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We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 anime of 2019, ranked by sales, distribution, surveys and more!

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An in-depth look at the popularity of late-night anime aired in 2019, based on a variety of data!
We have created various rankings to pick out the most popular works in each field, such as those that sold discs, those that were viewed by many people through distribution, and those that were at the top of the survey results!

Top 10 TV Anime Sales for 2019

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*1st place: 30,000 copies Manaria Friends
*2nd place: 18,000 copies Blades of the Demons (through volume 6)
*Third place: 15,000 copies GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Season 2 (up to volume 2)
*4th place: 14,000 copies of Chemelixa
*5th place: 13,000 copies Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV (until volume 4)
*No. 6: 1.0 million copies Sword Art Online Alization War of Underworld (volume 1 only)
*No.7: 1.000 copies sold An-san Bustle Stars! (Up to four volumes.)
*8th place: 1.0 million Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Monster Battle Line Babylonia (Volume 1 only)
*9th place: 0.7 million copies KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-
No. 10: 0.7 million copies Azure Lane (through volume 2)

(Average sales of each volume as of February 4, 2020)

In 2019, the number one anime for Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales is “Manaria Friends”.
The 15-minute animated short, mainly featuring Anne and Glare, characters from the in-game events in the social game “Rage of Bahamut”, took over the reigns with big sales, well ahead of the second place finisher.
The original story depicts the daily life of the two characters, who have a large following, with an original story by the two of them, which both ranked in the top 10 in the 2019 Divine Baja popularity poll, and penetrated not only fans of the original game but also yuri lovers.
The discs of this work contain serial codes for items that can be used in the hit game “Grand Blue Fantasy”, which also seems to have been a catalyst.

Second place went to “Blade of the Demon”, which became a mega-hit of social phenomenon.
This work produced by ufotable became a hot topic due to its amazing art quality, and the episode 19 “Hinokami”, which was called the “God’s Episode”, became a storm of praise even abroad.
The anime sales are also very strong, but the effect on the original manga is even greater than that, the total number of copies sold before the anime adaptation was 3.5 million, but the total number of copies sold has reached 40 million, which is 10 times more than the 3.5 million before the anime adaptation, and the momentum has not waned, and it continues to dominate the Oricon manga rankings from 1st to 18th place.

In third place is “GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Season 2,” the sequel to the 2017 hit anime version of Grable.
It’s down significantly from the first season, which was a huge hit with over 50,000 copies sold, but it still marks a good sales figure that’s sure to put it in the top tier for the year.
The special cereal that can be used in the game is still available this time as well.

Fourth place went to “Kemulikusa,” the first original anime directed by Tatsuki and produced by Yaoyorozu since “Kemofre.
Although it is a remake, the unique worldview and the carefully laid out foreshadowing created a unique worldview and created a lot of fans.

Coming in at No. 5 was “Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV”, which is sure to sell more than 10,000 copies on average, following the 3rd and 4th seasons.
The fifth season is said to be the conclusion of the series, which is unusually long-running for an original anime, but what will happen next?

The 6th place “Sword Art Online Alization War of Underworld” is an anime that corresponds to the 2nd and 3rd parts of SAO 3rd season.
This is another long-running work that has been 8 years since its first anime adaptation, but its popularity is still very much alive and well.

No. 7 is “An-san Buru Stars!”, an anime based on an idol development game for women. It is.
Although sales fluctuate greatly depending on the volume, it remains at the top of the list.

The eighth-ranked Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Monster Battle Line Babylonia is the first TV series work based on the FGO original anime, which began airing in the fall of 2019.
Volume 1’s first week sales have surpassed SAO and Ansta, and depending on how things go, it may rank even higher.

No. 9 “KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-” is the first TV anime in the Kinpuri series that has been released in theaters.
No. 10 “Azure Lane” is the long-awaited anime adaptation of the popular social game.

Top 10 Overall Domestic Distribution

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*1st place: 31pt One Pan Man (2nd season)
*2nd place: 27 pts. Blade of Annihilation
*3rd Place: 18pt The Giant of Progressive Fighters Season 3
*4th place: 14pt The case of the slime when I reincarnated
*5th place: 12pt JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
*6th place: 10pt Kaguya-sama wants to tell you -Geniuses in Love Brain Battle
*6th place: 10 pts ULTRAMAN
*8th: *8 pts Ken Gunn Ashla
*9th place: *7pt Boku no Hero Academia
10th place: *6pt The Rise of the Shield Hero
No. 10: *6pt The Seven Deadly Sins

This ranking is based on the results of the following ranking of each distribution site, converted as follows: 1st place = 10 pts.

Reference Ranking
Hulu’s “Annual Viewer Ranking (Anime)
U-NEXT “Annual Ranking 2019 (Anime)
Netflix’s “Top 10 Most Watched Animations (Japan)
Amazon “Amazon Prime Video Annual Ranking Top 5 (Anime)” *5 pts. for 1st place and 4 pts. for 2nd place …….1 pts. for 5th place
niconico “Anime Ranking of this season” *5points to the 1st place, 3points to the 2nd place and 1point to the 3rd place of each cool season

It is “One Pan Man” that won the overall first place in the distribution ranking.
Compared to the first season with strong disc sales, the second season seems to have ended in a slump, but the distribution is still going strong.
We can see the possibility of the 3rd season.

Onibanshu came in second place in sales.
Although it is a jump manga, it is overwhelmingly supported by female fans, and it has attracted the attention of both core and light fans, with no dead spots.

The third place is “Shinkenger no Kyojin: Season 3″.
Disc sales were down compared to the second season, but the distribution was strong.
All the titles from 1st to 3rd place are anime with an established reputation for battle scenes, and it is clear which strains are preferred by the users of the distribution system.

Among them, Tensura came in 4th place.
Since the disc, distribution, and comicalization are all doing well, it is natural that the second season was decided.
It is the definitive version of the Narrowcast anime which has gained overwhelming support from the younger generation.

In 5th place is the fifth part of the Jojo series which is enthusiastically supported by old fans.
The quality of the animation was better than the 4th part, and since the story was set in a foreign country, it was supported by foreign fans as well.

Kaguya-sama wa Kuchisetsu wo Soreretai” and “ULTRAMAN” ranked 6th place.

Kaguya-sama was a hit with average disc sales of about 5,000 copies, and distribution was as strong as this, so a second season was decided early on.
The show is scheduled to begin broadcasting in April 2020.
The live-action film has also been a hit at the box office with 2.24 billion yen in box office receipts and has been well received across all media.

ULTRAMAN is available exclusively on Netflix, and this ranking is due to its #1 position on Netflix.
Incidentally, it is scheduled to air on TV on TOKYO MX and BS11 from April 2020.

Like ULTRAMAN, “Ken Gan Ashura” at #8 is also ranked by Netflix exclusives.
On TV, “Kengan Ashura” will begin airing on TOKYO MX and MBS in January 2020.

Boku no Hero Academia” (#9) and “Seven Deadly Sins” (#10) are classic anime whose original work is a big hit.
Along with “Seven Deadly Sins”, “The Rise of the Hero of the Shield” at No. 10 is a narrowcast anime, and its 2nd and 3rd seasons are scheduled to be produced with the help of good distribution.



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