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【NEW GAME!】Can’t we air a third season? We’re going to thoroughly examine the possibilities!

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We’ve put together a summary of the possibility of a third season of the two-time anime adaptation of “NEW GAME!”
Based on the trajectory up to the second season of the anime, sales of the anime discs, current popularity, stock availability, and the status of other Kirara anime, we thoroughly examine whether or not a sequel anime will be made in the future!

The cuteness, the fun, and the “Ganbaruzoi” made it into an anime!

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“NEW GAME!” began to be serialized on Manga Time Kirara Carat in 2013.
It has been serialized for more than 6 years, during which time it has been featured 20 times on the cover of the magazine, and it is now a signature work that is universally recognized.

The main character Aoba Suzukaze  and the other female characters in the series struggle to create the game, sometimes shedding tears, but the road to the anime adaptation of the work was very smooth and a bit special.

There’s no doubt that NEW GAME became famous because of that “Zoi” craze that happened in 2014.
In the first panel of Volume 1, 82p, Aoba clasps his hands together and says, “I’m going to do my best for the day! This is the scene where he said to himself, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.

This is also famous, but Aoba doesn’t use the word “Zoi” all the time, and she only uses it once before or afterwards.
According to the author, Mr. Shotaro Tokuno, it was not a scene that he focused on, it was just a bridge between the two, but around June 2014, four months after the comics were released, the scene began to be quoted frequently on the internet, and eventually it became so popular that it was used as a parody in other manga and anime.

The “Zoi” boom was not limited to mere storytelling, and the book sold so well that it was repeatedly reprinted, sold out of stock, and then reprinted, and sold exceptionally well for a pre-anime Kirara work.
With the reprinting, a frame of “Zoi” was used on the obi as well, and the December 2014 issue of Carat (released in October) was chosen to be the first cover of the magazine.
In just a few months, NEW GAME quickly became one of the most famous titles of all time.

Then in October 2015, about a year after the boom, the long-awaited anime adaptation was decided.
Video Workshop produced the series and it aired in the summer of 2016.

By this time, the “Zoi” boom had died down, but the cuteness of the characters and the fun of the work were well received, and Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales were strong.
The following year, the second season of the series was broadcasted.

More than two years have passed since the second season aired, but fans are still eagerly awaiting the third season of NEW GAME.
Let’s take a closer look at whether or not a third season is possible.

It’s getting harder and harder to get a sequel

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The popularity of “The Demon Girl Next Door”, which aired in the summer of 2019, has led to a lot of talk about the long awaited second season and how high a hurdle a second season of Kirara anime would be.
NEW GAME is one of the few works that has successfully jumped over that hurdle.
In fact, the first Kirara series to have a second season was “K-On! and only six other films.

Of course, the hurdle is even higher when it comes to the third season.
Let’s examine the difficulty here, using “Kinmoza” as an example.

Kinmoza began its serialization in 2010, with the first season airing in the summer of 2013 and the second in the spring of 2015.
It has long been one of the signature works that drives Manga Time Kirara MAX, and is scheduled to conclude in 2020.
It is the work that established the image of the daily life anime and Kirara anime, and there are still many anime fans who wish for a third season.

The average disc sales of the first season of Kinmoza was over 6000 copies.
The second season recorded about 5000 copies.
The sales were very stable, and the second season did not lose much, so it can be seen that this was an anime that fans were highly satisfied with.

However, even so, as of December 2019, there are no plans to produce a third season of Kinmoza.
The theatrical release OVA “Kiniro Mosaic Pretty Days” was announced in 2016, and its discs sold 7,000 copies, but the third season airing has not been realized.
Perhaps with the completion of the original work, they may produce a complete anime version, but even in that case, an OVA seems highly likely.

Nononobiyori, which was broadcasted at the same time as Kinmosa, sold about 8,000 copies in its first season and 5,000 copies in its second season, and after the release of the movie version in 2018, there is currently a third season in production.
Even though the two seasons of the same everyday anime genre have the same sales, there are some films that will get a third season made and others that won’t.
So if the production companies and publishers are different, the sequel line is also different.

So how does NEW GAME’s sales look like, the first season resulted in about 6,000 copies and the second season resulted in about 4,000 copies.
The 1st season has the same level of sales as Kinmoza but the 2nd season is slightly lower than that of Kinmoza.

On the other hand, NEW GAME is leading the sales of the original comics over Kinmosa.
In terms of book sales, the third season of Goshujin wa Usagi Desuka? It’s evenly matched with

NEW GAME has also been quite active in the development of merchandise, with a number of products that have sold out and been re-released due to their popularity.
Figures of the four main characters will be released and sold out in 2019, and the series remains very popular even after the anime airs.
Looking at the disc sales alone, one would think that a third season would be difficult, but there is no chance of that happening.



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