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A Certain Scientific Railgun: Is Junko Houfu a leading character? We’ve examined the new spinoff protagonist from his abilities and past!

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Junko Hofu appears in “A Certain Scientific Railgun”. She is a sub-character who is the No. 2 sub-character of the Bouchouji Manejo faction, but surprisingly, she is also the main character of the spin-off “Astral Buddy”. We’ll be examining whether or not Hofu, who is inevitably less well-known than Misaka Mikoto, One Way, and others, is really a leading character!


Junko Hofu, with her vertical rolls, ladylike speech and behavior, and her picture-perfect “lady”, is a third-year student at the prestigious Tokiwadai Middle School.
The one whom Houfu calls “Queen” and respects is the fifth-ranked Shokuhachi Mane, one of the seven psychics (level 5) in the well-known school city. Houfu is the head of the largest faction in Tokiwadai and supports her as the No. 2 of the faction.

In other words, she is practically running the faction instead of the free and laissez-faire Shokuhachi. He has the excellence to be called No. 2, with precise instructions and high situational judgment.

She is well-liked by the faction members, and Shokuhachi seems to feel that she is special. Also, there are ‘Sailwind fans’ in Tokiwadai who are unhappy with Sailwind’s dedication to Bumblebee, so it’s clear that she has a certain charm that attracts people.

What is Hofu Junko’s personality?

Breeze is very calm and honest. He is very caring and responsible, and is a good example of a student in Tokiwadai. They are not the type to show off or be selfish, and they are not very combative. However, he’s a bit of a natural and pure-hearted person, and he’s not prone to romantic feelings or emotional doldrums.

She is attractive, but compared to other spin-offs that have strong quirks, she’s not quite as good as the other main characters.

However, she’s not just a ladylike young lady. She’s not just a ladylike young lady; she’s ready and able to engage in battle with those who hurt her friends and the bee. On the other hand, she is a character with both kindness and strength, and even when she is an enemy, she will only “beat” her opponent and care for his body.

What is the relationship between the sailing wind and the bee control prayer?

Hofu is the senior bee in her grade, but he always refers to her as “Queen”. He believes in the brilliance of the bee’s personality and is completely willing to be manipulated by her abilities. Simply put, she loves bumblebees.

And the bee loves Sailwind as well, enjoying the way she is overly skinny and embarrassed by Sailwind, as well as the way she keeps someone who has an admiration for Sailwind in check. While the bee has a responsibility and fondness for all of the faction members, he seems to have some special feelings for Houfu.

This is because these two usually call each other “Queen” and “Hukaze”, but when it comes to important matters, they use name calling. These two are not just the top of the faction and the No. 2, but they have a different relationship than Mikoto and Kuroko in “Railgun”, and it can be said that they have a strong bond with each other.

What is Junko Hofu’s ability?

The protagonists of the famous spin-offs of “A Certain Magical Index” are psychics. On the other hand, Houfu is a superpowered person (level 4). He is one of the elite in Gakuen City, but compared to psychics, he seems to have less impact.

However, in fact, Hofu has a potential that is comparable to a psychic (level 5).

Hofu’s ability is ‘Celestial Clothing Attachment (Rampage Dress)’. It is the ability to enhance physical abilities by manipulating the electrical signals of body cells. In addition to power, speed, and of course, the five senses are also exceptionally enhanced, and she can even regenerate her body to instantly heal injuries.

Although this ability appears to be the strongest, the rapid cell division and regeneration can be overwhelming to the body and mind. Since the strength of bones and joints does not change, reckless use can lead to injury. In addition, it also causes cluster headaches due to abnormal dilation of blood vessels, so Sailwind is in a state of saving its abilities due to its unconscious defense instincts.

Look at the unexpected fight!

Breeze is well versed in a variety of martial arts in order to utilize his ability to strengthen his body. However, it’s not all about fighting smartly. He can hit and kick, head butt, avoid enemy attacks, and even throw a steel beam or rupture a water tank dozens of times larger than his body.

The fights are so dynamic and powerful that you can’t help but laugh when you see them. It looks good in pictures, and the appearance of Hofu, who looks and feels like a “young lady”, fighting wildly and fiercely, together with the gap, has a strong impact.

What is Hofu Junko’s past?
Past at the Saishin Studio

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Breeze was undergoing ability development in a department called “Internal Evolution (Ideal)” at an ability research facility called “Clonedry”. As a result of the development, he went from a Xenophobe (level 2) to a psychic (level 4) in two months, but he was suffering from the side effect of a cluster of headaches.
He was unable to control his abilities well, and because of this, he kept his distance from the children around him to avoid hurting others. Nevertheless, the children who wanted to become psychics (level 5) admired Houfu for his fast-growing and strong abilities, and he was very well-liked by them.

Incidentally, at the time, the uncontrollable ability was referred to as the “inner destructive impulse”, which is a rather hazmat past for Hofu.

The will to protect

A failed experiment in Internal Evolution puts the children’s lives, including those of Hofu, in danger. A researcher dies while defending Hofu. He vows to become stronger so that he can protect everyone else after his friends are hurt and people die right before his eyes.

She never gives up on reaching out, even though she feels powerless to do so for all her efforts. She is as cool as any of the other “heroes”.

On the other hand, she is keenly aware of her inability to overcome her psychic powers and protect the bee. The jealousy and resignation of the “psychic” talent that is hard to imagine from her appearance is one of the things that makes her attractive to Houfu.

Encounter with Beekeeping Manipulation

It was at the Saishin Kobo that Bumblebee and Hofu met. Shokuhachi, who was being developed by a different department that was not part of Internal Evolution, saw Honkaze suffering from a headache and used her ability to alleviate the pain.

After the Internal Evolution incident, Hofu was forced to leave the laboratory, and Shokuhachi took over the SAIJIN Workshop itself. How they met again is not yet known, but we hope that it will be revealed at some point.

What is Astral Buddy, a spin-off starring Junko Hofu?

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The work in which Houfu is the main character is “Astral Buddy”. It is a spin-off of “A Certain Magical Index” and a spin-off of “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, so it is a spin-off of a spin-off, which has a special position.

In “Railgun”, Hofu is the gentle young lady who loves Shokuhachi. This “Astral Buddy” is filled with the aforementioned unexpected side of her. The relationship between her and the bee in “The Super-Electromagnetic Gun”. There are many elements that readers of “Index” and “Supernatural” can enjoy, such as fighting a psychic with a certain ESP, Gebaita Gunpa. Of course, both anime viewers and those who haven’t read the anime can enjoy this story.

There are battle scenes and cute figures of Houfu, as well as huge emotions between the girls of Tokiwadai Junior High School, so be sure to check it out.


The above is a look at how Houfu could be the protagonist of a spin-off. In terms of his abilities, past, and the thoughts and struggles he has, Hofu is a character with enough charm.

You should definitely check out his activities in “Astral Buddy” as well as “Transient Cannon”.

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