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Yuru Can△: Will the live-action drama adaptation succeed? A thorough examination of the possibilities!

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The live-action drama “Yuru can△” will start in January 2020. When it comes to the live-action adaptation of anime and manga, there is a tendency to be a lot of opposition, but what will happen to the drama “Yuru can△”…?

The drama, Yuru Can, has a good chance of succeeding!

As it turns out, the live-action adaptation of Yuru-Can△ has a good chance of succeeding!

For three reasons!

The theme of the book is “camping,” an activity that is based on reality
High recognition due to the popularity of the original work and anime
Popularity that just won’t go down.

Let’s examine this immediately.

Firstly, the theme we’re dealing with is the realistic activity of “camping”.
Why is it that anime and manga works are often opposed to live-action adaptations in the first place?

The live-action version is opposed because it’s uncomfortable

In anime and manga, works that were drawn with two-dimensional characters can be uncomfortable to adapt into live action. Specifically…

Casting Error

There are many factors to consider when casting. In the same way that auditions are held for casting voice actors in anime, auditions for actors in dramas are likely to be held.
However, unlike in anime, an important factor is added to the casting process for live-action dramas: “Do the actors have similarities in appearance?
If you narrow down your choices to actors that are similar to the original work in terms of appearance, who are able to act, can keep the schedule down, and are paid well within the production budget, it will be even more difficult to find the right actor for the role than it is for anime voice actors.

Therefore, you may be forced to give up some elements and in some cases, the casting may have a different atmosphere from the original work. When this happens, the result is inexplicably unsatisfying for fans who know the original characters.

It can be quite difficult to think of characters with distinctive looks, especially if you only consider the talents that belong to the Japanese entertainment companies. For example, in anime and manga, you can set your hair color as you wish. If we did that in real life, it would have a strong cosplay feel to it, and it wouldn’t fit in well with the screen.

Casting is an important aspect of a live-action adaptation, and the difficulty of placing the right actors in the right roles can lead to mismatches that can lead to failure.

There’s no way to recreate what’s possible in the real world

Most anime and manga are fiction. And because they are fictional, they are able to create various phenomena that are impossible in the real world. However, the appeal of such fiction can be a major problem when it comes to live action.

If the film is made by a Hollywood movie, a famous studio or a famous director in Japan, the budget will be more than you can handle. Or, if the film has a strong focus on visual effects, you might invest in that. However, not everyone can spend a lot of money to produce a film. Therefore, we use the best possible technology to produce the work, but when it comes to phenomena such as supernatural powers and magic, if we don’t make full use of our high level of technical skills to express them in live action, the results will inevitably be uncomfortable.

As a result, the boundary between reality and fiction becomes too clear, and the result is a work with a strong sense of discomfort.
This is a major reason for the failure of the live-action film.

What live-action films are most likely to succeed!

出典 : ©︎TV TOKYO : 孤独のグルメ:テレビ東京

Successful live-action adaptations are those that don’t have the aforementioned “discomfort” and are more appealing because of the movement of real people in the flesh.

Let’s examine this in detail.

As an example, let’s look at “The Gourmet of Solitude”.
The success of “Lonesome Gourmet” is evident from the fact that it is a “Season 8” show, which aired for 12 episodes each, and has now reached 100 episodes.

Also, due to its late airing time of 1am, it seems low in terms of ratings, around 2%-4%, but on the official commercial TV portal site “Tver”, “Episode 11 Musashi Kosugi’s Alone Genghis Khan”, broadcast on December 13, is ranked 18th in the ranking of programs in distribution (as of December 16, 2019).

So what is the appeal of the live-action version of “Gourmet of Solitude”?

What is depicted in “Loneliness’s Gourmet” is “the human activity of eating”. The original version of “Lonesome Gourmet” depicts this in a realistic manner.

It’s true that there are certain expressions that can only be depicted in manga.
For example, the sounds of chewing and munching, and the symbolic expressions of sweat that spurts out during a meal can only be depicted in manga.

On the other hand, there are some expressions that can only be done in live action.
The steam that rises from the food, the noise and shabbiness in the restaurant, the pauses in the dining room, and the movement of the expressions on your face when you’re immersed in a sense of satisfaction.

In order to portray these things, sometimes live action is more appealing.



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