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Top 20 Adventure & Novel Game Rankings! Legendary masterpieces!

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We have created a top 20 ranking of the most popular adventure and novel games without any action elements!
There are many different types of masterpieces, some enthralling with overwhelming stories, others captivating with their characters!


No.20:Family planning
No.19:Kuon no kizuna
No.18:Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers
No.16:Memories Off Series
No.15:parfait ~chocolat second brew Re-order~
No.14:Detective Jinguji Saburo series

No.12:The girl who sings of love at the end of the world YU-NO
No.11:Yarudora series

No.10:ToHeart series
No.09:Ever17 -the out of infinity-
No.08:Higurashi When They Cry
No.06:EVE Series
No.05:Muv-Luv Alternative
No.04:STEINS;GATE Series
No.03:Sound Novel Series
No.02:Fate Series
No.01:Ace Attorney Series

No.20:Family planning

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It is an ADV that was released in 2001 as a PC game and later developed for consumers.
It is a heartfelt comedy about a man and a woman with complicated circumstances who become a pseudo-family and deepen their bond through various incidents while living under one roof.
Although it has not been made into an anime, it has received very high acclaim.

The scenario writer, Yamada Hajime, is a popular writer who worked on “Kana: Imouto,” and after this work, he created the masterpiece “CROSS†CHANNEL” under the name of Tanaka Romeo.
After this work, he created the classic “CROSS†CHANNEL” under the name of Romeo Tanaka, which was later adapted into an anime under the light novel “Mankind Has Decayed” and the Key game “Rewrite”.

No.9:Kuon no kizuna

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This cinematic novel was released in 1998 for PlayStation.
Set in four different periods of time, from the Heian period to the present day, it is an epic story about the tragic love and fate of a man and a woman who are reincarnated in a cycle of reincarnation, which was highly acclaimed.
It has not been made into an anime, but it is one of the most famous hidden masterpieces among fans of ADVs.
Although the original was a consumer game, KUON NO KIZUNI THE ORIGIN was released in 2011 with additional elements for adults.

No.18:Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers

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It is a PC game released in 2005.
It is a romantic ADV and human drama set in a world where the offender is not imprisoned but obligated to do special things such as “wake up only 12 hours a day” or “not being able to fall in love”.
Although classified as a “gal-game” game, the game has gained popularity not only for its attractive characters, but also for its dramatic nature, which has moved many players.

It has been available for consumers since 2010, five years after its release.


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Released in 2000, this PC game is the commercial debut of Urobuchi Gen.
It is a hard-boiled human drama that completely disregards the common sense of erotic games and is thoroughly focused on firearms.

At first, it did not sell well at all and the staff and others were troubled by it, but later it spread by word of mouth and was developed into a consumer game, and finally achieved an anime.
Eventually the series sold a total of 150,000 copies.

No.16:Memories Off Series

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The first game, Memories Off, was released in 1999, and the series continues to develop as a consumer romance ADV.
A special website celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series has been opened in 2019.

The series is based on the theme of “irreplaceable feelings,” and each title depicts romantic situations that are somewhat rare in romance games, and the human drama of the series has gained popularity.
The series has been adapted into an OVA, and even Memories Off #5 Interrupted Film has been filmed.

No.15:parfait ~chocolat second brew Re-order~

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It is a PC game from 2005 and is a sequel to “Chocolat -maid cafe “curio””.
Set in the European-style cafe “Famille”, it is a gal-game that depicts the interaction between the heroines who work at the cafe and the main character.

The screenplay was written by Fumiaki Marudo, who later worked on “Saenai na Kanojo no Ikuraikata”, and this game was his breakthrough work.
The game was also developed for the consumer market and was released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and 2015 for the PS Vita, but it has not been adapted into an anime.



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