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【 Ms. Takagi who is good at teasing】A thorough examination of the potential for a third term! A possible animated version of (the original)! 

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Update 11/27!

We’ve put together a recap of whether or not there will be a third season of the anime “Ms. Takagi who is good at teasing” in the works!
We’re going to take a thorough look at the likelihood of a third season from a variety of perspectives, including sales, reputation, stock availability, spin-offs, and the status of the production companies and publishers …… of the second season!

A refreshing romantic comedy about a beautiful girl who is good at teasing and a pure, sore loser boy

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Ms. Takagi who is good at teasing is a manga series that is serialized in Gessan by Soichiro Yamamoto.
In 2012, a pilot edition of the manga (included in the second volume of comics) was published as an 8-page readout, and in 2013, the manga was serialized in the Gessan supplement booklet “Gessan mini”.
Shortly after that, Gessan’s main magazine began serializing another work by Mr. Yamamoto, “Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan,” and from the August 2016 issue, the month after “Kyoko-chan” was completed, “Ms. Takagi” was transferred to the main magazine.

This work is a romantic comedy that depicts the everyday life of Nishikata-kun, an ordinary junior high school student who is a classmate at a certain junior high school, who is teased by Takagi-san, an honorable female junior high school student, who enjoys teasing him.
Many readers are drawn to the cuteness of Ms. Takagi, who expresses her affection for Mr.Nishikata in a clever and bold way by “teasing” her, and the innocence of Mr.Nishikata, who is pushed around by Ms. Takagi’s thoughtless words and actions, and who burns a sense of rivalry but comes up empty every time, which has become a popular work, and has been made into a TV anime.
The first season aired in the winter of 2018 and the second in the summer of 2019, both of which were well received.

Doraemon, Kuren Shin’s Shinei video produced

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The company that produces the anime “Mr. Takagi” is Shin-Ei Animation.
Although the company’s current name was changed to its current name in 1976, it is a well-established company with a history of more than 50 years since its predecessor is the limited liability company, A Production, which was established in 1965 and produced “Obake no Q-taro” and “Dogenjie Gael”.
They have produced many works by Fujiko Fujio, many animations for families, and many famous animations such as “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shinchan”, “Ninja Hattori-kun”, “Pro Golfer Monkey”, “Oishi Shinbo” and “Atarenchi”, which are still on air today.

The company is also known for producing many famous directors, and during the time of A-Production, some of the biggest names on the roster included “Doraemon” and “Chibi Maruko-chan” director Tsutomu Shibayama, and Ghibli directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.
Director Tsutomu Mizushima of “Girls & Panzer” also came from Shin-Ei Animation.
Without a doubt, this is one of the leading animation production companies in Japan.

The cast is an elite group

The voice of Nishikata, the main character of “Ms. Takagi” is voiced by Yuki Kaji.
He made his voice acting debut in 2004 with the PS2 game “Teikoku Sensenki“, and made his TV anime debut with “Fushigoshi no Futagohime” broadcast in 2006.
Since her first starring role as Mikoto Shinozaki in “Over Drive” in 2007, she is a popular voice actor who has played various types of main characters, such as Eren in “Shinkenger’s Giants”, Shindou Shakaku in “PSYCHO-PASS: Psycho-Pass 3”, Meliodas in “Seven Deadly Sins” and Haruyuki in “Accel World”.

The main heroine, Ms. Takagi, is played by Rie Takahashi.
She made her debut on the 2013 broadcast of “Stella Jogakuin High School C3 Club” and was featured in the 2016 broadcast of “Blessing on This Wonderful World! Megumin” and “Re: Starting from Zero in an Otherworldly Life”, where she got her big break as Emilia.
In 2018, in addition to Takagi, she also worked on a number of other main characters such as Ena Saito from Yurukan△.
Since then, he has also worked on many popular characters such as Marsh Kirierite from Fate/Grand Order (changed due to Risa Taneda’s illness) and Ena Saito from Yurukan△.

Nishikata’s friend Nakai is played by Yuma Uchida and Nakai’s girlfriend Mano is played by Kotori Koiwai.
As for the three classmates of Mr. Takagi and his friends in “Ashita wa Saturday”, Yoshimi Kohara (Konomi Kohara), M.A.O. (M.A.O.) and Yui Ogura (Yui Ogura) played Mina Hibino, Yukari Amakawa and Sanae Tsukimoto, respectively.

In addition to these members, the slightly handsome classmate Hamaguchi and the mature girl Hojo who is in love with Hamaguchi, Hojo, appeared as new sub characters in the second season.
Kouki Uchiyama is in charge of Hamaguchi and Aoi Yuki is in charge of Hojo-san.

It’s quite a gorgeous line-up!

The first anime season was a huge success

The first season of the “Ms. Takagi” anime aired in the winter of 2018 and was a huge success.
The long, quiet and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of the original series has been well recreated in the anime, and the two cast members did a great job of acting out the cute interactions between Ms. Takagi and Mr.Nishikata, making the anime adaptation a huge success for fans.

The results were solid, and the Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sales averaged 5,000 copies in all 6 volumes.
After volume 2, the sales were very stable, and the fact that there were almost no defectors shows the quality of the work.

And the most striking thing was the effect on the original comics.
When the anime adaptation was announced in October 2017, the total number of copies published was 2.5 million, but by February 2018, right in the middle of the broadcast, the total number of copies of the series exceeded 4 million.
It continued to grow and reached 5 million copies in July of the same year.

In addition to the main story, the spinoff “Mr. Takagi (former) who is good at teasing” was also a hit, and the ripple effect was immense.
Due to these achievements, the second season of the anime was decided at a relatively early stage.



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