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[Slam Dunk] Sakuragi Hanamichi’s back injury and quote summary! I also thoroughly dissected his relationship with Haruko

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Hanamichi Sakuragi, the protagonist of the classic Slam Dunk, which remains popular among all generations.
What happened to his injuries after that? What’s your relationship with Haruko-san? What’s the bash you’re wearing? And so much more!

Basic Profile of Hanamichi Sakuragi

Real name… Hanamichi Sakuragi
Weight…83 kg.
Height…188cm when he joined the club, 189.2cm at the end of the series
Member of the …Shohoku High School 7th grade basketball team
Birthday… April 1

What bash did Hanamichi Sakuragi wear?

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The basketball shoes worn by the characters in Slam Dunk are depicted in real life.
Hanamichi wears gym shoes when he first started playing basketball, and after a practice game against Ryonan High School, he and Haruko go to a store called “Chieco Sports” to buy their first bash the next day after school.
The next day, Haruko and Haruko and I go to buy our first bash at “Chieco Sports”. We try on various bashes and jump around the store to see if they are comfortable, but when we dash, we step on the manager’s bash.
Immediately after, the manager said, “My Air Jordan VI (6) is gone! The manager is distraught and begins to wipe it with the apron he is wearing, “My Air Jordan VI (6)!
Hanamichi saw that and said, “Don’t do that.” “It’s used, make it up, 30 yen. (Is it right to say that he took it away?

The next time I bought a bash was right after the 20,000 shot camp after inter-high school.
This was another hole in the shoe and I went with Haruko-san to Chieco Sports to buy one.
It’s here that the manager of the store Hige confesses that he used to play basketball and that he goes to watch the inter-high school qualifiers every year, and it turns out that he was Kainan’s opponent in their first championship.
The manager looked somewhat happy as he said, “Shonboku is the first one to give Kainan as much trouble as we did 17 years ago…
Then he holds out one of his precious collections, a red and black bash, a Jordan 1 in the very Shonboku colors, saying, “Here’s a good bash.
Hanamichi gives her money to keep it because it’s a feeling, but the amount is 100 yen….
When receiving the money, the manager of the store says “It’s not necessary, I’ve given up”, but he looks at the 100 yen and the scene goes silent.

What happened to your relationship with Haruko?

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Hanamichi was rejected by Yoko, who Sakuragi had a crush on when he was at Wako Junior High School, because she liked Oda, a member of the basketball team, and even after entering high school, Hanamichi was furious at the mere mention of the word “basketball”. (He was also angry at mishearing things like biscuits…)
That’s when Akagi Haruko asked me, “Do you like to play basketball? Hanamichi falls in love with her at first sight and starts playing basketball with that opportunity.
In junior high school, Hanamichi was rejected by a total of 50 girls, but after entering high school, Hanamichi is devoted to Haruko, and even though he started out playing basketball for her, he gradually becomes serious about it.

So what I’m wondering is whether Haruko and Hanamichi are finally able to get together? That’s what I mean.
As it turns out, Hanamichi ends the piece with a one-sided love.
As soon as he meets Haruko, he tells one of the Sakuragi Legion members, Yohei Mito, “There’s no way that pretty girl doesn’t have a boyfriend! I asked Haruko directly about it, and she told me, “I like you, Nagarekawa”.
This is the reason why Hanamichi is always competing with Nagarekawa, and even when playing, he doesn’t pass anything.
That’s why many people must have been moved by the scenes in the film where they pass and assist each other.

In the letter Hanamichi received from Haruko-san at the end of the work, she also wrote happily about Nagarekawa, so it is clear that she has a crush on him until the end.
Also, Haruko-san is quite insensitive and there is a big possibility that she wasn’t even aware of Hanamichi’s feelings.
I want to support both Hanamichi’s and Haruko-san’s love, but it is frustrating to read the story.

Who is the voice actor of Hanamichi Sakuragi?

Slam Dunk” has been explosively popular since it was serialized, and an anime series was also broadcast.
The voice actor of the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi, in such a popular work is Mr. Takeshi Kusao.
His voice matches Hanamichi’s straightforward and passionate character, and it matches the image of the manga.
In addition to Hanamichi, he has also voiced Trunks from “Dragon Ball” and Ramunes from “NG Knight Ramune & 40”.



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