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【SAO】The legend of Kirito-san’s popularity… Learn the secrets of being popular from the history of the most popular men


Since its publication in 2009, “Sword Art Online” has produced a number of blockbuster hits, not only in the form of novels, but also in the form of anime and theatrical versions.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, Alicization Arc, will start airing in October 2019.
I’m going to introduce you to the popular “Sword Art Online” protagonist Kirito’s irresistible legend.

Relationship with Asuna

The first person in Kirito’s motel relationship is Asuna.
Asuna has been around since the Aincrad Arc of Sword Art Online’s first season, and she and Kirito have been through the terrifying Death Game together. In addition, she and Kirito are married on Aincrad, and met at the first level boss strategy meeting.
Originally, Asuna was a girl who couldn’t leave the city of beginnings because she was afraid of the death game, where death in the game directly leads to death in the real world. However, as she meets Kirito and acts as a party member, she gains courage and becomes stronger as a swordsman, and even becomes the vice leader of the Blood Knights, the most powerful guild.
In the beginning, I was annoyed by Kirito’s laid-back attitude, but as I solved murders within the area, I began to develop feelings for him. In order to save Kirito from paralysis during the final boss battle, he deactivates the paralysis by himself and saves him without regard for his life.
After completing the boss battle and meeting Kirito in the real world, the two became lovers.
She is the only girlfriend of the popular Kirito, and in the Alicization Arc, she dives into the virtual world again to save Kirito, and is a heroine who is passionate about Kirito.

Relationship with Sachi

The second person in Kirito’s motel relationship is Sachi.
Sachi is a girl who appeared in the first season of Sword Art Online. She is a member of the Moonlit Night Black Cat Gang and was Kirito’s first guild member.
Sachi was a timid and weak character, but she has a kind heart. Therefore, even though Kirito hid his true level from her, she kept quiet and watched over him.
Also, Sachi dies at the beginning of the story, but perhaps in anticipation of her death, she recorded a Christmas message with words of gratitude and a song and delivered it to Kirito.

Relationship with silica


The third person in Kirito’s motel relationship is Silica.
Silica is a Beast Tamer called Silica the Dragon Master, and she was working with her messenger, Pina the Little Dragon.
She met Kirito when she was fighting a monster by herself, and he saved her when Pina was defeated and in danger.
In order to bring Pina back to life, she had to conquer a dungeon within three days, which was a hurdle for Silica, but with Kirito’s help, she was able to conquer the dungeon.
Kirito thinks of Silica as his sister, and Silica begins to like Kirito’s kind attitude.

Relationship with Lizbeth

The fourth person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Lizbeth.
Lizbeth is a girl who runs a blacksmith shop, and her first encounter with Kirito was a bad one.
Her first encounter with Kirito was a disaster: Kirito broke the best sword in the Lizbet Armory in a test run. Lizbeth’s spirit of craftsmanship was ignited, and she decided to make the best custom-made sword she could to get back at Kirito.
So she says that she can make the finest sword if she has the best materials, and the two of them go in search of materials for the sword.
They fought with dragons because they could get special metal materials from dragons living in the mountains. When Lizbet is dropped into the dragon’s dwelling place, Kirito jumps in to save her as well.
Unable to escape, they spend the night together, and Lizbeth begins to develop a liking for Kirito. When they escape from the dragon’s lair, Lizbeth tells Kirito that she likes him, but he doesn’t hear her.
When she returns to the blacksmith’s shop to make the best sword she can and is about to confess her love to Kirito again, Asuna arrives and sees the relationship between Asuna and Kirito and starts to support them.

Relationship with Leafa

The fifth person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Leafa.
Leafa is a girl from Alvheim Online in the second half of the first season of Sword Art Online, and in the real world she was Kirito’s cousin and sister.
Leafa was saved by Kirito when he was being hunted down by an opponent, and that’s how they met.
Kirito was trying to reach the World Tree where Asuna was, so he asked Leafa to follow him as a guide. In the midst of such a difficult journey, she is attracted to Kirito’s kindness and strength.
Suguha (Leafa), who loved her brother Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) in the real world, is heartbroken when she finds out that her brother has a girlfriend named Asuna, and she falls in love with Kirito who was kind to her.
In the midst of this, she learns that Kirito is her brother and is even more deeply hurt, but she makes up with him and starts to help him as a sister.

Relationship with Sinon

The sixth person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Shinon.
Shinon is a character from the second season, and she meets Kirito in Gun Gale Online. Shinon is a second season character who meets Kirito in Gun Gale Online and acts as a guide for Kirito, who doesn’t know the world of Gun Gale, and they work together.
When Kirito reveals to Shinon the secret that he is a survivor of SAO, the distance between them grows closer.
Also, when Shinon and Kirito are in Gun Gale Online, they notice that the bad guys are breaking into Shinon’s house. When Shinon hears this, she is frightened, but Kirito gently wraps her in his arms and promises to get over it with her.
With the help of Kirito, Shinon grows into a strong woman and falls in love with Kirito.

Relationship with Alice

The seventh person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Alice.
Alice is the heroine of the third season, and she met Kirito in the Underworld world.
Alice, Kirito, and Eugio are childhood friends who grew up together in the same town.
One day, Alice breaks the Contraindication List and is taken away by the Integrity Knight. After that, Kirito and Eugio set out on a journey to bring Alice back, but Alice has become an Integral Knight with no memory of her previous life.
Through the help of Kirito, Eugio and her sister, Alice remembers her true identity and defeats the Administrator. However, Eugio died in that battle, and Kirito lost his ego and became a cripple.
Seeing Kirito’s desperate attempts to be close to Alice, she gradually develops a liking for him and takes care of him for six months in his crippled state.

Relationship with Ronier

The eighth person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Ronie, an apprentice swordsman at Shuken Academy.
Ronie was Kirito’s apprentice swordsman, learning swordsmanship from him and taking care of his personal needs.
As Kirito’s assistant, she spent a lot of time with him and had a lot of fun, but she also had a painful experience when she was almost attacked by Laios, a senior nobleman. However, she had a painful experience when she was almost attacked by a high-ranking nobleman, Laios. This was because Tise, Ronie and Eugio’s valet, went to plead with Laios to save her roommate, a girl named Frenica.
There, Ronie and Tease were restrained and almost attacked, but Kirito and Eugio risked their lives to slay Laios and save them.
However, for this, Kirito and Eugio are taken away by the Integrity Knight Alice for committing murder.
Kirito’s honesty and kindness touched Ronie’s heart, and she fell in love with him.

Relationship with Sortina

The ninth person in Kirito’s irresistible relationship is Saltina, Kirito’s mentor Shukenshi.
Sortina is a woman who handles a variety of weapons, including whips and daggers, and was the second in command at the Shuken Academy. She was the second in command at the Shuken Academy. She was a third class baroness and trained daily in her own martial arts and taught them to Kirito.
Kirito has been by Sortina’s side for a year, and has built up a solid relationship of trust with her.
Although Saltina is hesitant about her family’s swordsmanship, she is encouraged by Kirito’s dignified attitude and gradually develops a liking for him.


We have introduced Kirito’s irresistible relationship. Kirito’s gentle nature and his strength to help his friends will probably attract you to him.
Although he is favored by many women, Kirito’s feelings are only for Asuna, which is also one of his charms.
As the story progresses, we can expect Kirito to become even more popular than he already is.

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