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[Kyuuyu] Eishin Takeda and Tamahime Yamazaki are the best battery in the public and private sector! verification of the sex appeal of a particular type of lily

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

This is a summary of the two members of the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team, Eifumi Takeda and Tamahime Yamazaki, who form the battery of the new Koshigaya High School baseball club in the Kirara series “Kyuuyomi” which will start airing from April 2020!
We’ll find out if the two, who are childhood friends and once promised to play together, are really a perfect match!

Yomi Takeda Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuyomi” and is one of the main characters in the story.
She is a freshman in Shin Koshigaya High School’s girls’ baseball club, throwing right-handed and hitting right-handed, and her defensive position is a pitcher (ace).
Her number is 1.

She wears her long brown hair in a two-sided updo, which is long on both sides.
He stands at 5’6″ tall and is both tall and stocky due to his strength training.

Ever since he was a child, he has been able to control a sharp, curved magic ball (albeit a changeable colored ball) and has used it as a deciding ball on the hardball.
However, when he was in junior high school, the catcher couldn’t catch the ball and he was sealed off.
However, when he meets his childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki, she catches the magic ball well and they decide to play baseball together.

The trajectory of the magic ball is a curve, and the ball seems to have slipped out of the right batter’s head and is wide enough to enter the strike zone.
On top of that, she has also mastered the two-seam and cut ball since entering high school.

Tamahime says her straight ball speed is “normal” and is considered mediocre by her opponents, but she later learned to throw a “strong straight ball” that the catcher throws far out in the distance, and it is one of her trump cards.
His control is good and steady and he never collapses on four dead balls.

When it comes to hitting, my batting average was a miserable .050 in practice games. In an official game, he was moved down to the ninth spot in the batting order, but his swing is not bad and he could blossom in the future.
However, her swing itself is not bad, and she could blossom in the future.

He did not enjoy baseball in junior high school, but after entering high school, he was fortunate enough to have a teammate with whom he wanted to play baseball for as long as possible, so he is aiming for the national tournament.
However, she is not lacking in the desire to win, and after losing in the first round in junior high school, she cried tears of joy when she got her first win in a practice game.

Her personality is cheerful and upbeat, and she is the type of person who opens up to everyone.
She is mentally strong, and even after being hit by a home run, she overcomes her frustration and inspires the team with her best pitch.

She’s surprisingly smart, scoring 762 out of 900 on her tests (100 on Number I and World History), which is quite good.

Her voice actor is Kaori Maeda.

Tamahime Yamazaki Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuyomi” and is one of the main characters in the story.
She is a freshman on the Shin Koshigaya High School girls’ baseball team, throwing right-handed and hitting right-handed, and her defensive position is catcher.
Her number is 2, and she has short black hair.

She has short black hair that is pinned up on both sides with hairpins.
He is a small man at 149 cm tall, and the height difference is more pronounced when he is alongside Wing Shin.

She has been a catcher since she was a child, and in junior high school she was a regular catcher for the prestigious Minan Girls, and was a great athlete, attracting the attention of students from other schools.
Upon entering Shin Koshigaya High School, he was reunited with his childhood friend Eibuka and continued to play baseball in high school.
She led the pitching staff, including Eishin, her senior, Risa Fujiwara, and her manager’s twin sister, Ibuki Kawaguchi.

As a catcher, her blocking ability is outstanding, and in junior high school she had zero catches (passed balls) and even stopped almost all of them from being thrown out.
His lead is quite strong, as he chooses to use a home run pitch he was hit with in the previous at-bat as the deciding pitch.
He works hard to get the best out of his pitchers not only in games, but also in daily practice.

He is one of the best hitters on the team and is a basic clean-up hitter.

Although he is a catcher, he is not a slow learner and sometimes plays first.

When he was in junior high school, he didn’t have much of a passion for baseball, and he chose Shin Koshigaya High School because of the distance from his home and his academic ability.
However, after practicing and playing games with Eishin and his teammates, she has grown to love both baseball and the team.

He has a calm and collected personality.
She takes good care of her teammates and tries to keep up with them.

She is voiced by Satomi Amano.



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