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【Kingdom】A thorough explanation of famous words and scenes! What was the end that affected Shin and Sei?

Kingdom is a very popular manga.
The manga has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump since 2006 issue 9, and has sold over 66 million copies as of the release of volume 58, and is drawn by Yasuhisa Hara.
It won the Manga Grand Prize of the 17th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award, and a TV animation series started in 2012, and a live-action movie was released in 2019.
In this article, I would like to introduce some of the best quotes and scenes from Kingdom.

The last days of Oki, who showed Shin how a general should be

The first famous scene is the last days of the great general under heaven, Oki.
In the early days of his appearance, there were probably not many people who had a good image of him as a gay giant-like character who talked in a creepy way and didn’t know what he was thinking.
However, as the story of the Kingdom progressed, his appeal as a great general under heaven became apparent.
Oki is the last of the Six Great Generals of the Qin Dynasty.
What are the Six Great Generals in the first place?
To answer this question, the Six Great Generals are the six great generals of the Qin Dynasty who were granted freedom of war by King Zhao.
Oki, also known as the “Monster Bird of Qin” and feared by other countries, was cornered by the intelligence of Li Mu, two of the Three Heavenly Kings, and the military strength of Pang Tan in the battle against Zhao in the Return War.
There, when his body was pierced by Houken and his death was imminent, his friends rescued him and left him to his men to take care of the rest after his death.
Even in his dying moments, Oki acted as the greatest general in the world to his men, and even though he was dying, he said on his horse, “I am the strongest of all time.
The strongest generals of all time are defeated by the emergence of even stronger ones. For a while, Chinese warfare will revolve around that man, but then he will be defeated by the next warlord who rises to take the helm of the times. The never-ending battle for the lives of the Han people. That’s why turbulent times are so interesting. This is why turbulent times are so interesting” (quoted from the anime “Kingdom” episode 38, “Succession”)
In this way, Wang Qi admitted his own defeat, told his subordinates about the future trend of the times, and told Shin what he should be as a general.


The end of Hyouko, who was the first to save the day

This is the last days of Hyokou, who was regrettably defeated by Houken, one of the Three Heavens, as well as Oki.
He was known as an instinctive general, and even Li Mu, one of the Three Heavens of Zhao, considered him to be dangerous.
As a general of Qin Dynasty, he fought against the Zhao army in the battle against the combined forces.
However, after the biggest battle of the war, he quickly noticed that there was something wrong with the combined forces and led his platoon to leave the battlefield.
After the biggest battle of the war, he quickly realized that something was wrong with the combined forces and led a platoon to leave his post.
In order to save Hyokou from such a crisis, Kabuki felt something strange in his gut and came to Li Mu and his team.
Once he saw through the strategy of “flow”, which Li Mu confidently said that no one could see through, he was defeated by Houken, one of the Three Heavenly Kings of Zhao.
Then, sensing his defeat, Hyokou said to Xin
“Don’t let the fire die out!
He threw his shield to Nobu and entrusted the survival of the Qin Dynasty to him.
This is a famous scene where Nobu was taught how to be a general by Hyokou as well as by Oki.


The end of Bito, who was wounded but entrusted his friends to him

The next famous scene is the end of an old friend of Shin’s, O Tu.
After being severely injured by Pang Tan and defeating the enemy general Feng Qi, the pursuit of Nobu was tough, so the Flying Believers split up as a decoy to protect the captain Nobu. To protect their commander, Makoto, the Flying Corps took the bait and split up, leaving O-tsun and O-pei to escape while carrying Makoto. However, in order to avoid being pursued by the bloodstains caused by deep cuts along the way, O-he and O-tsun, who carries Nobu, also start to act separately.
When Nobu came to, both O-rai and Nobu were lying on the ground.
O-tsun and Makoto talked to each other, reminiscing about the past. Then, O-go suddenly said
Do you really think you can become a general? To be a general? (Taken from the anime “Kingdom” episode 32, “The Defeated Flying Corps”)

He continued. He continued.
It’s obvious, but it’s not easy for a servant to become a general. I actually felt it when I was on the battlefield. It’s a dream come true. How many deadly places do you have to go through to get there? If you make even one mistake, you’ll die and everyone else will die. But what about you? I survived the fire. That’s because everyone in the squad risked their lives to protect you. It wasn’t an order, but they risked their lives. This is no ordinary thing, no ordinary captain can do this. That’s why I thought. That’s why I thought that Nobu could really be a general. I’m sure that all the great generals, even General Wang Hui, have gone through situations like this many times. It’s your power with the power of your friends. Nobu” (quoted from the anime “Kingdom” episode 32, “The Defeated Flying Corps”)
And at the end, he said
I’m going to carry the thoughts of many of my friends and rise to become the Great General of the Kingdom of Heaven” (quoted in the anime Kingdom, episode 32, “The Defeated Flying Corps”).

