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【SAO】A man’s ideal!A thorough explanation of the charms of Asuna-sama, the rightful wife of popular guy Kirito!


Sword Art Online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, the Alicization Arc, is set to begin in October 2019, and it’s a popular anime that’s gaining a lot of attention.
This article will introduce you to the heroine Asuna of the popular “Sword Art Online”.

Character Overview

Asuna is the main heroine from the first season of Sword Art Online, her real name is Asuka Yuki and she is the daughter of the Yuki family.
She is the vice-leader of the Blood Knights, the strongest guild in the attack group, after joining Kirito’s party in the battle against the first layer boss of Aincrad. She is characterized by her high level of feminine power, having completed not only her sword skills but also her cooking skills.
And she was married to Kirito in the system, living in a log cabin on the 22nd layer of Aincrad.
She once again participates in a boss battle and clears Aincrad, but Asuna is imprisoned in a birdcage in ALO due to a conspiracy by her real-world fiance, Sugo. However, despite the situation, she waits for Kirito, believing that he will come to her rescue.
After Kirito defeated Sugo and cleared the ALO, Asuna was able to safely return to the real world.
After tomorrow, Asuna appears in the second season’s Mother’s Rosary, the movie version of Ordinal Scale, and the third season’s Alicization.


All the way. Asuna’s charm!

Many of you may think that Asuna has no flaws.
That’s right, she doesn’t.
I’ll introduce three charms that I think make Asuna an ideal female figure that fascinates everyone around her.

The strength to protect the ones you love

The first attraction of Asuna is her strength to protect her dear friends and loved ones.
Asuna is the vice leader of the Blood Knights, the most powerful guild in the world, and she uses a rapier, a weapon that emphasizes speed. She uses a rapier that emphasizes speed. The tip of her sword is so fast that even Kirito can’t see it at times, earning her the nickname “Flash.
In Aincrad, when Kirito is about to be tricked and killed by Kuradir, he is quick to recognize him and saves Kirito by defeating Kuradir.
Also, in the final boss battle, when Kirito is paralyzed and cannot move, he is strong enough to avoid the paralysis and take Kirito’s place.
Asuna is not just a heroine who is protected, but she is also able to protect the people she cares about, which is one of the things that attracts people around her.
If something happens to her children or husband, she will protect them. This is the ideal image of a woman.

Considerate of others

The second attraction of Asuna is her caring nature.
I’m sure many of you are wondering what it means to be considerate of others.
The answer to this question is that she has a kindness that attracts people and a single-mindedness that keeps thinking about the people she cares about.
Kirito, the boyfriend of Asuna, has never been involved in a romantic relationship, despite the fact that many female characters like him because of his kindness and overwhelming strength.
This is because Asuna has the kindness to be able to get along with the women around Kirito, so he has never had any problems in relationships.
Don’t you think this is a very difficult thing to do?


●Kindness that attracts people
Asuna’s character has a kindness that attracts people.
This can be seen in the scene in Aincrad where she goes to find her mother for Yui, who has lost her memory, and in the scene in Layer 74 where she goes to help the Imperial Army who went to conquer the boss even though she feels she is in danger.
As you can see, Asuna is a kind-hearted person who instinctively helps those in need.


●A single-minded character who continues to have feelings for Kirito
Asuna is a single-minded person who keeps thinking about the people she loves.
Asuna’s only thought was to clear Aincrad as quickly as possible and return to the real world. She also acts as the vice leader of the strongest guild and even becomes known as the “demon of conquest.
In the midst of all of this, he becomes annoyed with Kirito relaxing in the town of Danaku, the 59th layer of Kirito, but when he sees how well Kirito is living in Aincrad, he gradually develops a liking for him.
So, she proactively appeals to Kirito by forcing him to go to a party and making him a homemade lunch. When Kirito was facing death, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to lose him, and they got married.
We can also see Asuna’s single-minded character from the scene where she is prepared to lose her own life and takes her place.


Cooking skills that make men fall in love with you

The third attraction of Asuna is that she is a good cook who has grabbed Kirito’s stomach.
Asuna has a complete set of cooking skills, which is rare in the game.
Because this is a terrifying death game, where death in the game directly leads to death in the real world, people usually prioritize the skills necessary to win the game and don’t bother with life skills like cooking.
However, Asuna is different.

She has mastered his cooking skills in the game as well, analyzing more than 100 different tastes that exist in the virtual space to recreate soy sauce and mayonnaise that do not exist in the game.
As the old saying goes, “A man’s stomach should be grasped,” and that’s exactly what Kirito has done.
The homely side of the normally strong Asuna is also a big part of her charm.


I have introduced the appeal of Asuna
●The strength to protect the ones you love
●The kindness that attracts people and the single-mindedness to keep thinking about the person you love
●The homely side that attracts men
These are the charms of Asuna. Asuna is the absolute heroine of Sword Art Online, and I think she is an attractive character with good looks and talent.

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