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[SSSSS.DYNAZENON] in-depth predictions of what’s in store! A sequel to Gridman? A spin-off? Completely new?

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TRIGGER’s latest announced new anime, SSSSS.DYNAZENON, is a stiff prediction of what’s to come!
Whether it’s a legitimate sequel to the hit anime SSSSS.GRIDMAN, a spin-off story, or an all-new one, we’ve taken a look at it from different perspectives!

What does the title “SSSSS.DYNAZENON” mean?

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In December 2019, Trigger announced the production of a new anime, SSSSS.DYNAZENON.
It quickly became a buzz on the internet and received a huge response, reaching the number one trend ranking.

And at the same time, the title generated a lot of speculation.

The title SSSS.DYNAZENON strongly suggests a connection to the hit anime SSSS.GRIDMAN, which aired in the fall of 2018.
Therefore, like SSSS.GRIDMAN, which is based on Tsuburaya Productions’ 1990s special effects drama DENGOKU CHOJIN GRIDMAN, DYNAZENON is a past work by Tsuburaya Productions… or so we thought! work does not exist.
Therefore, it does not seem to be the second in a series of animated special effects dramas.

So what is “DYNAZENON”?
The current theory is that it is derived from the support robots “Combine Super Dragon DYNAZENON” and “GodZENON” that appeared in the Denko Chojin Gridman.

GodZenon is a robot that is a combination of the Assist Weapon Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank.
After GodZenon was destroyed, Dinah Dragon appeared as a support robot to replace it.

In SSSS.GRIDMAN, a support robot called “Powered Zenon” was introduced, which corresponds to the original GodZenon.
It’s a combined robot of the four New Century Junior High School students, Samurai Caliber (Gridman Caliber), Max (Battle Tract Max), Boller (Buster Boller), and Vitt (Sky Vitter).

However, a robot corresponding to Dinadragon didn’t appear until the last episode, and the series was completed.

Because of this, there is a strong possibility that DynaZenon is a support robot related to the original Dyna Dragon, and SSSS.DYNAZENON is a story about Assist Weapons.
The teaser visual of a robot that looks like DynaZenon is designed to look like a dragon, which supports this theory.

Is the new one a sequel? A spin-off? Completely new?

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On the official website of SSSS.DYNAZENON, you can see that “Tsuburaya Productions and TRIGGER are going to produce a complete new animation! It has been introduced as a completely new film, so there is no doubt that it is a completely new film.
With no announcement of a second season, it’s safe to say that it’s not a direct sequel to SSSSS.GRIDMAN.
The story of SSSSS.GRIDMAN, which is set in Tsutsuji-dai to begin with, is completely complete once that god-like being leaves, so there is virtually no room for a continuation.

On the other hand, there is zero chance that SSSSS.DYNAZENON is unrelated to Gridman.
On the other hand, there’s no chance that SSSSS.DYNAZENON is not related to Gridman, because it’s written in the credits as “Original work: Gridman”.
GRIDMAN” in the credits, so it would be the latest in the Gridman series.

Therefore, the possible stories of SSSSS.DYNAZENON in its current state seem to be one of the following three

1. a story within an alternate computer world
2. the if story of SSSS.GRIDMAN
3. the side story of SSSS.GRIDMAN

As for the if story of 2, I have already done it in the official novel SSSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS.
Therefore, if they are going to do an if story, it is safe to go in the direction of adapting that novel into an anime.
It’s natural that the title would also have “GRIDMAN” in the title.

A side story for 3 is not unlikely, but since it’s been introduced as a completely new novel, it’s not as likely as it could be.

Therefore, as it stands, 1 seems to be the real deal.

The main staff has already been announced, with director Tetsu Amemiya, screenwriter Keiichi Hasegawa, character designer Masaru Sakamoto, and music composer Shiro Sagisu continuing from SSSSS.GRIDMAN.
Animation production is, of course, by TRIGGER.



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