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Popular as a singer! 5 popular characters played by voice actor Mizuki Nana

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Speaking of Mizuki Nana, in recent years he has participated in red and white, collaborated with popular artists, and has shown us a tremendous success as a singer.
Perhaps, rather than being a voice actor in the world, perhaps it is a singer as a position.

As a singer I know only Nana Mizuki, I like singers, but what kind of animation do you like as a voice actor? For those who said that, I tried summarizing the high popularity among the animated characters played by Nana, so please refer to this and enjoy the charm of Mizuki Nana as a voice actor!

Fate · Testarossa / Fate · T · Hara Ao (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

出典 : amazon

Fate chan appeared in popular animation “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” series.

Because it will be quite a famous work, it seems that those who have heard about the name of animation are also large.

It will be a relatively long series, but recently it was also a pachinko.


Void (Basilisk – Koka Ninja Book)


Heroine of “Basilisk” · Dare

Personally I was not good at the image which was quite shocking developments w
It is interesting, but my heart hurts on the way and it will hide it w

But it is a work that brings emotions as much, so please do look it.



出典 : amazon

(Actually) music animation depicting the triangle relation of muddy. Originally it is a game.

The story of the daytime dribbles entangled in the triangular relationship is of course interesting, but the voice actor of Yuki Morikawa who is the main heroine of WhiteAlbum who competes with Ogata Rina is that Aya Hirano and Ms. Aya Hirano and Ms. Mizuki Nagi It is an unbearable work that sandwiched w

By the way, “This is the woman’s house” (It was it was it?) Is also derived from WhiteAlbum.


Hanasaki Bud / Cure Blossom (Heart Catch Pretty Cure!)

出典 : amazon

Even now it is the protagonist of the seventh work of the PreCure series dedicated to the persistent popularity, it becomes the fifth generation of pretty cure.

From small girls to big friends, the Precure series really does not diminish popularity, right?
Such a popular series of PreCure 5th generation Nana.

If there are things that 5th PreCure will come out in the work from this, you may be able to hear them someday!


Windmill wing (Senka Sansho Symphogear)


Animation written by original music by producer Mr. Noriyasu Uematsu.

It is based on music, and if you say it roughly, it will be an animation to sing a song and fight against the enemy.

That Symphogear Miss Ninto, Wind Wind wing
Nameless name is likely to be attached by music! Is it only me who thought?

I will push it!

What did you think?

I know the name! I have seen the character itself! Although there might have been those who said that, they all become quite attractive characters under the deep expression of Mizuki Nana.

Of course, there are plenty of other characters played, (Nana also has a long career as a voice actor, so many characters are also messed up.) I can not introduce it, but characters not introduced this time are also attractive A lot of characters!

Please do look it up by all means!

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