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[ib Instant Bullet] Spoilers for the entire masterpiece by Kaguya-sama author! Was the rapid development caused by the termination?

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ib – Instant Bullet” is a story about a battle between two boys and girls who have gained the power of magic called “ib”, centered around Kuro, a boy who wants to destroy the world, and Sera, a girl who “wants to be a hero”. Spoilers for the story of the film, which was said to “stick in your mind” but ended up being censored!

What is “ib Instant Bullet”? A censored masterpiece!

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ib – Instant Bullet – is a manga work that was serialized in Dengeki Maow from 2013-2015 by the creator of the very popular manga “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you”, Aka Akasaka. The book is completed in five volumes.

The title ‘ib’ (Instant Bullet) is a magical power given to those who have ‘bad intentions’ towards this world.
A boy, Kuro, and a girl, Sera, who are gifted with ib, and other lonely boys and girls, who are filled with anger, sadness, and despair, but at the same time seek for warmth, kindness, and happiness, think of ways to use their own ib to destroy the world.
Who will be the one to destroy the world? Who will stop it?

Many readers have come to empathize with the feelings of the characters who try to find their place in the world while hurting themselves and others through the struggle of “not being the person they want to be.” “ib – Instant Bullet” is different from “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you” in that it is full of the author’s charm.
This is a different story from “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Sore wo Tsukaete”, which is filled with the charm of the author, Akasaka Aka.
This work, which depicts the loneliness of boys and girls and the gentleness that lurks in their hearts, was called “a masterpiece that sticks in the heart”, but in the end the series was terminated.
As a result, there were times when the characters weren’t fully developed and the story moved forward abruptly in the middle of the book.

The author, Akasaka Aka, who says “‘ib Instant Bullet’ is like my life’s work since I was in high school,” wrote about his disappointment on the back cover of the final volume (volume 5)!

I can’t imagine it ending before I’ve even collected the title yet. I’m not going to finish it before I’ve collected the title. I’m determined to continue the story. (Omitted) I’d like to do it when I’m a little more known as a manga artist, when I’m in a position of power, when I’m in a position where I’m free to take my time drawing Instant Bullets without being locked into page counts, sales, my bank account, or anything else.

Now that Kaguya-sama wants to tell you, a big hit, you may one day be able to read the full version of ib Instant Bullet!
I’m going to spoil this film in its entirety from start to finish!

[ib Instant Bullet] Character Summary
Kuro /Kuro Fukase

Possession ib: Creation The creation of a “beast” driven by a destructive impulse. However, what the beast swallows disappears without a trace.

She is a sophomore in high school, attending one of the prefecture’s most advanced schools.
His father passed away when he was in elementary school and his grandmother raised him, but they had little to do with each other and he spent a lonely childhood.
His only family members were his sisters, Jushiki and Iroha, who lived in the apartment next door. However, after Jushiki dies in a fire and Iroha becomes unconscious and is hospitalized, she spends all her time being violent, believing that “all the world is an enemy,” and as a result, she becomes invisible to those around her.
After the fire, he and Iroha became adopted by the Fukase family after they were knocked unconscious. He now lives alone due to the Fukase’s relocation, but Kuro’s imaginary ‘Jushoku and Iroha’ is always by his side.

Serra / Serra Himeura

Possession ib: Destruction A girl who can call up any bomb in the world, large or small, and detonate it.

Influenced by a television show she watched with her father when she was a child, she has a strong desire to be a hero.
She goes to the same high school as Kuro, and has scored a perfect score on all her regular exams since she entered the school. However, she lacks empathy for others, and has the “evil quality” of liking to see others suffer.
He later became a member of the National Police Agency’s Security Bureau “COLORFUL”.

Witch / Yume Furusuna

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Possession ib: time. She can see the future, stop time, and travel in time, and she calls herself “Laplace”.

She is called “Witch” for her black one-piece dress and witch hat.
She considers herself a “mediator” and serves as a bridge between those who have ib.
She is a time traveler who has come to the present from the future. Therefore, she exists as a 9-year-old in the present time line.
He has been watching Kuro for a long time during his time travels, and he has such trust and affection for her that he declares that he loves her unconditionally.

Iroha Ayakura  / Iroha Fukase

Possession ib: Empathy Can manipulate others by interfering with their five senses. It is also possible to make others perceive its own form as a certain one.

A girl who was once Black’s neighbor and survived a fire, but remains unconscious in the hospital.
She appears as Kuro’s fantasy in the story, but her existence is due to Iroha’s ib ability “sympathy”.
Although she is an ally of Kuro, she gets angry with him for seemingly forgetting her sister, Jushoku, and becomes a member of ‘COLORFUL’.

Tohro Ayakura / Tohro Fukase

Possession ib: Hero Called “Heaven’s Door” for her ability to return deceased people to their souls.

Iroha’s older sister, a girl who died in a fire. She appears as Black’s fantasy.
In fact, she was created by Kuro, who wished to be with Iroha, using her “creation” ib ability. Eventually, she has a personality and possesses ib.
Fearful that Black would find out that she is an impostor of Jushiki Ayakura, she had always acted as an imaginary Jushiki, but when Black announced that she didn’t have to be Jushiki Ayakura, she became a completely different Jushiki from the past.

Kokade Fujinami

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Possession ib: Life A girl who can control plants at will and create new medicines through “secret medicine creation”.

She never knew her father and lost her mother to a heartless human.
After creating the drug that makes her a ‘kind person’, many people become addicted to it. She regrets that this led to the Maria’s Drug Incident, which resulted in the death of many people.
She is good friends with the witch as a friend.

Ryota Moroki

Possession ib: Space Creates space in places where it is not possible to be. He can also move at a moment’s notice, but only he can move at a moment’s notice.

He is a boy with a gentle disposition among the most belligerent ib abilities.
The first ib that the witches contacted, he created a secret base using his ability to create his own space. There is a bookshelf in which Morogi has collected only books that he thinks are “really good”.

Leader (real name unknown)

Possession ib: information Everything can be known by “omniscience and omnipotence,” which can search all the information in the world. However, the amount of information is so vast that it cannot be searched immediately, and it takes a huge amount of time to find out a single piece of information.

He is the leader of the National Police Agency’s Security Bureau “COLORFUL”. His age and real name are unknown.
The goal of COLORFUL is to eliminate all the ibs that would get in the way of world peace, and to return all humanity to their souls.

 Aiji Kakane

Possession ib: contract A contract made by consensus that can be made absolutely binding.

The bespectacled male member of COLORFUL. His past has not been revealed.

Suimu Nanatuhi

Possession ib: details unknown. Attacks witches with an ability called Kuugei, which makes objects float, but is turned back.

A female member of COLORFUL. Her age and past are unknown.


He is a member of COLORFUL, but his name, gender, and past are all unknown. He wears a mask and his true face is also unknown.



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