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Thirty four-panel comics! We’ve put together a list of recommendations, from blockbusters to hidden classics that haven’t been made into anime

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With the rise of the Killala group, four-panel manga has been gaining attention and being made into anime more and more often.
This time, we’ve selected 30 manga that have received particularly high praise among them!
From classic favorites that have already been made into anime to hidden masterpieces, you’ll find masterpieces from a variety of published magazines!

The Demon Girl Next Door

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This comedy is serialized in the Manga Time Kirara Carat and is written by Izumo Itoh.
It is a story about Shamiko who suddenly awoke to the power of “Mazoku” and her nemesis, Momo, a magical girl, and their daily life and slapstick troubles.

The manga has quite a lot of dialogue for a four-frame manga, and its unique word sense shines through.
It was made into a TV anime in 2019 and was well-received, and all volumes of the comics were sold out, which made it quite a hot topic.

The comics have been published up to volume 5 as of November 2019.

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An asteroid in love

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It is a coming-of-age story by Quro teacher, serialized in Manga Time Kirara Carat.
It is set in the Earth Science Club and centers on Mira Konohata and Ao Manaka, who promised to find an asteroid together.

The appeal of this work is that it combines the relaxed atmosphere of everyday life with the knowledge of geology and astronomy and a solid depiction of information.
It will be made into a TV anime in the winter of 2020, led by the staff of ”Wataten”.

The comics have been published in two volumes as of November 2019.

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Bocchi, the, Rock!

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It is a band story by Hamajiaki teacher, which is serialized in Manga Time Kirara MAX.
It is a story about the main character, “Bocchi-chan” aka Hitori Goto, who is a gloomy character who plays the guitar by himself everyday, suddenly forms a band and performs music with his friends for the first time.

The story is not about club activities, but about his activities outside of school and his performances at a live house, and it is mainly about Hitori’s self-deprecation and lonesome.
It was ranked #8 in the Next Coming Manga Awards 2019.

As of November 2019, it is published to volume 1.

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Howling Local Girls’

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This is a work comedy by Ms. Mizuki Setoguchi that has been serialized in Manga Time.
It is a story about the conflicts of Rinko Arino, a 27 year old girl who has returned to her hometown of Shizuoka to find a job, and her interactions with the people around her.

It is a four-frame manga that has a lot of local stories and deals with many episodes that are unique to working people.
It was originally serialized in Manga Time Special, but it was so well received that it was published in multiple editions that it was continued even after the magazine stopped publishing.

As of November 2019, it has been published in five volumes.

Mr. Company Woman and the Runaway Girl

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An everyday comedy by Mr. Tatsunokosso, serialized in Manga Time Kirara MAX.
It depicts the cohabitation life of a 20-something company employee woman, Kurumi Naruse, and a 15-year-old runaway girl, Tsugumi Yukimura, in a sentimental and soft lily flavoured way.

This is a highly anticipated work that won the cover of the popular series Kirara MAX.

As of November 2019, it has been published to volume 1.

 Angel fell on me!

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It is a daily comedy by Nanatsu Mukunoki, a teacher whose work is serialized in the comic Yurihime.
It is a manga about a college student, Miyako Hoshino, who is a recluse, and the daily life of an elementary school girl.

It is quite soft for a serialized work of Yurihime (which is natural since most of the main characters are elementary school students), and the level of yuri is the same as Kirara group and other yuri-flavored 4 panels.
It was made into a TV anime in the winter of 2019 and was very popular.

The comics have been published in six volumes as of November 2019.

Life of loneliness

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An everyday comedy by Katsuo teacher, serialized in the comic Daiouji Dengeki.
It is a growing up story about the struggles of an extremely shy girl, Ichisato Bocchi, who promised her childhood friend that she would never cross paths with anyone in her class if she didn’t become friends with them while in junior high school.

There are five main characters, including Bocchi, but each of her classmates is a strong character, and the number of sub characters will increase considerably as the series progresses.
The series was adapted into an anime in the spring of 2019, and each character, including Bocci’s friend  Aru Honshou, became popular and received high praise online.

The comics have been published to volume 5 as of November 2019.

The Vampyre of the Neighborhood

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It is an everyday comedy by Amato teacher that is serialized in Monthly Comic Alive.
It depicts the day-to-day life of Sophie, a vampire who is an otaku, and Akari Amano, a high school girl who likes dolls.

It’s a light comedy, but it has a pretty well-developed setting regarding vampires.
It was made into a TV anime in the fall of 2018 and was well received by yuri lovers and everyday anime lovers.

The comics have been published up to volume 6 as of November 2019.

Comic Girls

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A work comedy by Hanzawa Kaori Sensei, which is serialized in Manga Time Kirara MAX.
It tells the story of Kaoruko Moeda  aka “Kaosu teacher”, a manga artist’s egg, who spends her days in the same dormitory as other manga artists of her generation.

When it was made into an anime in the spring of 2018,Kaosu teacher became a popular character and merchandise sales were strong due to her tofu mentality, but her never-depressing personality when it comes to manga and lines such as “Ababa-baba”.
Although it is a basic comedy,Kaosu teacheri’s efforts bring tears to the eyes of readers and viewers.

As of November 2019, volume 5 is published.

Pop Team Epic

出典 :

It is a black comedy by Mr.Bukubu Okawa, serialized in Manga Life WIN.
It is a nonsense gag four-frame series that makes full use of current events and parodies.

It is characterized by the fact that it imitates a new serialization or becomes a BL manga at each juncture, and there is no lack of preparation for the story.
The TV anime aired in the winter of 2018 to great acclaim and is now one of the most famous 4-panel manga.

The comics have been published in three volumes as of November 2019.



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