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【A Certain Scientific Railgun】 Is Gengpan Gunnha the weakest level 5? Verify your seventh-place ability! [Spoiler alert]

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Sogiita Gunnha appears in the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun T, which will be broadcast in January 2020. He is the seventh of the seven psychic powers (level 5) in Gakuen City. Since he is the seventh, he seems to be the weakest among psychics, but that’s not quite true. I verified his abilities.

What is the ability of the grinding board Sogiita Gunnha?

Jumping in the air where there are no footholds, exploding with colorful smoke, stabbing with only an “ouch”, punching an enemy more than ten meters away with a clean hit, and stopping bleeding and repairing broken bones are just some of the things that are no more than bullshit.

The premise of the school town’s ability is that it is a “single ability” no matter how highly applicable it is. For example, the first ranked one way (accelerator) has a “vector conversion ability” and the third ranked one, Misaka Mikoto has a “power generation ability” which enables her to use various tactics.

However, in the case of Shaving Itachi, neither the academy city researchers nor even he knows how to handle any of his abilities and what kind of phenomena are occurring.

Because of this, his ability is currently unknown. That is the reason why he is called “Number Seven” instead of “Railgun”, which is the same as “Railgun”.

Isn’t the shaving board a psychic?

First of all, Shaving Itachi is not a psychic made in the school city. He is not a person who has developed an artificial superpower, but a person whose superpower has appeared by coincidence due to a combination of factors equivalent to superpower development. ……..Or, actually, I don’t know if we can call Shurinita’s power a “superpower” in the first place.

This is because Shaving Itachi’s ability is so complex and delicate that even the researchers in the school city can’t touch it. Since it is impossible to analyze it, it means that they don’t even know if his power is expressed in the same theory as the “School City’s Superpower”.

In fact, in the second volume of To Aru Majutsu no Index SS, it is referred to as “unexplainable power”. From this, it can be thought that Kerberu’s ability is a power that is closer to the magic side in To Aru Majutsu no Index.

What does the pecking order mean?
Why seventh place?

In the pecking order of psychics in the academy city, the shaving board is ranked seventh in the pecking order. This criterion is not “strength”, but rather “benefits gained from ability research”. Gakuen City has created various technologies and products through the research of students’ abilities, and they are ranked according to their applicability in generating such benefits.

However, as mentioned above, the grinding board’s ability is something that even the academy city’s researchers can’t handle. The research and analysis is not advanced enough to be able to apply it to technology and products, which is probably why it has to be ranked 7th.

Is the grinding board a level 5 dark horse?

Of course, pecking order is not entirely unrelated to strength in battle, just as the third-ranked Misaka Mikoto couldn’t be bothered with the first-ranked one-way traffic.

Rather, pecking order and strength are fundamentally proportional to each other.
Not only in “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun” but also in the original spin-off “To Aru Majutsu no Index”, the 5th rank’s psychic ability was ineffective against the 3rd rank, the 4th rank was unable to defeat the 2nd rank, and there was a large gap between the 2nd rank and the 1st rank. (That’s excluding runaway, aroused states, etc.)

However, perhaps because it’s doubtful that Shippan falls into the “psychic” framework in the first place, he’s also portrayed as surpassing other psychics who are supposed to be “higher” in the pecking order.



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