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Olympic prep in anime/manga! I’ve put together a list of sports-related pieces that deal with the Olympic Games

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will finally be held from July 24, 2020. We’ve compiled a list of anime and manga based on the games!
This is a great way to learn about the rules and attractions of each sport and prepare for a more enjoyable Olympics experience!

track and field events

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Track and Field includes 100m running and other disciplines such as the 100m run, vaulting such as the long jump, and throwing such as the hammer throw.

There is an anime that deals with running in a row, The Wind is Blowing Strong, which aired in the fall of 2018, but since the main subject matter of this work is the Hakone Ekiden, it is limited in terms of Olympic prep.
The manga version of the novel “A Momentary Wind” is famous.
There are also “SPEED KING”, which deals with short-distance running, “Marathon Man”, which depicts a marathon runner, and “Suzukaze” and “Nagisa Me Approved”, which are both about athletics and romance.

Kikura-san to San’ninpodoro” is a valuable work that deals with the javelin throw.

Gymnastics Competition

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Gymnastics includes rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline as well as gymnastics as performed by Kohei Uchimura and others.

An anime about gymnastics is “Gambalist! The title of the original manga is “Gamba! (The title of the original manga is “Gamba! Fly high”)
It’s also a great source of technical knowledge, but it should be noted that it was created in the 1990s, so the rules are much different than they are today.
Fly high’s creator, Kikuta Hiroyuki, is currently working on a gymnastics manga called THE SHOWMAN, which is probably easier to refer to.

King Bottom” that was serialized in Yanmaga and “Empty Canvas” that was serialized in JUMP were also works that dealt with gymnastics.
The Kirara-type manga “Handostando! deals with rhythmic gymnastics.


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Swimming includes competitive swimming such as freestyle and breaststroke, as well as diving, water polo, open water swimming, and artistic swimming, formerly known as synchronized swimming (synchro).

The most famous anime that deals with competitive swimming is “Free!
Other well-known anime that dealt with competitive swimming are “Kenko Zenkoku-kei Swim Club Umisho” and the popular manga “Rafu” by Adachi Mitsuru, although it has not been made into an anime.

Diving in is the anime adaptation of “DIVE! which was serialized in Weekly Comic Bunch, and “Splash! which ran until 2020 for water polo, “Hantu x Trash” for Yanmaga, and “Synchroonch!” for artistic swimming. It is treated in cartoons such as


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In Japan, badminton has a larger population than soccer and baseball.
The anime is called “Hane Badminton! is the only one of its kind.
The protagonist’s leopard-like behavior has been the subject of much discussion, but you can almost always figure out the rules by reading the original manga together, which is already complete.

There are a surprising number of manga dealing with badminton, and “Smash! The Guzzling, The Girls Are Mixed in with the Boys’ Bud Club, Katabane Shuttle, Akane’s Honey, and Bad Girl.


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Since this is the most famous sport in Japan, there are numerous anime and manga in each decade that need no introduction.
In the 1960s, “The Star of the Giant”, in the 70s, “Dokaben”, in the 80s, “Touch”, in the 90s, “H2” and “MAJOR”, and in the 00s, “Okiku Furikabutte” and “ROOKIES” seem to be the most famous works.
In the 2010s, “Diamond A” was made into an anime, and the smartphone game “Cinderella Nine of August” is also available.

In the spring of 2020, the Kirara-kei anime “Kyuuyou” is set to air.


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In contrast to baseball, softball is treated much less frequently as a subject matter.
Nevertheless, Mitsuru Adachi’s “Slow Step” and Takashi Hashiguchi’s “Windmill” have gained a certain amount of recognition.


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Basketball was originally a minor sport in Japan, but after the explosive hit of “Slam Dunk” in the 1990s, it has become a popular sport.
There have been plenty of blockbusters, including another popular Jump manga, Kuroko no Basket, and “Ahiru no Sora” and “DEAR BOYS,” which have sold over 20 million copies.
Slam Dunk is quite old, so if you want to get a handle on the current rules of the game, you might want to check out Switch, which is currently serialized in Sunday.

New to the Tokyo Olympics is a three-man “basketball (3×3)” game.
For this one, “DRAGON JAM” and “Harlem Beat”, which deal with street basketball, are good references.


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It is the most beloved ball game in the world, and many children in Japan have dreams of becoming a professional player.
Naturally, there are many popular anime and manga, including the world-famous “Captain Tsubasa”, as well as “Giant Killing”, “Knights of Elia”, “Days”, and many others that have been made into anime.
Also, even if it was not made into an anime, “Oretachi’s Field” and “Aoashi” are quite highly regarded manga.

On the other hand, it is also known for its many censored manga, especially JUMP, which ran a number of new soccer manga series, most of which failed to make the leap and reached their last episode.


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In fact, golf is the number one ball game in Japan.

Kaze no Daichi” and “KING GOLF” which are still serialized today, “Sora no Subaru” and “Rising Impact” which have already been completed, and “ROBOT x LASERBEAM” which was created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, the creator of Kuroko no Basket, are some of the best known manga series.

A high school girl challenges herself to play golf in the adolescent daily life comedy “Suing! is currently being serialized in COMIC Luel.


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Handball is a relatively minor sport, and there are only a handful of works on the market.
There is no work that has been made into an anime, and in the manga, there are works such as “Asuki no Nai Sora” and “Hand’s -Hand’s”, but both of these works were finished within three volumes.

In such a situation, “Sending Ball Boys”, which is still serialized in Ura Sunday, is a long-running serialization with 15 volumes to be released in February 2020, and is a typical handball manga.



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