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20 Boyish Characters! From bokkusume (boxy girls) to beauties in men’s clothing, we’ve got you covered!

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Boyish characters have become a major force in the world of anime.
This time, we’ve carefully selected 20 of the most famous of these characters! From short-cut boxy girls to strong-willed men to beautiful women in men’s clothing, we’ve got a variety of boyish girls for you to enjoy!

Sera Masumi

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A female character who made her first appearance in the episode “The Mystery Showdown at the Ghost Hotel,” which was included in the 73rd volume of Detective Conan and aired in episodes 646-647 of the anime.
She is the younger sister of Shuichi Akai, a high school detective of half-British descent, but unlike her brother, she is from Japan.

She is full of boyish elements: a boxy girl, quick to fight, and an energetic girl with a short cut who is popular with girls. ……
On the other hand, she has double teeth, which is unusual for a boxer girl.

Her voice actress is Noriko Hidaka.

Kikuchi Makoto

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A popular idol who belongs to the 765 Productions of “The Idolmaster”.
Since her father raised her like a boy from childhood, she has a boyish appearance and personality, which has earned her a huge following as a “prince” among her fans.

In some cases, boyish characters and boxy girls have a complex about their boyishness, but she is this type.
In the original game, she tried to change the first person from “Boku” to “I” in order to free herself from her boyish nature, but in the anime, she is trying to keep the first person the same while trying to show her feminine charm.

The voice actress is Hiromi Hirata.


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The protagonist of “Kino’s Journey”.
She is a traveler who travels around the world without a purpose.

She is a simple and simple girl, and her gender is not revealed in the beginning of the story, so her boyish appearance has confused the readers and viewers.
She has a strong sense of justice, which is also typical of boyish characters.

Her current voice actress is Aoi Yuuki.

Shirogane Naoto

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He is one of the party members in the game based anime “Persona 4”, and is a transfer student who is the junior of the main character.
He is a descendant of a detective family and is called “Prince Detective” because of his neat appearance wearing a cassock. …… In reality, he is a girl.
His first name is “Boku” and he dresses as a man, so many players and viewers probably thought he was a male character at first.

In Persona 4, another boyish character is Chie Satonaka, an energetic girl who looks great in a short cut.

Her voice actress is Park Romi.

Nishimiya Yuzuru

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The younger sister of Nishimiya Shoko, one of the main characters in “A Silent Voice”.
In order to be strong enough to protect her, who is deaf and cannot speak, she uses the first person “Ore” and acts in a masculine manner.

Since he has deliberately acquired a masculine appearance, he is not orthodox, but he falls under the category of a boyish character dressed as a man.

Her voice actress is Aoi Yuuki.


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The youngest of the “other Minami family” in “Minamike”, his real name is Minami Touma.
His real name is Fuyuma Minami. Perhaps because he grew up with three older brothers, his first name is “Ore” and he has a boyish personality, being crass and fond of soccer.

In fact, he is a typical boyish character, including the fact that he is good at handicrafts.

Her voice actress is Nana Mizuki.


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One of the heroines who appeared in the second season of the anime “Phantom Bullet Arc”, included in the fifth volume of the original Sword Art Online.
She is one of the most skilled snipers in the VRMMO “Gun Gale Online”.

The word “boyish” conjures up images of vivaciousness, but there are many characters who are simple and mature, and Shinon is a typical example of this type.
He is also a coup d’etre who secretly appeals to Kirito.

She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Tugumi Seishiro

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Seijiro is one of the heroines in Nisekoi, and appears as a bodyguard for Chitoge Kirisaki.
Seijiro is her real name, and she usually wears male clothes, but inside she is a cute girl with the biggest breasts in the series.

His character is quite serious and inflexible.
She has both the masculine side of a gangster hitman and the feminine side of a girl in love with Raku, the main character.

Her voice actress is Mikako Komatsu.


出典 : ©白井カイウ・出水ぽすか/集英社・約束のネバーランド製作委員会 : TVアニメ「約束のネバーランド」公式サイト

The protagonist of “The Promised Neverland”.
He grew up in Grace-Field House, and after learning the truth about the House, he attempted to escape from prison along with the other children.

He has an innocent, boyish personality, which combined with his appearance gives him a boyish impression.
The fact that he is the protagonist of a jump story may also make him more boyish.

Her voice actress is Sumire Morohoshi.

Hoshino Hinata

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She is the younger sister of Miyako Hoshino, the main character of “My Angel Landed on Me! She is the younger sister of Miyako Hoshino, the main character of “Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me!”
She is the complete opposite of her sister, who is severely shy, and is lively and sociable.
She dotes on her sister, calling her “Mya-sister” and always sticking to her, but when she goes out with Noa Himasaka, she shows her masculine side, making her a boyish character with a promising future.

Her voice actress is Rika Nagae.



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