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Is the second season of [Poptepic] going to be good? An in-depth examination of the future of shitty animation

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An in-depth look at the possibility of a second season of the popular anime Poptepic, which has become a hot topic of discussion with its official self-description as a “shitty anime”, is in the works!
We’ve compiled a summary of the film’s track record, its appeal, and the current state of affairs for a brilliantly successful gag film that is supposed to be hard to sell on discs!

The fucking four panels are a big leap forward that I didn’t expect

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The original of the self-proclaimed “shitty anime” “Poptepic” is a manga work that is currently being serialized on Manga Life WIN.
Speaking of Manga Life WIN, it is a web comic distribution site that publishes the fantastic gag manga “Aimaimaiemi” that has been made into an anime.
It has a sister publication relationship with WEB Comic Gamma, which publishes “Maid in Abyss”.

The publishing company that runs these sites is Take Shobo, which publishes four-panel magazines such as Manga Club.
Together with Houbunsha, which publishes the Kirara series of magazines, they are the publishers behind the Japanese four-panel manga.

Poptepic is a gag manga that picks a fight with Takeshobo head on.
Of course, it is a professional wrestling manga, but the fact that the publisher of the website is called a “designated gangster” speaks volumes about the style of this work.

There are only two main characters, Popuko and Pipi Mi, but the gags are quite varied, with current events and surrealism at the core of the story, ironic black humor, parodies of works from all eras from the 80s to the present, nonsense, sharp-edged tricks, tendon, and explosive punches.
However, there are a lot of punchlines, and many of them are suspected to be lazy, such as frame shaping and copy-paste, and on the other hand, there is an orthodox twist to the story that is always free from beginning to end.

However, phrases such as “Oh yeah, that’s right – I understand completely” and “You don’t understand” and “You’re antique, aren’t you?” are popular and the work gains a certain amount of recognition as a shitty four-frame manga known to those who know it……..
It gave rise to various speculations, such as “Takeshobo lost his temper”, “they were selling too much of a fight to all quarters”, and “they had no motivation to begin with”, etc. However, because of this, the buzz and name recognition increased even more, and the first volume of the comics, which was released immediately afterwards, became a hit and was reprinted many times.

It is unknown if the response was positive or if it was planned from the beginning, but in February 2016, the author of the manga, Okawa Bukubu-sensei, began serializing his new romantic comedy manga “☆色ガールdrop”… and pretending to do so, he resumed the serialization of Poptepic.
This fake also became a hot topic and gained momentum, and Poptepic became popular on LINE stamps due in part to the strong phrases mentioned above, and finally announced a TV anime adaptation in 2017.
From a fucking 4-panel to a fucking anime, it made a huge leap forward that I didn’t expect.

Disc sales surpassed the two-period line! New episodes also air

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The winter of 2018, when the Poptepic anime aired, was one of the rare bumper crop cools in recent years.
A series of hits were born one after another, such as “Yurukan△”, which became the biggest hit in Kirara anime for a long time, “A Place Farther Than Outer Space”, which gained immense support as a tear-jerking anime representing the 2010s, “Violet Evergarden”, which became the talk of the town for its beautiful drawings by Kyoto Animation, and “Takaki-san, the lone heroine”, which sparked the solo heroine craze….

In fact, it was Poptepic that sparked the 2018 winter school year.

Originally scheduled to air in the fall of 2017, this work was shifted to this time period due to “King Record’s mistake”, and due to the accumulation of such detailed material, it attracted hot attention even before the anime aired.
Due to the style of the anime, most of the fans of the original work were expecting that it would not be a proper anime, but the first episode of this work went beyond the expectations of the fans.

It was announced beforehand that Mikako Komatsu and Sumire Uesaka would be the voice actors in charge of Popko and Pipi, but when it was revealed that they were voiced by veteran male voice actors, Masashi Ehara and Yoshitada Otsuka, it was clear that they were going to be played by veteran voice actors.
In fact, these two were the two male voice actors that Popko and Pippi Mi had nominated as the voice actors they wanted to see in the new episode “Poptepi The Movie” that was released in December 2015, right after the first censored episode, when it was made into an anime.
The impact of these two girls, who were just 14 years old, being played by a well known male voice actor had a huge impact and caused a big commotion on the SNS.

Furthermore, this work took the unusual step of re-broadcasting the same episode with a different voice actor in the second half of the half-hour slot.
The second half of the episode was voiced by Yuuji Mitsuya and Noriko Hidaka, the duo behind “Touch”.

After that, the voice actors for Popko and Pipi have been changed every episode, and the voice actors who have played the main characters in the past popular works and the duo who are known to be close to each other have appeared one after another, making anime fans grin, and there has been a lot of talk about who will be cast with whom next.
As a result of the various attempts to entertain viewers with various attempts to match the chaotic style of Poptepic, the series sold an average of 5,600 Blu-ray and DVD (discs), a good result that is enough to warrant a second season of production.

Two episodes of the new TV special aired in April 2019.
This special also received a great response, showing that the popularity of the show remains strong.



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