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[Slam Dunk] Five quotes from Anzai-sensei that you can use in your daily life!

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Each of the characters in Slam Dunk has a famous quote, and Anzai, the director of Shonboku High School, has left us with some heavy and profound words of wisdom.

Many of them are motivational and calming words that can be used to motivate people and make them feel better about themselves, especially in the business world. Many people know about “Slam Dunk” even if they don’t know anything about basketball, so it’s easy to use it in everyday life.

We’ve compiled a list of five such Anzai-sensei quotes that you can use in your daily life. If you keep them in the back of your mind, you can save yourself and your loved ones when you are in a tight spot in life.

1、If you give up, the game is over.

This is one of the most popular quotes in “Slam Dunk”. In the movie, it is said by Hisashi Mitsui, a junior high school student, to Hanamichi Sakuragi during the Sanno match.

Mitsui was secretly thinking that he was about to lose when Anzai Sensei called out to him and he won the match with 12 seconds left to go. Hanamichi, after being called on to do so against Sanno, rebounded hard and led Shonboku to an upset victory despite being down by 20 points.

Both of them were able to do this because they didn’t give up.

When Mr. Anzai asked him to join Shohoku High School, he turned down invitations from other famous high schools to attend the weak school. This shows that “If you give up, the game is over” has a great impact on people’s behavior.

If you give up, the game is over” has a great impact on people’s behavior.

To myself

When you feel like throwing something away because it’s too hard, say to yourself, “If I don’t give up, I can make it work. It will calm your mind and give you the impetus to keep trying.

In the business world

Let’s say a colleague at work makes a sales pitch to a business partner and it ends in failure. In such a situation, a quick “If you give up, that’s the end of the game,” and you might be determined to try again.

To my friend who is struggling with love

When I was asked for advice from a friend of mine who was not able to get the girl of her dreams to go after her, he said, “If you give up, that’s the end of the game, right? If you jokingly say, “If you give up, the game is over”, you’ll get laughter and courage.

There are many situations in which “Giving up is the end of the game” is useful. However, there are times when giving up is crucial, so don’t use it too much.

2、I’m glad you’re here

In the game against Shoyo, the finalists in the final league, Anzai Sensei dropped Mitsui, who had reached the end of his physical strength, to the bench. I’m glad you’re here,” he said to Mitsui, who had lost all confidence in himself at the time.

It could not have been the best thing he could have said to the team, which he felt had caused him a lot of trouble when he left basketball immediately after entering high school.

Gratitude is a completely different thing when you say it out loud and when you don’t. Say it out loud to your family, friends, co-workers, and other people for whom you are usually grateful.

‘I’m so glad I have you.’
I’m glad you’re here.
You’re a lifesaver.

Putting your thoughts and feelings into words will make you and the person being told what you’re thinking and feeling happy.

3、Well, that’s not so bad

It may sound like a subtle compliment, but it is very effective in motivating others. Complimenting them to the point where they aren’t perfect can make them feel glad they made the effort and at the same time make them feel like they can still do it.

It was Hanamichi who was told in the production, but Hanamichi exchanged a touch with Anzai-sensei after he grinned. So it was a positive word for him.

It is a very useful word that makes us feel at ease in our daily lives.

I’ll give myself credit

When things go wrong, “Why can’t you do it! When you think “I’m not so bad,” you’ll end up heading in the wrong direction. When this happens, it can be surprisingly refreshing to try to dismiss the situation as a “rather good” one.

Even if things aren’t actually going well, it can be effective in calming yourself down.

It’s also something to be aware of if you’re always striving for perfection. Even if you’re not perfect, it’s one thing to say, “Well, I guess I’m rather good,” and finish your work at about 70%.

You may be surprised to find that a document submitted with 70% effort will pass, and there are improvements that can be made only after you submit it. Sometimes it’s better to take it easy and be gung-ho instead of trying to get it perfect from the start.

I say this to people who want to develop their abilities

Use your guns against people who seem to have room to grow. I recommend high-fiving and shaking hands as you’re working on it.

This is because physical contact has the effect of sharing emotions and allows you to communicate more emotionally as you are closer.

4、You’re not a starter because you’re a secret weapon

The words that lulled Hanamichi, who didn’t get a uniform in the Rinan selection, into a single shot. It’s just like a great coach to convey the reason for not being a starter as something more valuable than a starter.

If you say, “I’m not a starter,” it will only lower their motivation, but if you add, “Because I’m a secret weapon,” it has a completely different meaning.

Being called a secret weapon makes you happy even if you’re not a starter. In fact, you might be happier than a starter. The secret weapon part could be rephrased as “the backbone” or “the final weapon”.

The point of this quote is that it doesn’t end with just denial. People are more likely to be convinced if they understand the reason.

In everyday situations, you could use it in sports situations like the one in the film, or even in business, you could say, “You’re a secret weapon and I’m going to turn it over to my next project”.

Be careful about saying this only if you are going to use it as a secret weapon or a back-up. After all, if you don’t use it as a secret weapon, it will have the opposite effect, so it’s probably best to refrain from using it as a stopgap measure.

You can also use this phrase outside of a competitive situation, so be aware of adding a reason for your denial in everyday conversation.

5、「I’m looking at a PG (point guard) matchup where we have the edge…

Before the Sanno match, he said to Ryota Miyagi, who couldn’t hide his impatience. As a result, “I have the edge…! And I’ve succeeded in inspiring confidence.

The point of this quote is twofold.

– It made me see a lie as true.

Miyagi’s matchup against Sanno is Kazunari Fukatsu, who is considered the No. 1 guard in high school. In terms of basketball ability, leadership, and experience as a guard, Miyagi was no match for Fukatsu. In other words, Anzai Sensei lied to him.

Despite the lie, Miyagi exuded confidence. If he knew what he and his opponent were capable of, he’d realize it was just encouragement. So why did Miyagi believe he was on the right side?

It was because Anzai-sensei casually told him. Anzai-sensei casually approached Miyagi, who couldn’t hide her impatience. Moreover, he used his usual quiet tone.

If this was a “Don’t worry! Miyagi! You’ve got your share! If it was a blunt way of saying “What? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to calmly say, “That’s not true…”.

Quietly, casually, and with a poker face, that’s what you learn from Anzai Sensei: the power to make a lie come true.

In your daily life, when you’re facing someone, say, “Well, I see your side of the argument…” as if it’s the truth.


Dr. Anzai’s quotes are less flashy than those of the other characters. That’s why they are easy to use in everyday life, and when they stick, they stick with you.

The effectiveness of a quote will vary greatly depending on the situation in which it is used and the person it is used with. Of course, the person who uses it is also important. How about trying to become a person like Dr. Anzai through quotes?

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