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【Card Captor Sakura】Clear Card Arc 2nd season is a definite route? When will the stock be stored?

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An in-depth look at the possibility of a second season of Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc, which aired in 2018 and garnered a resounding response, is in the works!
In addition to that, based on the current state of the original work, we’ve made our predictions for when exactly the second season will air if it does happen!

Legendary work that popularized moe culture airs for the first time in 18 years

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There have been several turning points in two-dimensional culture such as anime and video games, and without exception, the works that inspired them are legends that are celebrated by many, and Cardcaptor Sakura is one of them.

The original manga of CC Sakura began to be serialized in 1996.
With the success of “Magic Knight Rayearth”, the CLAMP group was gaining attention as a new work, and in 1998 it was made into an anime on NHK.

At that time, due to the hit of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and the popularity of gyaru-game, the number of people who had a fondness for beautiful girl characters was increasing and the so-called moe culture was spreading rapidly.
CC Sakura, which started to be broadcasted at that time, attracted not only girls, its main target audience, but also men and became extremely popular.
The word “moe” became popular, and it is thought that this work had a great influence on it.

Both the original and the anime ended in 2000, and CC Sakura was positioned as an “old work that contributed to the spread of moe culture” for some time, but in 2016, a new “Clear Card Arc” will be serialized as part of the 20th anniversary project of the series.
In 2018, the series was made into a TV anime on NHK BS Premium and E-TV, which ran for two cool seasons.

The first anime adaptation featured settings and original anime characters that were not in the original story, but Clear Card Arc takes over those elements and is a legitimate sequel to the anime version.
Also, the director and other major staff and cast members are all from that era as much as possible, and the creators have been assembled with a high level of understanding of the work.
For this reason, it seems that the fans who were enthusiastic about the show 18 years ago can watch it with no worries.

Is a second season almost a certainty? NHK animation with many sequels

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Despite an 18-year gap, CC Sakura’s Clear Card Edition was watched by many.
In the BS recording viewing rankings of “TimeOn”, the Regza cloud service provided by Toshiba Video Solutions Corporation, it did very well, ranking 6th overall in the first round and continuing to rank highly thereafter.
The Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales averaged over 4,000 copies.

It should be noted that the sales of the first volume was about 4400 copies, and from the second volume onwards, the number of copies sold was kept at about 4000 across the board.
Because it was broadcasted in 2 volumes, it was released until volume 8, but the sales of all volumes did not change.

The fact that a sequel to an anime that was broadcasted in 2000 sold this well is amazing, but if the anime shows this level of stability, the same level of sales can be expected when the second season is produced.
This will be a major strong point in the planning of a second season.

In addition, original sales are also very strong.
At the time of volume 5, the number of copies of the Clear Card version alone exceeded 2.2 million, and it continues to sell well after that.

The discs are selling well and the original work is selling well, but in addition to these favorable factors, the fact that it is an NHK anime is also a tailwind.
Many of the animations aired on NHK have been produced over a long period of time, and the first CC Sakura anime ran for a total of 6 cool episodes: 46 episodes for the Crow Card Arc and 24 episodes for the Sakura Card Arc.

This trend has not changed in recent years, and after 2015, sequels have been made in various anime such as “March Lion” and “RINNE of the Border”.

The one that is closest to CC Sakura’s situation is MAJOR.
The first season of this anime aired in 2004, and since then six seasons have been produced by 2010.
Then in 2018, the sequel “MAJOR 2nd”, which depicts the next generation, will also be animated, and this one is set to air for a second season starting in April 2020.

As such, there is a precedent for a second season being made, even for a sequel, so the odds of a second season airing for Clear Card Arc as well are pretty high.



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