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Ungoku no Moriarty is going to be animated! Crime suspense based on “Sherlock Holmes”.

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Updated 2/3/2020

Pick up the popular manga “Moriarty of the Lost Country” from JUMP Square, which has also been made into an anime!
We’ve rounded up the features and appeal of this stylish crime suspense based on the famous Sherlock Holmes series by Conan Doyle!

The protagonists are three James Moriarty

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Uukoku no Moriarty” is a manga work serialized in JUMP SQUARE by Ryosuke Takeuchi (composition) and Akira Miyoshi (manga).

Takeuchi-sensei was in charge of the composition of the comicalization of “All You Need Is Kill”, which became a hot topic due to Takeshi Obata-sensei’s work on the artwork, and in addition to the composition of this work, he also wrote the bonus manga for the comics.
Miyoshi-sensei was extremely well-received for his PSYCHO-PASS spin-off, Watchman Tsunemori Shu, which ran from 2012-2014.

Both of them teamed up and began serializing the story in 2016, which is based on the “Sherlock Holmes” series written by Conan Doyle, the most famous mystery novel in the world.
The protagonist is Sherlock Holmes’ rival, Professor James Moriarty, who is immensely popular with Holmes fans.
The original setting of “Professor of Mathematics”, “as intelligent as Holmes” and “a criminal genius” is retained, but unlike the original story, which was completely evil, the three brothers are portrayed as three brothers with their own sense of justice and evil.

Due to the high level of drawing skills and story structure, as well as the high recognition of the original idea, the series has been highly acclaimed since its inception and has quickly gained the status of a popular work.
As of April 2019, the comics have been published in eight volumes.
In 2018, a novelization by Dr. Yosuke Saibaita, “A Study in Melancholy Moriarty “Scarlet”” was released, and a musical was held in May 2019, which has been actively mixed by media.

Then in December 2019, the long-awaited anime adaptation was announced on stage at JumpFest 2020.

A “necessary evil” by a stylishly handsome man

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The main characters in The Melancholy of Moriarty are divided into two main groups: the Crime Lord and his companions, including William James Moriarty, known as “Will”, and the consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.
The main character, William James Moriarty or “Will” and his friends, and the consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes and his collaborators.

Will and his brother Louis James Moriarty were originally orphans, and were adopted by the Moriarty family after being intrigued by Albert James Moriarty, a young man who was the eldest son of an aristocrat but who was disgusted by the aristocracy’s arrogance.
Albert was interested in them because Will, a brilliant mind, had aspirations to correct a corrupt society, which coincided with his own goals of correcting and destroying the full class system and aristocratic hubris that prevails in the “British Empire”, the setting of this film.
They put Albert’s plan into action, eliminating all the Moriartys except Albert by perfect crime, and taking possession of all the Moriartys, including their earldom and property, to prepare for their goal.

And thirteen years later.
Will, who has become a mathematics professor, Albert, who has enlisted in the British army and is now a lieutenant colonel, and Lewis, who is in charge of the Moriarty estate and its administration, together with Sebastian Moran and Fred Pollock, set out to achieve their goal.

Their method is to take deadly crimes all over London, turning London itself into a theatre of “crime drama” and leading the people’s minds in the direction that the current system must not be allowed to continue.
In order to change the country dominated by the hierarchy, he becomes a necessary evil and engages in various crimes in order to “post theatrical crimes to the people” and “develop the dialectic from a class society to a completely free society”.

Will and the others are all stylish, smart and handsome.
They become anti-heroes and the crime suspense that unfolds is very thrilling and well worth reading.

The wild Sherlock Holmes & the legitimately handsome Watson

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Sherlock Holmes, the other main character in the film, appears in the Noatick case, the first “crime drama” set up by Will and his friends.
His deduction of Will’s occupation and his sole questioning of their perfect crime caught Will’s attention, and he is assigned to play the detective in Will and his team’s “crime drama”.

The image of Sherlock Holmes is that of an intelligent, omnipotent, but oddball… but as is common knowledge among Sherlockians, Holmes is not necessarily omnipotent.
He may make blunders, such as missing a criminal, or use drugs in his spare time.

The Sherlock Holmes of this film is relatively close to this image.
He does not have the so-called “hero’s correction” and has a bit of a complex about his older brother, Mycroft Holmes, and is often snobbish.
In addition, he has an uncanny obsession with solving mysteries, violin and chemical experiments, and so on, which are the same as the original Holmes.

On the other hand, the intellectual and gentlemanly image of the original work is not present in the Sherlock of this work, in fact, his tone, attitude and appearance are wild and coarse.
And he is not dry but wet, especially to Irene Adler, and we can feel his humanity here and there.

His assistant, Watson, also makes an appearance, of course.
This one is a good guy with a strong sense of justice, and is a contrast to Sherlock’s character, but they make a good pairing that Will would approve of.



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