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20 Eye Belt Characters! A collection of female characters that look best with an eye patch

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Among the many items worn by anime characters, we’ve picked out some of the most memorable female characters with eye bands!
We’ve handpicked 20 of the best female eye patch characters and summarized their reasons for wearing them!

Yvette L. Lehmann

出典 : © 三田誠・TYPE-MOON / LEMPC : TVアニメ「ロード・エルメロイⅡ世の事件簿 -魔眼蒐集列車 Grace note-」公式サイト

He is a student of the Modern Magic Department of the Clock Tower, and one of Elmeroy II’s students, appearing in the episode “The Case of Lord Elmeroy II”.
He is characterized by a high-tension, eccentric inner life that blurs even his flashy outer appearance.
She does not have her own eyeball in her right eye, which she wears an eye patch, but uses magic by inserting an artificial “magic eye.

The voice actress is Miho Okazaki.

Shintou Oboro

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The subheroine of “Yuuna from Yuragiso”.
Initially, she was an intrusive character, but since her family has to give birth to strong children and raise them, she became interested in the hero Kogarashi’s strength and moved to Yuragiso, where she often crawls on Kogarashi at night.

He wears an eye patch over his left eye, but seems to have an eyeball.
The reason why she wears the eye patch is unknown.

Her voice actress is Mikako Komatsu.

Hanazono Yurine

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He is the main character of “Dropkick on My Devil!” and is the main protagonist along with Jyakushin.
He is the one who summoned Jyakushin-chan to the human world, and she has been trying to kill him, but with his inhuman strength and relentlessness, he has been able to beat her back every time and punish her in bizarre ways.

He wears an eye patch as a fashion statement due to his chuunibyou sense, and seems to take it off when he goes home.

The voice actor is Nichika Omori.

Nakatu Shizuru

出典 :

One of the heroines of “Rewrite”.
She is a first-year student at Kazamatsuri Academy, a member of the Public Morals Committee, and a girl with a serious personality.
Her true identity is that of a tainted superhuman belonging to the “Guardians,” and she is capable of generating and releasing all kinds of drugs and poisons in her body.

She wears an eye patch to hide her odd eyes.
It covers his golden right eye.

Her voice actor is Keiko Suzuki.


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I’m not sure what to say, but I’ll try. She is the pride and joy of the Red Devil tribe.
As the Red Demon tribe is a tribe full of chuunibyou, she too is a genuine chuunibyou, and her eye patch is a fashion statement.

Due to her high popularity, she is often referred to as the representative of eye patch characters, but she doesn’t actually wear an eye patch in many scenes, and is not as much of an eye patch character as her image.

Her voice actress is Rie Takahashi.

Shikabane Ituka

出典 :

A character from “World Conquest Zvezda of Plot”, and one of the three leaders of the evil secret society “Zwizdar”.
Her nickname within the organization is “Lady Pramya.
She has a sisterly, yankee temperament, and usually dominates the male members of the organization, but as soon as she takes off her eye patch, she turns into a slacker.

The skull eye patch she wears over her right eye was given to her by the general manager, Hoshimiya Keito, when her mother passed away, so it seems she doesn’t have one eye.

The voice actress is Mariya Ise.

Harime Nui

出典 : ©TRIGGER・中島かずき/キルラキル製作委員会 : TVアニメ『キルラキル KILL la KILL』オフィシャルサイト

A boxy girl who appeared in episode 11 of “Kill la Kill,” she is a Granculturier (higher-order sewer) belonging to Revox.
Despite her innocent appearance and behavior, she is a brutal, hedonistic, and dangerous character.
She is the avenger of her father, Isshin, and is a very special character to the protagonist Ryuko.

Her left eye was injured during the battle with Isshin, and since then she has been wearing an eye patch with a special design that looks like a combination of the katakana letters “Nu” and “I”.

Her voice actress is Yukari Tamura.

Takanashi Rikka

出典 :

The main heroine of “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” She is the main heroine of “Chūnibyou de Koi ga Shitai!
In the second half of the story, she is struggling with her identity as a chuunibyou (junior high school sophomore), and is worried that falling in love with the main character, Yuta Togashi, will cause her to lose it. ……

She wears a gold color contact on her right eye, which is covered by an eye patch, to give the appearance of an “evil king’s true eye”, but the eye patch is a rather ordinary design.

The voice actress in charge is Uchida Marei.

Nikaido Arashi

出典 :

She is one of the heroines in “Oniichan but it doesn’t matter as long as there’s love” and is a third-year student who serves as the student council president of St. Liliana Academy.
She is an honor student who boasts the highest grades in her class, but inside she is a super carnivorous person who is open to both men and women.
However, at his family’s samurai residence, he wears a cat’s head.

He wears an eye patch on his right eye to hide his odd eyes. …… is the setting, and he even has red contacts.

Her voice actress is Eri Kitamura.



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