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When did Megumin fall in love with Kazuma? Thorough examination

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Update 5/11!

“Bless this wonderful world! The charm of Megumin, the explosive girl who became the most popular character in the film, and the fact that she Here’s a summary of why I love Kazuma!
We’re going to take a thorough look at how she got delirious with Kazuma!

Megumin Character Overview

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Name: Megumi
Age: 13 to 14
Occupation : Arc Wizard
Race: Red Demon race
Birthplace: Red Devil’s Village
Noted Magic:Explosion
Voiced by Rie Takahashi (Anime) and Marei Uchida (Drama CD)

“Bless this wonderful world! She is one of the main characters of the Red Devil tribe, and the daughter of the Red Devil tribe that has produced many wizards.
She is an extremely talented wizard who has been given the highest marks among her peers, and her profession is a high level arc wizard, but due to her fierce persistence, she can’t use any magic other than explosive magic and has no intention of learning it.
While the explosive magic boasts of its tremendous destructive power, it can only be used once a day, making it a troubled Lolita character that is hard to calculate as a fighting force.

The Red Demons are a tribe full of secondary diseases, and she is no exception, wearing an eye patch over her left eye, which doesn’t have a scar or weak eyesight, and repeating ostentatious and painful chanting and speech.
He also has a unique naming sense, and names his pet black cat “Chomusuke”.

On the other hand, his true personality is rather calm and intelligent, and he has a lot of common sense in the party.
However, she has a low tolerance for aggression and she has an age-appropriate side to her that gets angry when provoked.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Takahashi Rie.

There’s a reason he’s number one in the popular vote

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While there are many painful remarks that only a junior high schooler can make, Megumi is a cute loli girl on the outside. She is the most popular character in the series and has been ranked first in the official popularity poll.
Based on this result, a spin-off work featuring her, “Flame on this wonderful world! Megumin has been loved for many years as the main character of this bus for many years.
How did Megumin become so popular?

She has attributes such as “Lolita”, “chuunibyou”, and “respectful character”, but I don’t think it’s as simple as that.
Megumi’s charm is definitely her “sharpness”.
When she first appeared in the series, Megumi was a huge impact.
She made a lot of chunnii statements, showed off her bizarre sense of naming, and was quick to lose her temper.
Her small body and young face allow her to use her magic with overwhelming destructive power, but she can only use it once a day.
He’s quite a unique and sharp character.
However, on the other hand, she is a decent girl with the most common sense in the party, and shows her girlish side in many places.
She’s not just a weird character, she has a strong sense of being weird when she’s weird and cute when she’s cute.
By doing this, the character has both personality and cuteness, and at the same time, a gap is created between the two, which makes her a very appealing character.

Also, there was a lot of benefit from the anime adaptation.
The explosive magic’s incredible power has been shown in the video, and more importantly, Rie Takahashi’s voice perfectly expresses Megumin’s cheeky and slightly spoiled child.
Her intonation of “Kazuma Kazuma” when she calls Kazuma in particular shows more of Megumi’s personality than any of her chuuninis, and it’s a memorable one.

How long have you been in love with Kazuma?

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Although not explicitly hinted at in the anime version (first season – movie), Megumi is clear on Kazuma’s He has a crush on her, and casually confesses his feelings for her in the fifth volume of the original story. (The scene was cut out of the movie that adapted the original volume 5, but…)

So, when in the world did Megumiin lose her blood?

For more on Megumin’s transition of her feelings for Kazuma, see “Continued: A Flame on This Wonderful World! You can read more about it in volume 1, “We, Megumin Thieves”.
Here’s an excerpt of that line

“At first, I thought he was just a strange person with a lot of eccentricities, but then I realized he was a good person to take care of. He changed and became someone I felt comfortable with. I guess that’s what you call it, you fell in love with him before you knew it.

And so on.
Therefore, we can infer that when Kazuma was stealing Chris’ pants and chortling, he was a “strange person”, when he was shooting explosive magic into Berdia’s castle day after day after day without fail, he was a “caring person”, and around the time Kazuma was chopped off by the Winter General, he was a “person you feel safe with”.
She even clung to his body and cried when Kazuma was killed, so she must have fallen in love with him or realized her feelings at this point.

Bless this wonderful choker, an episode newly drawn by the original author, Natsume Akatsuki-sensei! Before she joined Kazuma and his friends, Megumi had been depicted as a reminiscence scene in I was sent off from party to party.
Kazuma, who doesn’t give up on himself and affirms his identity of explosive magic, is probably not an exaggeration to say that he is Megumi’s savior.

In that sense, it’s probably the last part of volume 5 (the movie) that I really fell in love with.


The confession cut in the movie version was a disappointment for Kazu Megu’s group, but if a third season is produced in the future, I would love to see the depiction of Megumin’s derriere recreated in the anime.
I hope we get to see a lot of cute Megumi!

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