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【Voice Actor】Top 10 characters played by Tomokazu Sugita! What character surpasses Gintoki and Kyon?

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Tomokazu Sugita, a popular voice actor who is well known not only for his talent and achievements but also as a famous character in the voice acting world, has announced his top 10 most popular works!
With a career spanning more than 20 years, which character is Sugita’s best work?

No.10:Himejima Gyoumei

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He is one of the highest-ranking “pillars” in the 2019 anime ”
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and is a rock pillar who uses the “rock” breath.
He is a large, blind man who boasts an overwhelmingly huge physique, standing 220cm tall and weighing 130kg.
He is a kind-hearted man who took care of children without relatives at the temple before joining the army, and plays the role of a leader among the pillars.

Mr. Sugita has an established reputation for his low-pitched voice, and he has played a number of scary-looking “strong-armed” characters that make the most of his voice.
Other powerhouse characters include Hajime Kanzaki in “Beelzebub”.
Ichiro Hiruma from “Terraformers” may also fall into this category.


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He is a member of the “Seven Deadly Sins”, a character in the “Seven Deadly Sins” anime series that started in 2014.
He is a rare character who made his first appearance in the extra manga “The Vampires of Edinburgh,” which was drawn for the anime disc bonus before the main story.
He later made his first appearance in the main story, and also appeared in the anime.

At night, he is a skinny, dull man with a small beard, but at sunrise, his strength increases, and at noon, he transforms into a muscular, arrogant bastard called Lion Sin.

Naturally, a character who changes into a completely different person in terms of appearance and personality needs to be played differently in each state, but Mr. Sugita, who has played many roles, plays both Escanor roles beautifully.
In particular, the daytime version of Escanor, which is one of the best in the series, is a must-see for fans.

No.8:Kabakura Taro

出典 : ©ふじた・一迅社/「ヲタ恋」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ヲタクに恋は難しい」公式サイト

He is one of the main characters in the 2018 broadcast of Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, a 28-year-old salaryman with a yankee-like appearance.
He is a 28-year-old salaryman with a yankee-like appearance, but inside he is quite the otaku, and has been dating Hanako Koyanagi since their high school days.
He and Hanako often argue because of his crassness and lack of delicacy, but since he is a serious person and can follow through, they have never broken up and are good friends.

While he has played a variety of roles from handsome to strange, he does not have a romantic image, but he has played a lot of romantic comedy characters in his younger days, such as Hideki Motosuwa in “Chobits” and Yuichi Aizawa in “Kanon”.
He has also played the role of a nerd multiple times, such as in the “SKET DANCE” switch.

No.7:Charlotte Katakuri

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A pirate who first appeared in the original 86th volume of the national anime “One Piece”, episode 825 of the anime.
He is the second son of the Charlotte family, and one of the “Sweet Three Generals”, the top executives of the Big Mom pirates led by Charlotte Linlin, one of the Four Emperors.
The second son of the Charlotte family. He is said to be the strongest of the three generals, and his bounty is 1.057 billion berries, one of the top ten in the series.

His mouth is usually covered, but he has a gaping maw that is sewn shut, and his mouth is covered with animal-like fangs.
At first glance, he looks fierce, but he is a calm and collected man who cares about his people.
Luffy had a hard time with him.

In the 6th popularity poll, he was ranked 46th because he had only just appeared on the scene, but in the future, when the 7th popularity poll is held, he is a popular character that could be ranked high.
As a result, there were high expectations for her, and Ms. Sugita, who is good at portraying strong characters, lived up to the expectations and was well received.

No.6:Kitagawa Yusuke

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He is a main character in the anime “Persona 5” based on the game, and operates under the code name of “Fox” in the Phantom Thief of the Heart.
He is a pupil of Ichiryuusai Marame, an authority on Japanese painting, and although he was raised by him as a child after discovering his talent, in reality he was only thought of as a future gold-digger, and with the help of the Phantom Thieves, he broke up with them and has been working with them ever since.
He looks stylish and handsome, but he has a unique sensibility and often speaks out of turn.

He is a handsome but eccentric character, which is similar to Mr. Sugita himself.
Mr. Sugita has also played other oddball characters such as Shoukiin Kagero in “Yoku x Boku SS” and Munakata Reiji in “K”, although there are not many of them.



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