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A must see for lily lovers! And don’t miss out on Mae Yume-ri! I’ll die if my guess goes to Budokan

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Do you know what kind of yuri anime the 2020 winter anime “If my guess is going to Budokan, I’m going to die” is?
As the name suggests, Eripiyo is an idol fan who would die if her favorite idol went to the Budokan, and Maina, a member of the idol unit “Cham Jam”, support each other while they are very much at odds with each other (?). It’s a yuri anime.

That means, of course, that there are other idols in “Cham Jam”.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of these fascinating sub characters and their intense relationships!

「Yuri in charge of Cham Jam, Maki Yumeri

There are 7 members of Cham Jam, and among them, the men’s color yellow, Maki Hakata, and the men’s color purple, Yumeli Mizumori, have a close relationship with each other…!
Basically, the yuri in Pushing Martial Arts is just a softly-scented yuri, but these two have created a world for themselves from the beginning, and they seem like a stable couple.
They know each other wherever they are. That’s what Mayumi Yumeli is…!
They are also made on stage to the extent that fans can smell that they are a yuri couple, so they are truly in charge of the yuri.

Yume-ri wishes she could see the maki forever

Cham Jam is divided into two groups: the most popular front row group and the least popular back row group.
Yumeiri is very self-paced and doesn’t seem to be bothered by this, but when it comes to Princess Mafei’s popularity, she starts to care about her ranking…!
When the popularity vote is held in the production, Yumeli’s mind is filled with thoughts of Princess Mafei at that time. Anyway, Yumeli loves her so much.

She says, “I can always watch her in the back row, can’t I? The more she says, “I love you,” the heavier Yume-ri’s love is, the more she continues to hope that the queen will stand in front of her and rise to the top. But it’s better!

Then maki who knows where Yume-ri is

A lady who is always calm and collected, a big sister.
But when Mabusi is with Yumeli, she gets embarrassed.
In this episode of the popularity contest, we see that Mabine loves Yumeli as much as she loves Yumeli, who always puts her before herself.

The one who wanted more people to know about Yumeri than anyone else, who only cared about her popularity… In order for her to make Yumeri realize that she wanted her to think about herself, she encouraged her popularity by buying many Yumeri’s CDs.
As a result, Yumeli sings a song once in the front row for the first time and finds that the view in the front row is beautiful.
In fact, Yumeli is the best dancer out of all the members, even though she is inconspicuous because she is in the back row.
Many fans didn’t even know that Yumeli was a good dancer when she was in the back row, so the scene where Eripiyo was surprised about it was impressive.
Also, when she saw the fans shed tears because Yumeli stood in the front row, she realized once again how much she was loved by the fans.

Considering that she was the one who arranged all this, it made me believe that she also loved Yumeli.

‘I’ve accumulated so many handshake tickets, do you think she’ll shake my hand? Maybe she is more of a fan of Yumeiri than anyone else…

Basically, I’m always next to you, Maki Yume-ri.

The two of them are together as a matter of course when they get a glimpse of their personal lives.
Of course, that’s how it is with good friends, but then again, they are together at all hours of the day.
On a moving train, in a waiting room (or something like that), next to each other during athletic events even if they’re on different teams, on the way home, and on New Year’s Day, the two of them appear holding hands…!
They are together as if they were breathing, and I wonder if that is expressed in the anime by the way they look at each other, etc.? And I’m secretly hoping…!
The expression of a gaze chasing someone is something that can only be done in animation!
Also, if you got into this anime, you should read the book as well. You’ll only see the flirting with the door art in the book!



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