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[Ball Wing] Risa Fujiwara and Rei Okada are the best two-year duo! verification of the sex appeal of a particular type of lily

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This is a summary of Fujiwara Risa and Okada Rei, sophomores in the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball club, from the Kirara-kei baseball anime “Kyuuyomi” which started airing in April 2020!
We thoroughly examine the characteristics of both of them as they struggle with the position of being the only two seniors on the baseball team, and their precious relationship!

Risa Fujiwara Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuin”.
She is a sophomore on the girls’ baseball team at Shin Koshigaya High School. She throws right-handed and bats right-handed, and her position is mainly third base, but her manager, Yoshino Kawaguchi, sees her potential as a pitcher, and she sometimes takes the mound.
His number is 5.

She is characterized by her long hair and gentle, slightly droopy-eyed face.
He is a bit taller than his height of 158cm.

He was suspended due to a scandal involving violence, and while most members of the baseball team quit, he and his classmate, Okada Rei, stayed on as members of the club.
Fortunately, the baseball club survived as eight juniors joined the club.
Since then, she has been a member of the team, one of only two seniors on the team, and a valuable reserve pitcher, supporting the baseball club in various ways.

He is mainly the sixth batter in the batting order, and he has a long hitter’s ability to hit a home run in an official game.
As this is her first time pitching this summer, she is not stable and gave up six runs in five innings in her first appearance in a practice game.
Nevertheless, after practicing and getting more comfortable with his form, he was selected as a starter in the first round of the prefectural tournament and gave up one run (zero earned runs) in 4 1/3 innings of practice.

She is a kind and caring senior for the younger players.
He highly values the talent of ace pitcher Eimi Takeda and thinks that he needs to support her as a reserve pitcher to prevent her from pitching too much.
On the other hand, he said, “I’d like to try pitching as the fourth pitcher at least once.

The voice actor in charge of the game is Eino Airi.

Rei Okada Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuyu”.
She is a sophomore on the Shin Koshigaya High School girls’ baseball team, throwing right-handed and hitting right-handed, and her position of defense is centerfielder.
Her number is 8.

She has medium-short black hair that reaches close to her shoulders and a strong-looking face.
He is one of the tallest players on the team at 159cm.

Together with Risa, he continues to protect the baseball club after the scandal, and he is very passionate about baseball and the team.
While inactive, he is allowed to participate in the club’s practices, and when Eika and the other underclassmen first joined the club, they didn’t realize how serious they were about the team, and they tried to work independently.
However, when he found out that the underclassmen were serious about baseball, he decided to join the team.

After joining the team, he became the captain of the team.
He is not the type of player to show leadership, but he leads the younger players with his back and his play, organizing them at the important points.

As a player, she is a well-balanced type with a good balance between running and hitting, and is second only to Nakamura Nozomi in hitting ability, playing mainly in the fourth position.
She has a .375 batting average in practice games.
In games, she is a high level hitter with a lot of long hits and a combination of certainty and power.

One of his greatest traits as a player is that he is so good at taking chances that his teammates have called him a “hitting maniac”.
He is a very dependable and reliable hitter who can take advantage of situations by taking chances when the odds are against him.

His hobby is maintaining his equipment.
She is a very serious person and takes care of her equipment and grounds.

Her voice actress is Miyamoto Yume.



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