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【The Irregular at Magic High School】Spoiler alert! Here’s a detailed synopsis of the second season of the anime, The Visitor Edition!

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“The Irregular at Magic High School” is an extremely popular work that has sold over 10 million copies in total. In this article, we’ve compiled spoiler information for the second season of the TV anime “The Irregular at Magic High School”, “The Coming Edition”! What will Tatsuya Shiba do in “The Visitor”?

What are the The Irregular at Magic High School?

“The Irregular at Magic High School” was originally serialized in “Shonka ni Narou” (Let’s Become a Novelist) and describes a Japan in the future where the concept of magic exists. The author is Mr. Tsutomu Sajima. The original novel is published by Dengeki Bunko, which is a light novel label of KADOKAWA. The characters are illustrated by Ishida Kana.

The anime “The Irregular at Magic High Schoo”

The first season of the anime “The Irregular at Magic High School” was produced by Madhouse, and a total of 26 episodes were broadcast from April to September 2014. The three episodes that aired in all 26 episodes were the Enrollment Arc, the Nine School Battle Arc, and the Yokohama Mayhem Arc. In addition, the film version of “Magical High School’s Inferiority: The Girl Who Calls the Stars” was screened on June 17, 2017. The Visitor Arc, which will air in the second season of the anime, will be produced by Eight Bit and is scheduled to air in 2020.

The main character of the second season of the anime【spoiler】

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First of all, let’s have a look at the detailed information of the main characters in “The Irregular at Magic High School: The Visitor Edition”. Amazingly, from the second season, Leena, who also appeared in the movie, appears. What kind of people are they and what kind of magic are they good at?

Basic Information on Tatsuya Shiba

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Tatsuya Shiba is the main character of the book. He is a character that readers and anime viewers are familiar with because of his affinity for his younger sister Miyuki Shibanami who is known by readers and anime viewers as his “older brother”. He was born into the famous family of wizards called the “Ten Clans”, the “Yiba Family”, and attends the First High School attached to the National Academy of Magic, commonly known as Ichiko, as his younger sister Miyuki’s guardian.

He is an extremely unbalanced mage, with the only magic he can use being “Decomposition” and “Reconstruction”, but his psionic possession (like the amount of magic power) is far greater than that of an ordinary person. He has the ability to read the magical properties of other mages in an instant, and is a rare being who can use the remote technique of nullifying them with “Gram Demolition” (Gram Demolition). He also specializes in ‘Mist Dispersion’, which turns matter into molecules in an instant.

Tatsuya is a member of the Defense Forces and has the title of “Strategic Wizard”. The term ‘Strategic Wizard’ refers to a wizard who is able to use strategic level magic in person. In the story, there are thirteen strategic level wizards called ‘Thirteen Apostles’, but Tsukasa Tatsuya is not one of the thirteen because he is not a member of the Thirteen Apostles. As a result, he was identified as one of the suspects by the USNA in the ‘Visitors’ chapter, triggered by the strategic level magic ‘Material Burst’ used in the ‘Yokohama Disturbance’ chapter.


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Miyuki Shiba is the heroine of this work. She is Tatsuya’s younger sister and is a beautiful girl with good looks and excellent grades. She is a member of the “Ten Clans”, but has been living with her older brother Tatsuya ever since her junior high school days. She adores her brother, and is perceived as a bratty person by those around her because of the excessive amount of skin-to-skin contact she has with him on a daily basis. Her skill as a magician is top-notch, and the only other magician in the story who can match Fukayuki is Angelina Kudou Shields, who is a rival in the “Visitors” version.

She specializes in vibrational magic, and is able to use Nibbleheim, a wide area cooling spell, and Inferno, an advanced spell that creates a wide area of heat and cold. In addition, Fukayuki can use the off-system magic Cocytos, which freezes her mind, and this is one of the few ways to attack the Parasite, the cause of the disturbance in the ‘Visitor Arc’.

Like Tatsuya, Miyuki is also suspected by the USNA as a potential suspect in the “Massive Burst” (Material Burst) because she was exposed to those around her as a superior magician in the “Nine School Wars” version.

Basic information about Angelina Kudow Shields

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Angelina Kudow Shields is the public face of Angie Sirius, the general commander of the “USNA” military “Stars”. When she operates as Angie, she disguises herself through the illusion of a “masquerade procession” (parade). Her nickname is Leena. She is not only an excellent wizard on the same level as Shinyuki, but is also a “strategic level wizard” like Tatsuya.

However, in the case of Angie Sirius, she is one of the ‘Thirteen Apostles’ as she is recognized by the world as the highest fighting force of the ‘USNA’. The strategic level magic she can use is Heavy Metal Burst. It is an extremely aggressive magic that destroys large areas with high-energy plasma. As Leena’s middle name is “Kudou”, she is related to the Kujima family, the “Ten Clans” of Japan.



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