(quote from the anime Kingdom, episode 32, “The Defeated Feishintai”). It was probably a scene where he used his last strength to protect the general and entrusted his dream to him.


The end of Seikyo, who is actually pure love

The next scene I will introduce is the end of Seikyo.
What kind of image do you have of Seikyo?
Some people may have a negative image of him, like he is the worst kind of person, or that such a king would destroy the country. However, Seikyo was a very pure and virtuous person.
During the King’s Brother Rebellion, Seikyo was an enemy character to Masao, and after the rebellion was suppressed, he was imprisoned for a long time. When Masao is outmatched in the struggle with Lu Weiwei’s camp, he asks Seikyo for help.
When he was released from his imprisonment, Seikyo became a completely different person from before and became a person who was trusted by his vassals.
Lu Buwei plotted the decline of King Masao’s camp, and while Seikyo’s wife Rui was staying in her hometown of Tunru, he forced Zhao to attack Tunru.
Without a general, only royalty could lead a large army, so Seikyo went into battle. However, it turned out to be a trap by Lu Weiwei, and Seikyo ended up revolting.
Thinking that Cheng Geng would not revolt, the government dispatched Bi and Xin, but they fell short and Cheng Geng was killed.
In order to protect his wife, Rui, he used himself as a shield.
At the moment of his death, he tells Rui, “I fell in love with you the first time I met you… and I’ve been in love with you ever since.” (Taken from the manga Kingdom, Episode 377, “Sword and Shield”)
(quote from the manga Kingdom, episode 377, “Sword and Shield”).
After that, Rui took over Seikyo’s will and joined Masao’s camp with almost no reduction. He was able to do this because of Seijo’s humanity. It was also a scene that changed my impression of Seikyo, who genuinely cared for his wife Rui.


The Last Days of Shika, the Basis of Sei’s Chinese Unification Project

The last famous scene is the end of Shika, a black marketeer who influenced Sei.
Masashi was born in the enemy country of Zhao in the same year that the Qin Dynasty massacred the surrendering soldiers of the Zhao army in the Battle of Changping. His father, King Zhuangxiang, escaped from Zhao, and his mother and Masashi were left behind in Zhao, living a life of extreme poverty that one would not expect from royalty.
Nine years later, Dao Jian from the Qin Dynasty came to pick up Sei with his men.
There, he negotiated with the black marketeers Shika, Amon, and Jiang Chang to escape. Seeing that Masaru no longer trusts people, Shiatsu accepts the job. Masashi feels no pain in his body and his mind is in a state of hallucination as if he is possessed by a ghost.
However, before they reach the border, the Zhao army notices them and catches up with them.
After Dao Jian is defeated, Amon, Jiang Chang and the others give up their lives to protect Shika. Finally, Shika and Masashi are left alone, and despite the arrow wounds, they continue to protect Masashi. Then, when Changwen-kun arrives, an enemy spear pierces Shika’s chest.
Shika turns to Sei.
“You grew up in a more difficult environment than anyone else, and you can be a greater king than anyone else” (from the anime “Kingdom” Season 2 Episode 9 “Connecting Wishes”).
And then he died.
Then, Sei arrived in Kanyousi and proceeded on his way to the unification of China.



I have introduced some of the best quotes and scenes from Kingdom.
Shin inherited the following things and came to have a strong desire to become a great general in the world.
He learned how to be a general from Oki and Hyokou.
He learned how to be a general from Bito and Hishintai .
Masao inherited the following, and came to have a strong belief in the project of unifying the country.
From Seikyo, he would become a strong ally in the fight against Lu Buwei’s camp.
He learned from Shika what was important as a person and as a king, and was expected to be a king.
This famous scene that connects from person to person may be one of the charms of Kingdom.

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