couldn’t control his emotions.

Don often acts impulsively compared to Ray and Norman, who kill their emotions and do the best they can. I don’t blame him for being labeled as an incompetent character by the readers because he beat up Norman and Ray, who were desperately trying to do their best for their younger siblings who were still alive.

I’m gonna sneak into my mom’s room

Don’s discovery of the truth about the House came when he broke into a hidden room in Isabella’s room. He had shared information with Emma and the others about the existence of this room and had come to the conclusion that he shouldn’t be so bold yet. However, Don steals a key from Isabella’s pocket and breaks into the hidden room with Gilda.

If they had been found out, not only would Emma and her friends’ plans have been thwarted, but they would have risked being shipped off to Don and Gilda as well. It’s a good thing they didn’t find out as a result, but it’s an action that would have made Don seem incompetent to the reader.

Bring the kids together

Isabella sets out to destroy Emma and her friends’ plan to escape from prison. Emma’s leg is broken and Norman, a key part of the plan, is shipped off. Emma and Ray, who grew up as a family, became desperate and closed off.

But this was all part of their plan. While Emma recuperates and Ray is stuck in the dark, Don and Gilda are the ones who have been steadily preparing for their escape, explaining to their younger siblings under the age of five the fact that they are edible children and giving the other children the training they need to escape.



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