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【Careful Brave】Why is Seiya Ryuguin too cautious?

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Pick up Seiya Ryuguin, the protagonist of the 2019 fall anime “Cautious Hero – This hero is too cautious for me TUEEE”!
A handsome man who attracts even the goddesses, a talented trump card of world salvation on difficulty S. But he’s too cautious, unprincipled, and too eccentric for his own good!

Seiya Ryuguin Character Overview

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He is a male character in “Prudent Hero – Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE but Too Prudent” and is the main character of this work.
He is a handsome man with black hair and sharp eyes, more than 180cm tall, muscular and thin macho, and has no dead spots in his appearance.

He was summoned to the Unified God Realm as a hero by the goddess Ristorte, a.k.a. “Lista”, who was put in charge of the extremely difficult “Gea Brande” world with a difficulty level of S and extremely difficult to save.
He has a talent that does not disappoint. He was very good at his initial status, but his incredible latent ability and quick mindedness made him even stronger, and instead of overtaking his training partner, the god of swords, Cerceus, he was traumatized by him.

His personality is generally bankrupt, and his main characteristic is a morbid and impossible prudence.
On the other hand, he is terribly indifferent to interpersonal relationships, and he never changes his tone of voice, even to his superiors, and is notorious for saying out loud what he thinks, which is not always polite.

She is known to say things like “Lady Perfectly (I’m completely ready to go)” and “I don’t need it.

Her voice actor is  Yuichirou Umehara.

An example of morbid prudence

The title “Careful ” doesn’t lie, Seiya is a prudent brave man.
His level of prudence is such that even if you gave him 10 super, it wouldn’t be enough.
Here’s an example of that.

Seiya is summoned by Lista, but first he questions whether or not Lista is really a goddess and refuses to transfer to Gea Brande.
He is cautious at the time of his first appearance.

However, this matter is not that strange.
He suddenly says, “I summoned you because I wanted you to save the world. Let’s go on an adventurous journey together,” it’s usually confusing, and it’s more of a weird thing to say that the other protagonists who are immediately convinced after being summoned to another world are the ones who are weird.

However, this is where his illness comes in.

When he realizes that he can’t refuse, he now wishes to prepare carefully and spends his days in the Unified God Realm training his muscles diligently.
Even before the adventure begins, he’s already doing a lot of muscle training.
If I were to compare it to a game, it would be like leveling up a lot on a free map, etc., and then going into battle after you no longer receive any damage from enemy attacks.

To that extent, he’s still a cautious person who seems to be reasonably real, but in his case, he doesn’t lose his cautious stance at all, even after he finishes well.
When he arrives at Gea Brande, he attacks with the best skills he can have against the weakest monster slime.
He destroys them without a trace, but he is still cautious that they may still be alive, and relentlessly kicks the corpse over and over again.
There is a concept in Japanese martial arts called “Zanshin”, which teaches …… to never let down your guard or lose your mind after you have applied a technique or killed an enemy, but regardless of this, you will overkill an enemy who has been reduced to a piece of wood.

That cautiousness is always the same when dealing with any person, not just in combat.
He suspects everything in sight and always assumes that there is something underhanded, something hidden, a true power …… that is hidden.
There is not the slightest hint of self-doubt in him, even if he is on a completely paranoid level from the side.

Another symbol of Seiya’s prudence is his disguised status.
In the world of this film, there is a skill that allows you to peek at other people’s statuses, but Seiya disguises his own statuses and shows you his fake numbers.
Furthermore, she has even put protections on her, so even if she can see through the disguise, she cannot easily see the true numbers.

Even so, it seems that the goddess has become even more cautious of Rista after she broke through her protection, and has even set a trap where the numbers attack her eyes when she tries to peek at them.
He will not let his guard down against Rista, who is supposed to be on his side.

On the other hand, he never takes his enemies’ statuses at face value, and he never lets his guard down, even when they appear to be less powerful than he is.
He is suspicious of everything, and tries to read the inner workings of the enemy, such as “He still has a lot of transformations left to do” or “It looks like a weakness, but I doubt it.

Seiya’s cautiousness, which seems excessive, actually works in many cases in the work.
It’s a good thing that you’ve got a good idea of what’s going on in your life.
In the end, everyone in the church, and incidentally Lista, was poured with holy water to test whether they were undead or not, and all of them seemed to be under suspicion from the beginning, but they happened to draw the first correct answer.

Despite his overwhelming power, Seiya is far too cautious and brave.
However, his attitude is apparently more than just a matter of personality.



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