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[Failed Knight’s Heroic Tale] A thorough examination of the possibility of a second season! Are GA library works more likely to be made into sequels?

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シリーズ累計150万部のヒット作! アニメもバトルを中心に好評

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The Heroic Tale of the Fallen Knight (Cavalry) is a light novel work that started to be published in 2013.
The label is GA library.
The author later published “Superhero High School Students Seem to Survive in Other Worlds with Room to Spare! But he is a successful author, Umizora Riku-sensei, who has made it into an anime.

The genre of this work is school fantasy.
It is not a high fantasy set in another world or a land of swords and magic, but a worldview close to the real world, so it is considered to be in the category of low fantasy.

The characteristic of this failing knight is that the main character, Kurogane Ikki, is a person of hard work.
In the past, it was a standard image of the main character, but it is rather rare in recent light novels.

Ikki is a boy who was born into a prominent family, but is considered to be so untalented that he is considered one inferior student every ten years, and this would have been standard in the past, but it is rare now.
Nevertheless, he continues to work stoically, gaining fame as a knight and becoming a man worthy of his heroine, Stella Vermilion.
In addition to this success story, developments reminiscent of shonen manga, such as the Seven Stars Sword and Martial Arts Festival, a military festival held jointly by the seven knight schools, became so popular that it was made into a comic book in 2014 and then into a TV anime in 2015.

The anime was produced based on the original novels such as “Baka to Test and Summoner” and “Unrin Director Shin Onuma and SILVER LINK.
I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to take my defensive skills to the extreme.” in 2020. in 2020.

The anime adaptation of the series was supported by the fans of the original work, especially the battle aspect was highly acclaimed.
After the anime adaptation, the number of copies of the original work has increased, and as of 2017, the series has reached a total of 1.5 million copies.

Secretly doing great on the number of views

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The average Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sales of Fallen Knight averages around 2800 copies.
The box released in 2017 has sold around 700 sets, so if you add that up, that’s about 3,500 copies.
That’s a number of copies that was considered “a success in its own right” for 2015, but not at the level to produce a second season.

In fact, as of 2020, five years after the first season of the anime aired, no second season of the film has been announced.
The original work is still going on, but the comicalization ended in 2017 and there has been no significant media mix since.

Therefore, production of a second season is doomed… but it’s too early to conclude that.
There is still hope.

The key is the number of views.

Failed Knight has more than 70 million views on the Chinese video sharing site Bili Bili Video.
In recent years, it has achieved notable positive results in overseas distribution, which has become an important source of funding for TV anime production.

Another positive factor is the stability of the disc sales.
Even with the same average sales of 2800 copies, there is a difference in the level of expectation for the second season between selling only one volume, with a big drop after the second volume, and selling 2800 copies of all volumes at the same level.
The Fallen Knight is a typical latter type, and the demand for it was fairly stable.

Therefore, if they are going to do a second season, it may be difficult for it to be a big hit on the disc, but at the same time, there is no need to worry about it being a big flop.
In addition to that, considering the expansion of the overseas distribution market and the current state of the battle-focused works, the number of views can be expected to exceed the first season.

Considering the current situation where there has been no anime adaptation for about 5 years and the media mix has been stagnant, the chances of a second season are low.
However, it is not zero.



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