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【Genshin】A must for unpaid players. 3 Free Characters and How to Get Them

In Genshin, there are three characters that are distributed for free in addition to the four initial characters.
This section explains how to get the distributed characters, which can be powerful helpers for unpaid players.
Some of these characters are only available for a limited time, so hurry up and get ‘em!

How do I get a character in Genshin?

The only way to get characters in Genshin is to pray for the four initial characters including the main character and the so-called gacha.
There are times when you can experience the game when it is related to the story, but to get them, you have to draw a gacha.
There are two types of gacha, one that only gives out weapons and one that includes characters, so make sure you know which one you’re getting before you pull it out.

Characters distributed for free

There are a total of three characters distributed in Ver. 1.0.
Please note that one of them will no longer be distributed at the time of the update to Ver. 1.1.
Here are the features of the three characters.

Noel, a high-powered large sword character


In Genshin, large swords are very useful.
While it’s hard to deal damage with normal attacks, a big sword can deal a lot of damage while making the enemy stun so that they can’t attack you.
Also, you have to collect ores all the time, but collecting ores with anything other than a big sword takes a lot of time, so having a big sword character that you can get for free is important.
Noel in particular is an easy character for beginners to use because of his high firepower as well as his ability to heal and shield.

Valuable spearman “Shanlin”


Of the 22 characters implemented upon release, Shanlin is the only one who uses a spear.
Such a valuable character, Shanlin, is being distributed for free.
The spearman is an acrobatic weapon that can attack and evade at the same time with his fast moves and a technique called heavy strike.
Shanlin’s skill is to emit a bear that spits fire, and his special move is to have a ring of fire spinning around him, making him a powerful character who can perform three different attacks at the same time with Shanlin, his skill and his special move.

Barbara, the most powerful recovery idol character


In Genshin, recovery is basically done by eating food, but since the amount of food you can eat in a short period of time is limited, recovery characters come in handy.
Among these recovery characters, Barbara is the one with the most outstanding recovery power.
The best is Genshin, who is a 5-star character, but Barbara is a 4-star character and is definitely the best when it comes to recovery alone.
In addition, Barbara is loved by the management and has special move motions that are only available in 5 stars.
And Barbara is the only character you can get for free during version 1.0.

How to get a distributed character

Genshin distributes valuable characters, but they don’t come for free.
Here are some of the conditions you need to clear in order to get your hands on these three powerful characters.


Noel is always available when you pull the first 10 stacks of the Beginner’s Support Gacha.
Please note that this is the first 10 rounds of the Beginner’s Gacha, and there is nothing in the first 10 rounds of the regular Gacha.
There are only about 30 stacks you can pull with the first item you get, so make sure you check before you pull it so you don’t mistake it for a regular gacha or weapon gacha.


In order to get Shanlin for free, you need to clear the third level of the Deep Spiral.
The third level is not that difficult, but if you neglect to level up, you may not be able to clear it.
The third level is not that difficult, but if you neglect to raise your level, you may not be able to clear it.
When you clear the third level, you will receive a Shanling in your in-game mail, and you can use it by receiving it.
The mail will disappear in a month, so be sure to receive it immediately after clearing the third level.


In Genshin, there is a player rank called Adventurer Rank, which increases as you complete treasure chests and quests.
You can get it when your adventurer rank reaches 20.
Adventurer Rank 20 is a high rank for normal players, so it’s best to start playing Genshin as early as possible and work your way up every day.
As with Shanlin, you will receive this item via in-game mail, so be sure to get it as soon as you reach rank 20.

Before you start overdoing it

As a shadow game, Genshin has strong characters, but unlike other games, there are no situations where it is difficult to proceed without strong characters.
In order to make the characters introduced here strong enough to become top class, you will need to win the same characters in gacha.
However, even if you don’t win the same character to strengthen your character, you can still reach the maximum level and raise your skill level sufficiently.
Please enjoy your own way of fighting by combining the characters you win in the free gacha with the distributed characters I introduced.

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