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【Ship】 Why was Gambia Bay a popular ship girl? Verification Summary # Ship this # kancolle

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In 2018, a large number of ship daughters were newly implemented, “Fleet Koso – Ship this -“, but I gathered about Gambia · Bay, which is loved by many Admiral, among them especially!
I will thoroughly verify from whomever perspectives why she became a popular ship daughter!

Gambier Bay Character overview

American ship daughter appearing in the browser game “Fleet Kousakosho – Ship this -“.
Casablanca class aircraft carrier 19th ship “Gambia · Bay” is a motif, the type of ship in the game is a light aircraft carrier (historical classification is escort aircraft carrier).
It was implemented as a breakthrough fee for the waters of the E – 4 “Off the coast of Samar -” of the limited – time event “War of the Battle of the Battle of Battle, Battle of the Battle of Leyte (2nd Half)” in the winter of 2018.

Low fuel consumption type low speed light aircraft carrier, the initial number of slots is as low as 2, the performance is overall lower.
Defensive aspects such as durability / armor · avoidance are worst numerical values even among light carrier aircraft, and are very fragile.
Character is appearance and performance as it is bearish and afraid.

Refurbish to Gambier Bay by Lv 45.
Although the number of slots increases to 3 and the ability is also raised overall, the point that the light carrier is the weakest remains unchanged.

The appearance surface features blond hair with a tremendous volume and although it is organized in a twin tail, it is hanging around and can not be put together.
In casual uniform of camouflage pattern and hot pants, it looks easy to move, and on the waist is a thing like life raft (probably curly float).

His voice actor is Syuu Uchida, illustrator is Akira.

Easy to understand at a glance what kind of character

The biggest feature of Gambia Bay, familiar with the nickname of “Gumby”, is its expression.
Normally in standing painting, while most other ship daughters have a serious face and smile, she has an unreliable look that is nervous only.
And this expression is also the factor that pushes her up as a popular character.

Ship This is the fifth anniversary on April 23, 2018.
About 220 ship daughters implemented by autumn of 2018.
Even at the time Gumby was implemented, it already had over 200 people.

It is a game that has continued for so long and a lot of characters are appearing, so it is not hard to imagine most of the Admiral who has already settled with his wrestle and his favorite ship daughter.
There will be not a few admissions that some interest in new warship girls is getting worse than before.
It is a difficult situation for newcomers to acquire the prominent popularity.

In the meantime, since Gumby was a clearly different expression from all the ship daughters that were implemented so far, it got a big impact at the time of the first impression.
And, above all, it is a point that you can immediately grasp what kind of character she is because of the expression that you know at a glance that it is popping.
Would not it be easy for her admiration to reach the Admiral who was diluting the interest in the new ship because it knows that the person who likes the character of so-called Ponkotu attribute prefers to like it in a moment.
It is the real thrill of the ship that Illustrator drops historical facts into design, but it is one of the attractions of Gumby that it appears in a form that is easy to understand.

New frontier of voice actor and illustrator

Uchida Hidemori who is in charge of Gumby ‘s voice is a voice actor who made a debut with the ship, and because he grew up in Australia, he is fluent in English pronunciation.
Ship This is in addition to Gunby, I am in charge of the British Navy Queen Elizabeth Battleship No. 2 Navy Warspite (Warspite) and Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal (Ark Royal).
Warpite is a refined appearance like the Queen, Ark Royal has a dignified appearance like the Princess Knight, and the point that the type is different but the beautiful woman is common.

Gumby, which was implemented following such two people, is obviously a different type of ship’s daughter.
The bearish personality also matches Mr. Uchida’s cute and uninformative voice quality, and it seems that the match condition of this voice is also a factor of popularity.

And Gumby is a character that can be said to be a new ground for Akira’s illustrator.

Initially, Akira was handling only the illustration of the enemy powerful deep sea ship, but as soon as she started Mizuho implemented in 2015, she began to be responsible for the design of the ship’s ship, Commandant Teste), the design of Shinwei (Kayni) was handled and gained popularity.
And then it was Gumby who joined the Akira fleet.

Mr. Akira seems to have completely handled the young lady of the young girl as it is, but other deep sea ship and ship daughter are stylish design as a whole, so it was a painter who was a beautiful image strong.
However, the appearance of Gumby is completely cute and it is not a look like a young lady or a girl like a northern lady but it is rich in expression.
With the casual design of a different type to any character that Akira handled, the unexpectedness and the high degree of completeness will surely have become a factor that puts fire on the popularity of Gumby.

A ship “weak even if” it ism

The character on the player side in the game has a great influence on the popularity whether it is a usable character or not, unlike the character of animation and manga.
If it is a strong character it will inevitably have more opportunities to use, attachment will also spring up, and as a result it is necessary to increase the number of players who prefer that character.
On the contrary, if it is a weak character, opportunities to use will be reduced, and the impression gradually diminishes.

However, in the case of this ship, the ship’s girl who gained popularity from the strong is not many, but rather a minority.

It seems that this is influenced by the game which is made so that the game of this ship protrudes too much and does not produce a strong character and it is made to use as many characters as possible.
Although there is a difference in turns depending on the ship type and speed, the difference in capability within the ship type is small, and it is a range that can be sufficiently covered with love.
Kashima (Kashima), which is rarely used in battle and has limited means of obtaining it, is obviously not proportional to its strength and popularity, as Kashima gained overwhelming popularity.

Gumby is a ship with small difference in capability within the ship type It is a ship girl that is unusual compared with other light aircraft carriers and is inferior in terms of performance, and you can not help saying that in combat it is a heartfelt existence.
However, it is not a fool that she is “unusable”, it is this ship that becomes a factor of popularity as a story of Iziri even even unusable things.

By the way, historical Gamby has a track record of giving the Kurita Fleet a huge blow, it is not a weak ship never.
Also, the ship It is not unusual to have a high firepower for a bearish daughter with a bearish character like Hagoro or Jintuu, so there is plenty of possibility that Gumby can turn into a reformer.
The expectation for this growth is also helping her popularity … maybe?



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