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An in-depth look at the Kirara anime! What are the requirements for a Kirara work to sell anime?

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Kirara anime has become synonymous with “everyday” anime, but there are some works that are very successful and others that are not, even though they are also everyday works.
We will thoroughly examine the conditions that make a hit and the probability of success based on past successes!

The History of Kirara Anime

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The first Kirara work was made into a TV anime in the winter of 2007.
The memorable first work was “Hidamari Sketch” by Aoki Ume, which is still serialized in Manga Time Kirara Carat.

At that time, there was no “daily life anime” in late night anime.
There was no consistent purpose to the story, the community within the work was standardized, and there were no major events, so the majority of the everyday anime was considered to be family oriented like “Sazae-san”, “Chibimaruko-chan” and “Atashinchi”.
This did not change even after the establishment of moe culture, and “Azumanga Daioh” and Pani-Poni-Dashu! was introduced as an anime that belonged to the surrealistic gag genre.

Because it was such a time, the staffs who produced the anime were also very keen on “making it into an anime as it is, and making it into a gag”. And will the audience keep watching? Perhaps this was a concern.
Therefore, it seems that Shaft, the creator of Hidamari, created a unique foreshadowing of the anime by shuffling the timeline and the gimmick of having different dates as a hook for the audience.
This is also a technique used by Kyoto Animation in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

This timeline shuffle worked well and the first season of Hidamari became a hit, and the production of a sequel was decided.

And in 2009, the work that would make history in both the daily life and Kirara anime was created.
K-On! However, the first season of K-On was more of a “music anime” than a “daily life” anime.

However, in the first season of the series, K-ON was more of a “music anime” than a daily life anime.
The live scene in Haruhi’s “Live Alive” episode was very well received and it is clear that KyoAni had a strong motivation to create a music school theme.
The Blu-ray/DVD of K-ON and the CDs of the songs sold well and the series gained immense popularity as a “yuletide music anime”.

So, with the success of K-On, has Kirara anime finally become popular in Japan?

After the success of the first season of K-On, “GA Art Department Art Design Class”, “A Channel”, “Kill Me Baby” and many other Kirara works were made into anime, and some of them became hits, but it was difficult to find an anime that would be produced for a second season.

Finally, a second season was made possible with “Kiiro mosaic” aired in 2013.
And the next year’s episode, “Is Your Order Usagi? was a huge hit, and the success of these two films (plus non-kirara’s YuruYuri and NonononBiyori) The category of “everyday anime” was completely established and Kirara anime was brought to the attention by became.

Here’s a quick summary of the timeline of the Kirara anime

Timeline of Kirara’s Anime

2007-2008 Dawn (Hidamari, Dojinwerk)
2009 – 2012 Basket (K-On, A Channel…. . etc.)
2013-2014 Establishment period (Kinmoza, Gochousa…. . etc.)
2015-2016 Development period (Kinmoza 2nd season, Gochousa 2nd season, NEW GAME…. . etc)
2017-2020 Period of maturity (Yurukan, Machikado Mazoku…etc.) . etc.)

Examples of successful Kirara animation

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Basically, Kirara’s works don’t sell big developments or unexpectedness.
Gokkogurashi!” has a big gimmick and focuses on the story. However, the majority of Kirara’s works are stories about ordinary life in a small world.

However, even so, the results vary from those works that succeed and those that don’t, or if you break it down into smaller categories, they range from historical hits to works that were unsuccessful.
There is a clear difference between the two.

Let’s take a look at the works that have sold more than a certain amount of Blu-ray and DVD (disc) copies of Kirara.

Top selling Kirara anime discs

[blockbuster hit]
43,900 K-On! (Box 12,900)
39,400 Thousand K-On! (BOX 0.89 million)

[blockbuster hit]
13,700 Yuru-Can

10,000. Are you ordering a rabbit? (Box 0.25 million)
12.25 thousand. Are you ordering a rabbit? (Box 0.27 million)

0.59 million Hidamari Sketch (Box 0.47 million)
0.81 million Hidamari Sketch x 365 (Box 0.46 million)
0.85 million Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆ (Box 0.26 million)
0.74 million Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb (Box 0.22 million)

0.66 million Kinlo Mosaic (Box 0.19 million)
0.51 million Hello! Kinro Mosaic

0.59 million NEW GAME!
0.37 million NEW GAME!

0.53 million Channel A
0.51 million Streetcar tribe
0.48 million GA Art Department Art and Design Class (Box 0.32 million)

0.31 million YUYU style (BOX 0.42 million)
0.1 million Kill Me Baby (Box 0.58 million)

Yuyushiki and Kill Me were not big hits when they aired, but when combined with the boxes that were released afterwards, they are still considered hits.
Like these works, they spread quickly on the internet, and in some cases, they gained popularity a while after they were aired.
Machi-Cadomazoku also seems to be gaining in popularity after it aired.

In the next section, we’ll examine why these productions were so successful.



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