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【 Girls’ Last Tour】How much does Tito care about Yuri? We’ve verified this from the last episode!

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When it comes to “Girls’ Last Tour”, the biggest attraction is the interaction between Chito and Yuri, who are surviving in a devastated world. However, I get the impression that Tito is constantly complaining to Yuri throughout the entire episode.
How much does Chito really care about Yuri…?

Furthermore, since I will be describing the expression “time” in this article, I will be verifying the anime version and not the original version.
At the time of writing in December 2019, it appears to be available on various distribution services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and the d-anime store, so check it out!

Conclusion. Tito is super protective of Yuri

That’s right. Tito is “super” important to Yuri.

The most telling scene is the climax in the last episode of the anime, when Yuri is eaten by a giant creature (episode 12, 10:50 -).

1. When Yoo is gone, I’m going to… (10:50 – )

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First of all, when Yuri is eaten by the giant creature, Chito sits back on the situation.
This could simply be a sign that he sensed the danger, and also a sign of fear and despair at the situation where Yuri was being swallowed up right in front of him. At this stage, all Chito can do is flinch and utter, “What do I do…”.

At this point, Chito is still in the grip of his fear and has no time to think deeply about Yuri.

However, after a few seconds, he stands up and chases after the giant creature with his gun in his hand.

At this stage, he begins to break free of his fear and impatience at the critical situation at hand, and begins to assess the situation and take action. This is evident in Tito’s line. He asks the little Nuko they brought with them, “Are you going to eat me too?”, “Can’t you talk without a receiver?

Tito’s behavior here can be described as a recovery of reason.
However, as he regains his reasoning, it is also clear that the situation at hand is not just a life-threatening one, but also a situation in which he may not be able to stay with Yuri. That’s Tito’s “I’m coming! So that leads to the line, “I’m not going to let you go.

Chasing after the giant creature and Yuri, Tito tripped and fell. This is where his emotions change.
Despite the fact that he had started to react rationally to the crisis, he stumbled, which implies that things could go wrong, and his reasoning collapses again and his emotions start to overflow.
You no longer think about the crisis in front of you, but rather about Yuri, who has been eaten.

Yuri’s voice echoes in my head as the days with Yuri that we have spent together become a runner’s block.

I stand up and mutter to myself.
‘When Yuri is gone, I’ll….. I’m……..” .

I’m reading too much into it, but the next thing that doesn’t come out clearly after “I am” is “I don’t know what will happen to me (Tito) if Yuri disappears, so I can’t find the words to follow. We can see that Yuri is that important to Tito.

When he catches up with the giant creature and confirms that Yuri is safe, Tito runs over to him and tells him that he is okay.

Tito confirms that Yuri is safe and we see a sense of relief for now.

However, he is still nervous.
This is because the crisis associated with the giant creature is still unresolved.

From here, the two of them are stunned as they listen to the giant creature’s explanation for a while.

Now, even up to this point, Chito’s feelings for Yuri have been well described.
It was also something that Chito himself was aware of.

What’s more important is that after the giant creature flies off into the sky.
Tito’s concern for Yuri was now conveyed to Yuri himself.



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